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How to Choose a Velvet Office Chair. 2023 Reviews

With all the attention that goes into ergonomics, it’s easy to dismiss the usefulness of velvet office chairs. Indeed, velvet itself is quite durable, even though its luxurious and high-style look would make you think otherwise. That is why we’ve made a list of the best ergonomic velvet office chair options.

Best Ergonomic Velvet Office Chair (Top 3 Picks with armrests)

For those of you who don’t know, the best ergonomic office chairs are designed to help you keep a neutral sitting posture. In simple terms, they help you to sit up straight and reduce muscle tension. Here are the top 3 ergonomic velvet office chairs, which combine excellent ergonomics with top-quality velvet fabric:

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Best Overall 

Also Great

Budget Option

SeatingPlus Ergonomic Velvet Office Chair

  • Material: Textile, Velvet
  • Model: Ergonomic
  • Weight capacity: 300 lb

Duhome Velvet Office Desk Chair

  • Material: Textile, Velvet
  • Model: Ergonomic
  • Weight capacity: 285 lb

YAMASORO Ergonomic Velvet Office Chair

  • Material: Textile, Velvet
  • Model: Ergonomic
  • Weight capacity: 280 lb

1. SeatingPlus Ergonomic Velvet Office Chair

The best ergonomic velvet office chair is the SeatingPlus Ergonomic Velvet Office Chair. There aren’t many options for velvet office chairs, let alone ones that are ergonomic, so kudos to SeatingPlus for combining soft and velvety materials with important ergonomic functions.

The first thing we noticed when we got the chair is how hefty it is.

Wow! Awesome sitting.

Not only does it look huge and durable, but the seat and backrest look very thick too. It all makes sense, considering that the seat itself is made of 5 different layers: a board at the bottom, then a native sponge, followed by an elastic layer, and then another native sponge, then closed by the fluff material.

As a result, not only is the seat very well-padded, but it is also very supportive when you sit on it. In fact, thanks to its whopping 300lb weight capacity, you would not feel like you’re sinking into the chair when you sit on it because it has enough strength and thickness to support your weight.

In terms of ergonomics, the SeatingPlus hair has flip-up armrests and a tilt-locking mechanism, which allows you to recline between 20-30 degrees. The chair also has pneumatic height adjustment, so you can increase or decrease the height, allowing you to find the perfect eye-level height with your monitor.

There are 4 colors to choose from: beige, dark blue, fuchsia, and gray. Personally, grey is our favorite because it is very neutral and suits the velvety look very well. But if you want to go for a darker color theme, then the dark blue is a unique color, since most office chairs are black in color.

As awesome as the chair already is, the manufacturer promises to change the caster wheels for free after six months. This is because the wheels are the chairs’ most vulnerable part. And the best part is, the chair uses nylon casters, which are more carpet- and wood-friendly than PVC casters.

Final verdict: The SeatingPlus Velvet Office Chair is simply the best ergonomic velvet office chair. It is very well-padded, built ergonomically, and comes with free caster wheel replacement after six months. So not only is the velvet office chair exceptional, but it is also paired with wonderful customer service!

2. YAMASORO Ergonomic Velvet Office Chair

Another great option worth considering is the YAMASORO Ergonomic Velvet Office Chair. Offering the similar look as the top pick, this chair has flip-up armrests and high-quality velvet fabric on it. The material is durable, flexible, and not wrinkled at all, even after heavy usage.

Stylish chair in a modern office

This velvet office chair allows you to raise or lower the seat through the easy-to-use pneumatic controls. It also allows you to tilt back or maintain the right sitting angle (90-130 degrees) by simply pulling/pushing the control handle. Also, the arms of the chair have a flip-up design so you can customize them to your liking.

Office chair armrests can sometimes get in the way of doing certain activities, like playing the guitar, or sitting cross-legged. With the YAMASORO chair, you can easily flip up the armrests to accommodate those activities. By flipping the armrests, you can also save space and keep everything nearby.

As far as ergonomics goes, the chair comes equipped with an S-shaped ergonomic backrest, which keeps a natural sitting posture and supports the shoulders. Covered in a plush and soft velvet fabric, you can lean back and work in comfort knowing that this amazing office chair has got your back.

This chair has 8 color options: gray, black, light grey, navy blue, off-white, red, white, and red-brown. All of the colors mentioned allow you to choose which one suits your office best. The YAMASORO office chair is also equipped with nylon caster wheels which can roll smoothly and quietly too.

Final verdict: The YAMASORO Ergonomic Velvet Office Chair comes in second place only because it has less weight capacity than the first place. It is also slightly more expensive too. Nevertheless, it is still an amazing option worth considering because it comes with all the important ergonomic features.

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3. Duhome Velvet Office Desk Chair

Featuring a different look from the first two chairs, the Duhome Velvet Office Desk Chair is unique because of its gold chair base. While the armrests cannot be flipped up, the intricate diamond pattern, along with the rich and velvety fabric material makes it one of the best ergonomic velvet office chairs.

