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Did you know Logitech is Called Logicool in Japan?

But, why is Logitech called Logicool in Japan?

We all know the popular computer peripherals and software brand “Logitech” (also known as “Logi”). But you may also have heard of Logicool.

When we initially came across the name, we thought it was another brand trying to associate itself with Logitech. As it turns out, Logicool is the trade name for Logitech in Japan.

Logitech is called Logicool in Japan because there is already a registered company called “Logitec” established in 1982 in Japan. The trade name “Logitech” has already been trademarked, so “Logitech” renamed themselves as “Logicool” to sell their products legally in Japan.

If you want to learn more about the origins of both companies and how everything plays out in Japan, read on below. By the end of this post, you should know whether Logicool and Logictech are the same or not.

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Why is Logitech Called Logicool in Japan?

Long story short, Logitech is called Logicool in Japan because there is a company named “Logitec” in Japan.

The name would be written the same way in Japanese (ロジテック), so to avoid a name conflict, Logitech had to rename themselves to trade in Japan and went with the name Logicool.

The Logitech logo.

The Logicool logo.

About Logitec Japan

Logitec is registered under the trade name Logitec Co. Ltd. The company was established in 1982, one year after Logitech was founded in Apples, Switzerland.

According to the company’s about page, Logitec is a company that performs R & D, manufacturing and sales of computers, peripherals, information and communication-related products, and optoelectronics-related products. 

Its office headquarters is located in Tokyo.

Logitec Japan company’s about page.

Logitec Japan office/headquarters.

A Logitec Japan Bluetooth receiver.

A Logitec Japan external HDD.

Are Logicool and Logitech the Same?

Logicool and Logitech are basically the same brands. Logicool is the name Logitech uses in Japan due to a name conflict with a Japanese company, Logitec.

Logitech is a Swiss manufacturer of computer peripherals and software with headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is known worldwide as Logitech, except in Japan, where it is known as Logicool).

Both names are easy to remember and roll off the tongue nicely. However, both Logitech and Logicool share a similarity that is often overlooked.

The name “Logitech” is derived from logiciel, the French word for software. As you can see, Logicool also has a similar ring to the French word logiciel.

No wonder both Logitech and Logicool are extremely popular even though they are expensive. The brand is purposefully named and has a significant meaning behind it.

Despite the name difference, there is no quality difference between Logitech and Logicool.

So, if you encounter Logicool products in any part of the world, and you are looking to buy them, there is no need to have any serious decision-making when choosing between Logicool or Logitech.

If you visit Amazon Japan, you can see how popular Logicool products are, just like Logitech. That just goes to show how successful Logitech/Logicool has marketed itself in Japan.

Logitech Logicool Japan

Logitech trades under the name Logicool in Japan, including Amazon Japan.

Logicool products as seen in Japanese stores.


Now you know why Logitech is called Logicool in Japan.

Since there is already a company named Logitec in Japan, Logitech had to rename itself as Logicool to trade legally in Japan. Both are basically the same brand trading under different names.


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