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Best Office Coffee Machine of 2023: Complete Reviews With Comparison

best office coffee machine

Every employee will love you once you bring the best office coffee machine into the breakroom at work.

However, it would help if you found a model for all-day use that doesn’t take too long to brew.

Let’s explore five of the best options available if you want to bring a little bit of affordable luxury into the office.

Best Office Coffee Machine Reviews

1. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Coffee Maker

The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Coffee Maker has everything you’d need from a standard coffee maker with a few upgrades.

This model is a must-have for the office as a modern take on a regular percolator.

Your coffee connoisseurs will love its easy-to-use features and low-maintenance design.


Let’s look at some of the top features of the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Coffee Maker.

  • Three Brewing Types

With this model, you’ll have three ways to brew your coffee.

Using the one-touch brewing feature, you can make 12 cups at once with the standard carafe.

There’s also the option to brew ground coffee for a single cup in the same unit.

The third one-touch brewing method uses coffee pods, which is even more convenient for single servings.

This versatility will make it a fan favorite, as every employee can create the perfect tailored cup like a professional coffee shop barista.

  • Versatile Coffee Pod Brewing

With many other single-serve machines, you’re confined to using only one brand of coffee pods.

However, the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Coffee Maker is advanced enough to work with multiple types.

You can easily use reusable pods with pre-ground coffee, K-Cups, or any other pod brand.

  • Removable Cup Rest

After assembling the programmable coffee maker, you’ll notice a pedestal designed to hold your mug.

Fortunately, this piece can be removed, offering plenty of space to brew into travel mugs.

This feature is another fan favorite for employees that prefer drinking coffee at their desks or on the go.

  • Full Pot Brewing

As mentioned, this coffee maker has a carafe section, perfect for making an entire pot.

You can brew up to 12 cups of coffee at once, which is ideal for the whole office to enjoy.

  • Touch Programming

The user-friendly panel on the front of the coffee maker is another top feature.

You can easily adjust the settings, such as cup size, setting a timer for wake-up-ready coffee, and more.

  • Pause and Pour Function

One of the more unique features of the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Coffee Maker is its pause and pour function.

While brewing, you can press a button that pauses the brew so you can grab a cup before the process is finished.

  • Customizable Strength

Every coffee lover prefers a different strength of beans.

With the customizable settings for coffee strength, you can choose how strong you want your coffee to be.


  • Very easy to use
  • Works well with K-cups
  • The carafe is larger than average
  • Extremely easy to clean


  • Automatically shuts off after 2 hours
  • Hard to remove the reservoir under low cabinets

2. Cuisinart Coffee-on-Demand Programmable Coffeemaker

The Cuisinart Coffee-on-Demand Programmable Coffeemaker is sleek, stylish, and straightforward.

This is one of the top options if you want a ready-to-use coffeemaker to bring into the lunchroom.

With plenty of programmable settings, it’s great for any office space.


Let’s review the highlights of the Cuisinart Coffee-on-Demand Programmable Coffeemaker.

  • Coffee-on-Demand Design

This coffee maker is unique because it’s designed to give you a full cup when you need it.

You’ll brew a whole pot of coffee, but to get the beverage, you’ll need to press a lever attached to an actuator.

When engaged, the lever will provide the perfect amount of coffee for a single cup.

  • Coffee Gauge

The coffee gauge proves helpful throughout the day as you go through your brewed coffee.

It’s easy to read and tells you how much coffee is left before needing more beans and hot water added.

  • Removable Drip Tray

The drip tray is very convenient for offices, as it helps to keep your counter clean.

However, if you want to fill a taller cup, you can easily remove it as needed to accommodate travel mugs.

  • Double-Wall Reservoir

With the addition of the double-wall reservoir, you can hold up to 12 five-ounce cups of coffee.

This is plenty for an average morning in the office, offering every employee coffee on the go.

  • Programmable Features

The Cuisinart Coffee-on-Demand Programmable Coffeemaker has a few convenient programmable features.

You can set up a 24-hour advanced brewing cycle, choose between 1-4 cups per serving, and benefit from an auto shutoff feature.

Another enhanced component is the self-cleaning function, which keeps the coffeemaker in its best condition.

  • Permanent Filter

There’s always the option to use your own filter when making coffee, but this unit comes with a built-in one.

The permanent, gold-tone filter features a charcoal water filter for the purest cup of coffee possible.


  • Easily programmable brewing settings
  • Keeps coffee hot for up to four hours
  • Convenient built-in water filter
  • Very easy to keep clean


  • Coffee may overflow
  • May leak coffee grounds into brewed coffee

3. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Coffee Maker (10c Pot)

If you love the style of the original Hamilton Beach FlexBrew, this model is a smaller version.

It’s ideal for small offices and businesses that don’t need 12 full cups of brew.

There are also a couple of other differences to make a note of.


Let’s jump into the highlights of the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Coffee Maker (10c Pot).

  • Ten-Cup Pot

The most noticeable difference between this FlexBrew model and the previous is the size of the carafe.

Instead of making 12 cups of coffee, this model allows for ten at a time.

It can be a far better alternative if you’re tired of wasting extra coffee brewed throughout the day.

  • Coffee Pod Compatible

Instead of brewing your coffee from grounds and using your filter, this model also works with coffee pods.