Modern office with a velvet chair

Take a closer look at the seat and you will notice rhinestones tufting, which, along with the easy-to-clean grey velvet fabric and gold-finished frame, add a luxurious feel to the overall design of the chair. It can be used as a living room accent chair, vanity chair, guest reception chair, or a lounge chair for home.

The gas lift allows you to raise or lower the height of the chair. Moreover, the 360-degree rotation seat provides extra convenience when you move from one task to another. If you ever need to move from one place to another, don’t worry because the wheels are smooth and high-quality.

While the armrests are fixed, the backrest provides enough support to help you sit up straight. It comes in one color only (gray), but this office chair comes with all the hardware and necessary tools. Just follow the desk chair instructions, and you will assemble it easily in about 10 minutes.

Final verdict: If you want the most elegant velvet office chair, then the Duhome velvet desk chair is for you. Its unique diamond-pattern accent and high-quality velvet fabric offer a sophisticated look. The neutral gray color and the gold frame also provide a luxurious feel to the overall design of the chair.

Best Velvet Office Chair (Top 3 Armless Picks)

Best Overall 

Also Great

Budget Option

Modway Distinct Velvet Office Chair

  • Material: Textile, Velvet
  • Model: Half-Armless
  • Weight capacity: 220 lb

KERDOM Armless Velvet Office Chair

  • Material: Textile, Velvet
  • Model: Armless
  • Weight capacity: 300 lb

Vinsetto Armless Velvet Task Chair

  • Material: Textile, Velvet
  • Model: Half-Armless
  • Weight capacity: 185 lb

Ergonomics can sometimes get in the way of design. An ergonomic chair has to be built a certain way, which can mean that the chair is not as beautiful as some would like. Armrests can also get in the way of work. Here are the best velvet office chairs that focus on aesthetically pleasing chair design:

1. Modway Distinct Velvet Office Chair

From a pure design standpoint, the best velvet office chair is the Modway Distinct velvet office chair. For those of you who don’t know, Modway is one of the most reputable office furniture sellers on Amazon, as they continue to produce top-quality office chairs at an affordable price. This office chair is no exception.

Tufted performance velvet swivel office chair

Boasting a glamorous decorative style, the Modway velvet chair will add vintage elegance to your workspace thanks to its gold accents, tufted detail, and luxe texture. This results in a modernized mid-century style with a dash of contemporary flair, which suits anyone that has an eclectic taste in furniture.

One of the reasons why it’s the best is because of its top-tier velvet material. Upholstered in soft, stain-resistant performance velvet, this office chair will liven up any home office, conference table, computer desk, and dorm room. In fact, the first thing you will notice is how soft the material is.

It has 5 beautiful colors to choose from Gold Dusty Rose, Gold Gray, Gold Ivory, Golf Navy, and Gold Teal. Our personal favorite is definitely the gold, dusty rose, but if you want to go for a darker color tone, then the gold navy may be for you since it looks very luxurious. However, all five colors are very nice.

Nevertheless, this chair is not all about form, as it is very functional too. In addition to the supportive and dense foam padding, the chair comes equipped with tilt control and pneumatic height adjustment, all of which allow you to adjust the seat angle and find the best sitting position while working behind a desk.

It also has a 360-degree swivel, along with five dual-hooded caster wheels, so you can easily move around while sitting. The swivel mechanism allows you to turn around and reach for office supplies that are within arms reach. And with such a beautiful gold chrome frame, you’ll be looking at this chair all day.

Final verdict: Hands down, the best velvet office chair you can buy right now is the Modway Distinct Velvet Office Chair. As a major distributor of a wide variety of furniture, you don’t have to doubt the quality offered by Modway as this velvet desk chair is not only beautiful but has plenty of useful features too.

2. KERDOM Armless Velvet Office Chair

Now if you want to go fully armless, then another solid option is the KERDOM Armless Velvet Office Chair. Not only is the fabric of this office chair soft velvet, which is very skin-friendly, but the ultra-thickened foam cushion and wide backrest allow you to sit and work comfortably all day long.

Armless velvet chair

The upholstered button-tufted material is secured by rivets, which fastens the material and makes it plush and well-padded. There is also a unique pull ring on the back of the backrest, which you can pull to tilt the chair back. The backrest is very ergonomic too, as it allows you to sit up straight.

It comes in three colors: elegant gray, classic black, and sweet pink. Personally, the gray is our favorite because it’s neutral in color and would fit most office interior design. So not only can this chair blend into a home office, but it can also be suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, meeting rooms, and reception areas.

Just like other top-quality armless office chairs, the KERDOM velvet office chair has tilt and lift functions. It allows you to adjust the height of the chair and at what angle you sit. Thanks to its heavy-duty base and 360-degree swivel wheels, it is convenient for you to move at will without worrying about falling.

As far as the design goes, the chair base is very sturdy thanks to its solid metal construction. However, we personally prefer the gold color. But if you are someone who likes the silver color of the base, then you should definitely consider this velvet desk chair for your home office environment.

