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The Best White Office Chair Options for 2023

There’s something aesthetically pleasing about a white office chair. Not only is it unique (since most office chairs are black), but it adds a touch of vibrance and brightness to the overall design of an office. However, you can’t buy any white chair — you need to buy the best white office chair.

While there are plenty of white office chair options, we don’t want to randomly list out up to 10 office chairs as other reviewers do. Instead, we’ve carefully selected and hand-picked the top 3 white ergonomic office chair options along with the top 3 white leather office chair options for you. Let’s get into it.

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Best White Office Chair Options (Top 3 in Mesh)

A great white office chair is not all about the color. It should combine great ergonomics, excellent materials (breathable), and most importantly, beautiful to look at. We’ve narrowed it down to the top 3 picks you can buy today. That said, here are the best white office chair options:

Best Overall White

Also Great to Consider

Budget White Option

Flash Furniture White Mid-Back Office Chair

  • Material: Mesh
  • Weight Limit: 250 lb
  • Flip-Up Armrests

BERLMAN Ergonomic White Mid-Back Office Chair

  • Material: Mesh
  • Weight Limit: 250 lb
  • Flip-Up Armrests

BestOffice White Desk Chair

  • Material: Mesh
  • Weight Limit: 250 lb
  • Fixed Armrests

1. Flash Furniture White Frame Mid-Back Office Chair

The best ergonomic white office chair you can buy is the mid-back chair from Flash Furniture. It’s designed very well, with a frame that is not too big and not too small. Not only is the chair equipped with important ergonomic features, but it is also designed with clean lines and a minimalistic aesthetics.

It has up to 14 color combinations to choose from, 3 of which are made of white colors. This means that if you need a white office chair, this Flash Furniture chair has 3 white choices, which include: 

  • Light gray/white frame
  • White mesh/black frame
  • White mesh/white frame

Personally, we like the light gray/white frame color combination best because it’s not all white. The soft gray provides a touch of contrast which makes the chair looks expensive yet soft for the eyes.

However, the biggest highlight of this chair is definitely the mesh material that covers the backrest of the chair. If you live in hot and humid areas, you know that leather chairs can leave your back all sweaty. Not this chair. The well-ventilated backrest provides a cool airflow to help you beat the summer heat.

As far as ergonomics goes, the thin, yet expertly-designed backrest provides enough lower back support to help you maintain a proper sitting posture. As you can see, the white-colored lumbar (lower back) area is slightly protruded to help you sit up straight, even for long hours.

Moreover, the excellent padded flip-up armrests make this office chair very versatile. When the armrests are flipped down, they can be used for resting your elbow or help you type on your phone comfortably. When they are flipped up, they help create more space for other activities (like playing the guitar). 

Final verdict: With 14 total color combinations, including 3 white color options, the Flash Furniture mid-back chair is the best overall white office chair. It combines the perfect size that is not too big or too small, along with important ergonomic features that will help you sit comfortably while working.

2. BERLMAN Ergonomic Mid-Back Office Chair (White and Grey)

Another great white office chair option is the ergonomic mid-back office chair from BERLMAN. The shape of the chair is very unique, which reminds us of the popular kids spinning egg chair. However, the design of the chair is very simple, yet comfortable, and you can tell the manufacturer’s focus is on comfort.

There are two things that make this chair supremely comfortable. The first is the ultra-breathable mesh back, which promotes cool airflow, and the second is the thick seat cushion which is made of high-density sponge. In fact, it does not seem like it will wear down like other chairs we have found.

As far as design goes, the white frame goes very well with the soft gray fabric of the chair. In fact, the chair has 4 color options which include: gray fabric on a white frame, black fabric on a white frame, pink fabric on a white frame, and last but not least, black on black. The soft gray is our favorite.

Ergonomically-speaking, this chair has enough lower back support to support your spine while sitting. It also has flip-up armrests, which will provide more space should you need some. The tilt of this chair provides a rocking chair-like motion and is a nice addition to the overall function of this chair.

Additionally, all of the ergonomic adjustments can be done with a simple push or pull of levers. To tilt the backrest, simply pull out the lever. Turning the knob will adjust the resiliency of the tilting. And lastly, you can pull up the lever to adjust the seat height. Everything is simple and easy to figure out.

Final verdict: The BERLMAN mid-back chair is one of the most comfortable white office chair options. It has plenty of white color combinations to choose from including gray on white, black on white, and pink on white. Not only is this chair perfect for a vibrant workspace, it is also ideal for young adults and kids too!

3. BestOffice White Desk Chair

If you’re looking for a simple and affordable white office chair option, then the BestOffice white desk chair is worth considering. In terms of pure value alone, it doesn’t get any better than this chair because it is less than $60. While it is cheap, it comes with some ergonomic features for health.

