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How do you Sit on a Kneeling Chair? A guide to Enjoy Its Benefits.

tip on how to sit on a kneeling chair

The ergonomic kneeling chair is gaining popularity, especially since most experts agree that kneeling is better than sitting.

It promotes better spinal column health and blood flow and helps strengthen your abdominal muscles, burn more calories, and lower blood glucose levels.

However, you will not enjoy its incredible benefits if you don’t know how to sit on a kneeling chair properly.

Don’t worry; we’ll teach you just that.

We’ll also provide tips to prevent further long-term health issues caused by staying in the kneeling position for extended periods of time.

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How to Sit on a Kneeling Chair the Right Way

To achieve the optimal position when sitting on this type of chair, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Sit on the Seat

Place one of your feet under the knee or shin pad (or one of the two pads if you have a double-pad chair), followed by the other.

Make sure your feet lay flat on the ground to maintain balance and a healthy back posture.

Slowly lower your buttocks to sit on the angled seat while maintaining a straight back instead of leaning as you go lower.

Step 2: Kneel

Once seated, slowly move into a kneeling position until your knees or shins rest on the shin or knee cushion.

Suppose you feel like your bottom or upper body is being pushed forward at any point while kneeling.

Lift your bottom a bit, move it backward, and then sit.

If you have a chair with two separate shin or knee cushions, do this step one knee at a time.

Slowly lift your buttocks and adjust your knees by moving forward or backward until both are on the pad comfortably and at the same level.

Otherwise, you’ll strain the other knee since it will support most of your lower body weight.

If your shins or knees don’t rest well on the designated pad/s, adjust the seat height and repeat the process.

This is why tall users should find kneeling chairs with a wide range of height adjustment settings.

Step 3: Make Necessary Final Adjustments

Once you’ve achieved the perfect kneeling position, straighten your back and lower your buttocks on the seat.

Adjust your buttocks until the seat cushion completely supports your butt.

If you’ve purchased one of the angle chairs with armrests, place your arms on them for support.

On the other hand, refrain from leaning back if you have a kneeling chair with a backrest.

Only use this feature when taking quick breaks.

learn how to sit on a kneeling chair

Tips When Sitting on Kneeling Chairs

Staying in sedentary or static positions for a long time, whether sitting on a regular chair or an ergonomic chair, isn’t healthy.

Even if you understand the right way of sitting on a kneeling chair, you’ll experience pain over time, particularly back and thigh aches.

You need to stand up, walk around, or perform ergonomic stretches and simple exercises.

If that’s not possible, experts recommend that you practice active sitting by doing any or more of the following:

Change Your Leg Positions Regularly

  1. After 20 minutes or less, move your right leg from the shin or knee seat to the floor and plant your feet on the ground.
  2. Extend it as much as possible, then flex, and then extend.
  3. Then, place it back on the kneeling position.
  4. Repeat the process using your left foot.

Repeat as many times as possible, ensuring you shift from one foot to the other.

Stretch While Seated

While taking a short break, consider lifting your limbs off the cushion and plant both feet on the ground.

Then, stretch your legs and lean backward, but be careful if you have backless kneeling chairs.

Of course, if the chair has a backrest, lean on it for a while to relax your back.

You may also turn sideways, lean forward, and other gentle moving options you can think of while seated.

Then, stretch your arms and move your neck sideways, forward, and backward.

Take Advantage of Your Chair’s Rocker Base

If you own the best ergonomic kneeling chair with a rocking base, maximize it by rocking back and forth multiple times a day while seated.

For some models, you’ll have to rock sideways.

Not only will you enjoy the rocking motion, but you’re also unknowingly exercising and strengthening some of your core body muscles.

Place the Majority of Your Body Weight on the Chair’s Seat

One of the most common worries of people who’ve never used a kneeling chair is putting too much strain on their leg muscles.

It might seem like your legs and knees carry the bulk of your body weight while sitting on a kneeling chair.

However, it can only happen if you’re misusing your chair.

That is when you kneel even before you sit.

Remember that the knee or shin cushions are only there to support or maintain your and the chair’s balance.

Be Mindful of Your Chair’s Distance From Your Table

This tip applies to whatever chair you use. When your chair is too far from your table or desk, you tend to lean forward at a very high angle.

Considered poor posture, doing so will strain your upper body muscles, leading to shoulder and neck pain.

For kneeling chairs, leaning forward at an exaggerated angle will also put too much pressure on your knees and shins.

Also, make sure that your work or computer is directly in front of you.

This way, you won’t need to bend your neck and make awkward micro-movements that can lead to injuries.

A New Approach to Sitting

Don’t be intimidated by kneeling chair designs, as they’re one of the best alternatives to normal office chairs.

The steps on how to sit on a kneeling chair are also easy to follow.

It does require time for some of you to get used to them, but be patient since there’s an endless list of benefits you’ll enjoy.

In time, you’ll have healthy sitting habits without thinking about whether you’re seated in a natural position.

That said, don’t forget to keep in mind the tips we provided above to enjoy the maximum benefits of using the kneeling chair.

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