Final verdict: Some office workers opt for the freedom that an armless office chair provides. If that is you, then the KERDOM Armless Velvet Office Chair is an interesting option to go for. With three beautiful colors to choose from, you should be able to find one that suits your office interior design.

3. Vinsetto Velvet Task Chair

As the most affordable option on this list, the Vinsetto Velvet Task Chair is worth your consideration. You can create a sophisticated look in your office space, thanks to its soft velvet and wide array of color selections. So not only can you use this chair for the office, but you can also use it for the dresser.

Armless velvet chair

Overall, there are seven colors to choose from: beige, blue, green, grey, new blue, rose, and new rose. All of the seven colors ooze a luxurious feel to it and will seamlessly fit into any office environment, no matter which color you choose. It also has a simple and minimalistic, near-armless design.

Thanks to its adjustable height settings, you can find the right amount of height to ensure that you are sitting at the right height to work comfortably at your desk. You can adjust the seat height with the chair’s one-touch height adjustment lever. It also has a soft and velvety material too.

In addition to the soft velvet material, this chair has a 360-degree swivel that makes you free to choose which direction or point of view you want. The caster wheels allow you to move around your office space with ease. However, this chair can only support 180 lb of weight, so keep that in mind.

While the seat and backrest are padded, we think that it is not as plush and well-cushioned as the other chairs on this list. Granted, it costs much less than the other chairs, but you shouldn’t expect much cushioning from this chair. But as the most affordable option, it’s still an interesting option to consider.

Final verdict: With the lowest price point, the Vinsetto Velvet Task Chair is clearly a budget option. If you want a velvet office chair that will not break the bank, consider this chair. Just expect less padding and reduced cushioning on the chair. It will, however, be enough to help you work productively.

How to Choose the Best Velvet Office Chair

Since velvet office chairs are unique, it’s not easy to find one that suits your office just the way you would want it to. From design and color to ergonomics, it can be a frustrating headache to choose one. With that said, here are the four important considerations for choosing the best velvet office chair:

1. Ergonomic Design

The first thing you should consider is to look for proper ergonomics. Some of the best office chairs for back pain are equipped with extensive ergonomic features. However, when someone is looking for a velvet office chair, ergonomics rarely comes to mind, as most people would first look at the design of the chair. 

Nevertheless, the best velvet office chair should cover all of the ergonomic basics. This includes an S-shaped backrest, tilting function, 360-swivel, and smooth-rolling caster wheels. While you can expect velvet office chairs to serve form over function, you should remember not to let design get in the way of health.

2. Quality of Velvet Materials

Once you have ergonomics in place, the second thing you should consider is the quality of velvet materials. A high-quality velvet fabric should be soft to the touch and skin-friendly. In fact, some of the better velvet materials are also easy to clean and stain-resistant. This ensures that you are sitting in comfort.

Fortunately, all of the velvet office chairs on this list are made with top-notch velvet materials. The best ones are also equipped with fabric that are stain-resistant. By choosing an office chair with good materials, you will worry less about discomfort and will focus your mind on getting the job done.

3. Weight Capacity

Another important aspect to consider is the weight capacity of the office chair. While it’s true that office chair weight limits aren’t very strict, you should aim to find a chair that can support at least 200 lb of weight. The good news is all of the chairs on this list can support much more than that.

By having a reliable chair that can hold more weight, you will have better peace of mind knowing that the chair will not wobble and crumble under pressure. An office chair with substantial weight capacity can also mean that the chair is made with high-quality and durable materials, including velvet fabric.

4. Beautiful Color and Design

Once you have all three aspects covered, you can start to consider the chair’s color and design. Fortunately, many office furniture manufacturers are caring more for their customers and have started to provide plenty of colors and designs to choose from. From armless chairs to ergonomic ones, you’ll find them all.

Remember, the best ergonomic velvet office chairs should have multiple colors to choose from. This ensures that you get to choose which color suits your office’s interior design the best. After all, there’s an unexplainable feeling of satisfaction that comes from looking at a well-designed office environment.

Final Verdict

And there you have it, the best velvet office chairs, including the most ergonomic options. Our team had a splendid experience looking at and trying out the different velvet office chairs on this list. Taking everything into consideration, here’s a short recap of our top list of velvet office chairs:

The best ergonomic velvet office chair is the SeatingPlus Ergonomic Velvet Office Chair. It is the complete package, from the ergonomic design, all the way to the high-quality velvet material. If you want the best, then this is the one to buy. It also comes with excellent customer service too!

The best armless velvet office chair is the Modway Distinct Velvet Office Chair. This chair made the list thanks to the excellent reputation of the manufacturer, Modway. Additionally, the gold frame design, along with the soft velvety material of the chair, bumps this chair to the top of the list.

The most affordable option is the REFICCER Velvet Task Chair. While it does not have the best cushioning and padding, it provides great value for its price, mainly due to its cheap price. If you’re on a budget and you want the best bang for your buck, the REFICCER chair is a solid velvet office chair option.

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