Fortunately, you’re not confined to one brand, as it works universally with most coffee pod types.

You can also use the reusable coffee pod included with the machine for single-cup brewing.

  • Thermal Carafe

This model’s major upgrade to the carafe is that it’s constructed from insulating materials.

You’ll find that your coffee will stay considerably hotter and fresher for much longer after brewing.

It’s perfect if you typically set brewing cycles throughout the day.

  • Removable Water Reservoirs

Whether brewing a full carafe or making a single cup, you’ll never run out of water.

The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Coffee Maker (10c Pot) features removable water reservoirs that are easy to fill.

Also, the water gauges let you know how much water is left before needing a refill.

  • Programmable Features

Customizing the perfect hot drinks has never been simpler with a straightforward brewing process.

This model can adjust the timer, auto pause and serve, and auto-shutoff function.

You can also choose from different coffee strengths and brewing amounts as needed.


  • It helps to reduce bacteria buildup with regular cleaning
  • Straightforward yet advanced features and settings
  • Easy to keep clean with its compact design
  • Quickly brews different kinds of drinks


  • Cleaning the carafe is challenging
  • Some coffee drips onto the hot plate

4. Keurig Office Pro Commercial Coffee Maker

If you’re hunting for a coffee maker specifically designed for the office, this model is for you.

The Keurig Office Pro Commercial Coffee Maker is a single-serve coffee maker ideal for all corporate environments.

Its sleek and modern styling looks fantastic in your lunchroom and is very easy to use.


Let’s explore the best features of the Keurig Office Pro Commercial Coffee Maker.

  • Touchscreen Design

One of the most modern elements of this quality coffee maker is its touchscreen.

You’ll have a full-color interface to manage the programmable coffee preferences.

You can change the brew temperature and automatic shut-off.

  • Easy-to-Fill Water Reservoir

Refilling your new coffee machine has never been simpler, allowing your employees to do it themselves.

You can fill the removable reservoir in the sink or while it’s still attached to the unit.

It holds up to 90 ounces, perfect for up to 18 cups of coffee before needing a refill.

  • Four Brew Sizes

Another remarkable feature of the machine is choosing from four different brew sizes.

You can custom make a four, six, eight, or ten-ounce cup of coffee as needed.

Additionally, you can tailor the brew strength from strong to mild, using the brew strength selector for bold flavors.

  • Easy to Store

When it comes time to store your commercial coffee machines, you’ll love the Keurig Office Pro Commercial Coffee Maker.

These machine types are specifically designed to drain the internal hot water tank for easy storage and transport.

Interestingly, this is a feature only available in the line of commercial coffee makers for larger offices.

  • Quick Brewing

If you’re in a rush, you’ll be glad to know these office coffee makers don’t have a massive brew cycle.

With its impressive brewing time, coffee enthusiasts will have a full cup of coffee at the perfect temperature within a minute.


  • Convenient color digital display
  • Plenty of programmable office settings
  • Many brew options for commercial spaces
  • Easy to install


  • Must be cycled before using
  • Requires Keurig-approved plumb kits and K-Cup pods

5. Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

If you love having a coffee pod brewer in your office, the Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker is a great investment for coffee enthusiasts.

It’s less expensive than the commercial unit but equally easy to use.

You’ll also find you can prepare iced coffee in advance, much like cold-brew coffee makers.


Let’s get into the best features of the Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker that make it fantastic for all coffee types.

  • AmazonFresh K-Cups Included

The most significant benefit of these office coffee makers is that you also receive a pack of 60 K-Cups from AmazonFresh.

This offer is ideal, as it allows you to test different types of coffee in your office.

Also, it helps to save a little bit of extra money when bringing a new coffee machine into the lunchroom.

In the 60-count box, you’ll receive the following K-Cups:

  • 24 AmazonFresh Donut Cafe (Medium Roast)
  • 18 AmazonFresh Just Bright (Light Roast)
  • 18 AmazonFresh Go For The Bold (Dark Roast)

The Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker is known for being one of the more versatile Keurigs on the market.

You can brew multiple sizes, including six, eight, and ten ounces of coffee.

Six ounces is the setting to choose if you want the most potent brew.

  • Large Water Reservoir

The water reservoir on this unit holds up to 48 ounces before needing a refill.

On average, this is about five or more cups.

You’ll also find the reservoir is removable and easily refillable, which hot coffee lovers will appreciate.

  • Easy Button Controls

Instead of having an over-the-top LCD interface, the Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker has simple push buttons.

You can turn the unit on or off, change the cup size, and begin brewing in under a minute.

  • Removable Drip Tray

The drip tray on the Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker is a great addition to keep your counters clean.

It also holds your coffee mug in place while brewing.

However, the drip tray is removable if you want to fill a larger mug.


  • Easy-to-use functions to keep coffee fresh
  • Brews black coffees within two minutes
  • Easy to clean and descale
  • Great for multi-cup brewing at an affordable price


  • Requires separate water filter purchase
  • Plastic parts with no brewing temperature controls

Which Is the Best Coffee Machine for Your Office?

We think the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Coffee Maker is the best office coffee machine you can buy.

With the ability to brew a full carafe and single cups using coffee pods, it’s highly versatile.

Also, you’ll find it’s easy to clean, looks great, and has plenty of programmable features.

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