There are a total of 8 colors to choose from, which include black, blue, green, gray, orange, pink, red, and white. The selection is indeed colorful just like the rainbow, but the white fabric is a solid color to choose from. While the fabric is white, the chair’s frame, however, is black.

Upon receiving this chair, you’ll soon realize how easy it is to assemble this chair. This white office chair comes with all the hardware and necessary tools. All you need to do is to follow the instruction, which is very easy to understand, and this desk chair should be ready for you in under 15 minutes.

Unfortunately, the armrests are not adjustable and the seat cushion is relatively thin. However, this chair has a very breathable mesh material and adequate lower back support, both of which are excellent features considering the chair’s cheap price. In short, you will get what you pay for.

Final verdict: Sure, the armrests are not adjustable, but the BestOffice white desk chair is a cheap option that combines solid ergonomic features with a price that does not break the bank. It is a good choice to add to your office, inside a conference room, or for a light-colored home office.

Best White Office Chair Options (Top 3 Leather)

As great as white mesh office chairs are, white leather office chairs provide a luxurious look and distinguished appeal. There’s something about the combination of supple leather and creamy white color that oozes class and sophistication. That said, here are the best white leather office chair options:

Best Overall White Leather

Also Great to Consider

Budget White Option

AmazonCommercial White Executive Office Chair

  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Weight Limit: 275 lb
  • Flip-Up Armrests

La-Z-Boy Emerson Modern Office Chair

  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Weight Limit: 250 lb
  • Fixed Armrests

Amazon Basics Executive White Computer Chair

  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Weight Limit: 275 lb
  • Fixed Armrests

1. AmazonCommercial Executive White Office Chair

The best overall white leather office chair is the executive chair from AmazonCommercial. While it is made of bonded leather, not genuine leather, this chair has enough padding and cushioning to guarantee comfort while you sit on it. Also, this executive chair has a beautiful white color.

This chair comes in two color options, cream/ivory, and dark gray. While the cream/ivory color is not pure white, it looks soft and velvety. The design of the backrest is nice too, and which is made of a rhombus-stitched pattern. It adds a creative flair to the already beautiful-looking executive chair.

As far as ergonomics goes, the backrest of the chair is very supportive. It is made of two parts: the headrest, which supports your upper back, and the lumbar cushion, which is shaped like a cup and cradles your back gently. As you lean back into the chair, you can feel relaxed all the time.

One thing that we like about this chair is the flip-up armrests. They provide flexibility and allow you to choose between resting your arms or more space to move around in your chair. Also, the chair has a waterfall seat edge which promotes better circulation and enough blood flow into the legs.

Moreover, this chair is not all about looks either. With adjustable height, lumbar pad, and tilt, the chair can be modified to help you find the ideal sitting posture. It also has 360-degree mobility, rolling caster wheels, and a swiveling mechanism, all of which help you sit comfortably.

Final verdict: The best white leather office chair is this chair from AmazonCommercial. While the color is not pure white, the cream-ivory color provides a smooth and milky appearance that looks more elegant and luxurious. It will definitely complete the look of an executive and vintage office design very well.

2. La-Z-Boy Emerson Modern Office Chair

Another amazing white leather office chair option is the La-Z-Boy Emerson chair. While it’s not as padded and thick as most executive chairs, this modern chair focused on its clean lines and streamlined armrests. As a result, it is very futuristic and minimalistic, perfect for young entrepreneurs.

In fact, the Emerson chair is one of the best La-Z-Boy office chairs available. It delivers a size that is not too big and not too small, so it strikes the perfect balance between a modern and vintage look.

The Emerson chair has three color options: black, brown, and white. Out of all of those three, we think that the white color is unique and instantly catches the eye. Along with the dark gray armrests with wooden accents, the Emerson chair is truly beautiful because it’s not completely white.

Along the backrest and the seat cushion of this chair is a leather ribbed pattern, which adds clean lines to the overall look of the chair. While the backrest looks flat, it has built-in lumbar support which keeps your lower back neutral. Together with the premium cushioning, the chair becomes comfortable.

However, as nice as the armrests are, it’s worth noting that they are not adjustable. But due to the spacious seat pan and the thinness of the armrests, you would not have to worry about being cramped while sitting on this chair. Additionally, you can tilt, recline, and adjust the height as well.

Final verdict: Because of the clean lines, streamlined armrests, and rich wood accents, the La-Z-Boy Emerson chair is one of the best white leather office chair options available. It is a tasteful complement to any office, home, or entertainment space because of its combination of a modern and vintage look.

3. Amazon Basics Executive White Computer Chair

The most affordable white leather office chair is the executive chair from Amazon Basics. For those of you who don’t know, Amazon Basics is Amazon’s private label brand for everything from kitchen gadgets to tech accessories — and everything in between. This includes this office chair as well.

