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How to Make Your Office Space Look Fun Yet Professional

Did you know that a well-designed office space can greatly impact the success of your business? Whether you are new to your office or leading a team of your own, creating a vibe that is inviting and comfortable is imperative to improve the overall mood and productivity of everyone in the office.

Learning how to properly decorate an office space can positively affect the entire operation. The question then is, how to make your office space look fun yet professional?

In this post, we will help you create a balance between a professional business image and the comfort of home. We hope it will inspire you to create a stylish setting full of color, life, and inspiration that leads to a happy working environment for your team members to thrive!

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Creating an Office Space that Looks Fun yet Professional

While an office should maintain a certain level of professionalism, the workspace environment should give staff members – or any visitors likely to step foot into the workplace – a sense of calm and comfort.

Creating an office space that looks fun yet professional is paramount to creating the desired attitude to ensure a business thrives.

  • Improving a higher level of productivity
  • Nurturing the employees’ emotional wellness
  • Creating better employee engagement and boosting staff morale
  • Making everyone feel more at home, encouraging improved collaboration and synergy
  • Improving employee retention
  • Fun breeds creativity!

Because your environment greatly affects the result of your work, let’s take a look at some actionable ideas to improve your office today!

1. Start with the Company’s Why

Before you want to look good, you have to do good. What’s the purpose of having a wonderfully designed office if everyone inside doesn’t have the same vision? That is WHY. Setting the WHY is the first you would want to do.

Having goals gives your team something to work towards daily while setting objectives ahead of time will give your staff something to strive for constantly.

This will ensure everyone is on the same page, working towards one common goal. This is the key factor in creating a good, positive vibe that promotes teamwork.

Your office design ideas should embody your company’s values in a way that makes everyone at work feel amazing. Think about creating a picture of your company’s mission statement and placing it in a common area.

Allowing everyone to see your company’s mission on display is a subtle but effective way to constantly remind everyone of the values that the team embodies while gently reminding everyone to take action consistently.

2. Create a Creative Theme with Your Brand’s Colors

When choosing a color scheme for your office space, go with something that captures the personality of your company and employees. It will create a consistent style that reflects what your business is all about.

Certain colors can promote a powerful psychological impact on the moods and feelings of people. For example, the color blue stimulates the mind, while the color green is about balance, calm, and reassurance. This is why choosing the right color and theme for your office is very important.

Remember to keep it appropriate and not do too much with over-the-board decor. You don’t want to include random items that do not fit with your overall theme. Keep it simple and tasteful.

Having a fun facility will boost staff morale while promoting a positive vibe at the office.

3. Invest in Healthy and Fun Facilities

Because staff and team members spend a major chunk of their day in the office, it’s fundamental to incorporate facilities that allow them to relax and have a bit of fun.

The best offices in the world keep their employees’ happiness in mind, just like Google’s office which resembles a kid’s theme park. The possibilities to create an awesome office common area are endless really, but a few include:

  • Provide a space where anyone can sit and lounge around together. This space is where everyone can come together, eat their lunch, and hang out. By offering a choice of tables, chairs, and sofas — one that looks like the interior of a café –, everyone will have a better time than eating in a normal office cafeteria. Add a great coffee machine. Find one hereBest Office Coffee Machine”
  • Create an office gym. Yes, that’s right! An office gym and a shower room. Most modern offices now offer gyms for their employees. Research suggests that performing ergonomic stretches and exercises for as little as 15 minutes daily will work wonders for productivity and creativity. By keeping the overall wellness of everyone in the office, you’ll be sure to reap the benefits of better work results and a more positive office mood.
  • Most importantly – listen to your team! Let them have a say as to what the office space looks like, as they are the ones who will be using the space most frequently!

4. Let Team Members Personalize Their Own Space

Encourage your team to personalize their workstation to keep them motivated the whole day. This is because everyone has their own personal style and preference regarding decoration. Something as simple as a family photo, a children’s drawing, or a colorful day planner goes a long way. Don’t forget a lamp as well.

Of course, employees should be expected to exercise reasonable care to safeguard their privacy and the image of their company, and certain items just wouldn’t be appropriate to display at work.

But by allowing the opportunity to decorate their desks with personal belongings, your office will have a more homey vibe, taking a small step back from an environment that feels too corporate while making everyone feel happier and more comfortable.

5. Get Comfortable Chairs

If you spend a lot of time sitting down, you might as well get a super comfortable office chair with ergonomic adjustability. Or better yet, you can get this awesome-looking ergonomic yoga ball chair in various colors!

Let’s face it, there will be work to do, and you will spend time behind a desk. The best thing you can do is to get an office chair that will allow you and your team to work comfortably for long periods of time.

We can’t stress the importance of good ergonomics in the workplace, and sitting in a poorly-designed office chair will take a toll on your back and spine health in the long run.

6. Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

There’s nothing worse than an office full of useless junk and worthless clutter. You can have the most beautiful-looking office in the world, but if the place is a mess, it wouldn’t mean a thing! Keeping your office in tip-top shape is imperative to create a stress-free environment.

Papers, files, and boxes of all sorts are bound to pile up after a while. Be sure to set aside a few minutes each day to clear out unnecessary office junk that will have your space looking slick and clean — all day, every day.

Get organized with helpful gadgets, like a vertical laptop holder that can keep the zen of your desk. Keep the clutter under control by keeping on top of paperwork.

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7. Embrace the Seasons

Decorate for the seasons along with your regular office decor. Enjoy the holidays more with festive decorations. Even if they are only temporary, make the most of them

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Creating the perfect balance between professionalism and a fun office environment can be very straightforward as long as you have the right know-how. Keeping everyone motivated and inspired is the key to a happy working environment.

Figuring out how to make your office space look fun yet professional is more than just looking at the part; it is also important to play the part. At the end of the day, be sure to always have a positive and professional attitude. You are the one who can set the appropriate tone in your office.

Show your team members how to stay positive and professional at work while still having fun! 🙂

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