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How to Use Command Products to Decorate the Office For Christmas


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Christmas rolls around every year, and you need to get the office merry. Decorating for Christmas can be a breeze with the command products line. By using the strips, hooks, and other non-damaging products, you can clean up after Christmas with less fuss.

Christmas card in a decorated tree.

Christmas in a Woke World

Christmas is a happy time of year for most people. If you work in a large office, not everyone may celebrate Christmas in the same way. For some, even the word Christmas is too much.

Happy Holidays is a more inclusive Christmas term.

Top five office card greetings without Christmas:

  1. We wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.
  2. Wishing you a Happy Holiday and a joyful New Year. …
  3. Happy Holidays and warm wishes for the New Year!
  4. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.
  5. Happy Holidays from everyone at [company name].

Office Decorations for the Holiday Season

Fairy lights

Tinsel and fairy lights.

You can do a lot to bring on the cheer and special holiday feelings with colorful tinsel and twinkling lights.

Greeting Card wall

If your office gets a lot of cards in the mail, start hanging them up as soon as they come in. Make a pattern, or hang them up randomly, and your decorations will grow every time the mail arrives. You can still frame the wall with tinsel and lights as your decorations grow.

Use the individual command product strips. Cards made of porous cardboard-type paper may not stick. Most cards will stick with no problems. Angle them, so they stay shut.

Door Decorations

Frame your office doors with garland and choose a design for the door. Santa, reindeer, snowman, or a Christmas tree, and get crafty with it. Again tinsel and fairy lights can make it more magical.

Check out this short video of a door decorating contest to give you some ideas for your office!

How to Use Command Products so they stick.

3M has made the command line of removable hooks and tape products. These are perfect for Christmas decorations at the office. If you use them correctly, Command Products will hold up all your decorations and then remove without damage. You should not damage the walls, and the walls will actually be cleaner after you’re done.

Using these premoistened wipes in separate packets will not dry out. Great for sterilizing your phone, wall switches, and of course, prepping for command products.

Cleaning the wall

Before you want to decorate your office walls, give them a dry wipe-down to remove excess dust from the wall. Use a microfiber cloth or a duster for this job.

The next step is crucial. Use alcohol wipes where you want to stick up the command product. You can get a premoistened pack of wipes.

Do not rub like crazy with the alcohol wipes. Use them wet and let the wall air dry. Excess rubbing may remove paint.

Positioning the hooks

If you are using the hooks, you need to stick them up and wait. Press them in place on the cleaned spot, and hold them down for 30 seconds. Count out loud.

Do not hang anything on them for at least one hour. This may be the hardest step to do! We all want instant gratification, but if you do not wait, your hook may fall off!

Use Command products to hold your Christmas garlands.
Use Command products to hold your Christmas garlands.

Space the hooks evenly from the center of your space outwards. When it comes to hanging the garland, find the center by holding the ends together. Hang the center and drape as you go.

Mini lights set

Hook set for garland

Bulk pack hanging strips

Removing Command products

Just as the instructions say, always pull down on the strip. Putting your finger on the top to hold the hook or tab, pull straight down against the wall. The tabs will start very slowly as the sticky part stretches.

One great thing about the hooks is that you can use them again. Keep the tub they came in and buy a pack of just tabs to reuse them next year.

Christmas Feelings

We hope this has sparked you to decorate the office. Get that holiday feeling, and help others get in the mood with a few simple ideas. Keep it low-key, or go all out by using command products so the walls will stay intact.

We are grateful all year round, but especially during the holiday season. On that note, thank you for visiting our site and reading this article!


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