This particular chair is an upgrade over its older version, the Amazonbasics Executive Chair. The most noticeable difference between this version and the older version is the color — the older version is pure white, while this version is creamy white. Personally, the cream color is better and looks more expensive.

As far as usefulness goes, this chair gets the job done. It has the right amount of padding to support your back, along with the well-padded armrests to support your hands. The chair is very hefty and sturdy too, so you can relax and lean back knowing that it will support your body.

Unfortunately, because the chair is white, there are some customers who received this chair with blue ink stains on the arms. While the packaging box is solid, the chair was stained by the wrapping used to protect the arm. The good news is the customer service was excellent, and the exchange was very smooth.

We think that this is just a batch issue, and there’s a huge chance that your chair won’t have the same ink stains. After all, the chair itself is very comfortable and shows great quality. Just keep in mind that the armrests are not adjustable. They are, however, comfortable because of the substantial amount of padding.

Final verdict: For something so cheap, you are getting a top-quality white leather office chair. Not only is the Amazon Basics executive white office chair one of the most affordable options, but it is also one of the most comfortable too. The cream color is definitely an upgrade over its white predecessor.

Honorable Mention

Not everyone who works behind a desk needs a white ergonomic office chair, especially since executive chairs can be huge. Some just need a simple white office chair that wastes no space yet is comfortable for working. If that is you, here is one office chair that is white worth mentioning. 

Serta Essential Mesh Low-Back Task Chair

We want to give a special shout-out to one simple chair that some of you may find useful. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and you just need a simple white chair for your home office, then this white task chair from Serta is perfect for you. It’s completely armless and doesn’t waste any space.

The Serta Essential low-back task chair combines a faux leather seat cushion along with a mesh backrest to keep your back cool and sweat-free while working. Additionally, the seat height can be raised or lowered. If you need a simple white chair to complete your home office, consider this chair.

How to Choose the Best White Office Chair

It’s never easy to choose the perfect office chair with a certain color in mind, especially white. Since white is an “elusive” color, you can get caught up with marketing gimmicks that don’t bring benefits to you. With that said, here are the most important considerations when choosing the best white office chair:

1. White in Color

The first thing to consider in choosing the best white office chair is, obviously, the color. There is plenty of black and brown office chairs in the market, but a white office chair is rare. It is more like looking for a white tiger among orange tigers, but when you do find one, don’t immediately buy it. 

When buying a white office chair, it’s important to look for a color tone that does not look cheap. Sometimes, pure white can look cheap and unappealing, whereas cream and ivory colors can provide a soft and milky texture, which may come across as more high-end. The white color should also match the frame.

2. Mesh or Leather?

Once you’ve found a white office chair, you should consider the main material of the chair. It’s useless to find a beautiful white chair only to despise sitting on it after a week or two. Generally, white office chairs come in two materials, mesh and leather. Both have their pros and cons, so you need to choose wisely.

In a nutshell, white mesh office chairs are thinner and provide less padding, but they are more breathable and more suitable for hot and humid working spaces. White leather chairs, on the other hand, are more cushioned and provide a comfortable sitting sensation but are thicker in general. 

3. Affordable Price

After you’ve decided on the material, the next thing to consider is the price. The most comfortable white office chair should not be expensive. And by expensive, we mean north of $500. A white office chair shouldn’t cost more than the average black or brown office chair, wouldn’t you agree?

Thankfully, there are plenty of beautiful and ergonomic white office chair options that do not break the bank. In fact, both ergonomic white mesh and executive cream leather options on this list are not only comfortable, but they come at a price that is reasonable for most home office workers.

4. High-Quality Chair Materials

Last but not least, choosing the best white office chair is about both form and function. It’s useless to own a white office chair that looks stunning but is a nightmare to sit into. For that reason, it’s important to buy a white office chair that is made of high-quality and durable materials.

You will find that every chair on this list is made by reputable manufacturers and brands, along with top materials to ensure the white chair’s longevity. However, you should expect stains to be more visible on white chairs than on black ones. It’s a good idea not to eat or drink while sitting on a white office chair.  

Final Verdict

And there you go, the complete reviews of the most comfortable white office chair options, along with high-quality white leather chairs. Looking for white office chairs is no easy task, simply because there are more black office chairs than white ones. That said, here’s a quick recap of our reviews:

The best overall white office chair is the Flash Furniture Mid-Back Office Chair. It combines the perfect size, and excellent back support and is made of highly breathable mesh material to keep your body cool all day long. The ergonomic features of the chair are also very useful too. 

The best white leather office chair is the AmazonCommercial Executive Office ChairSure, it’s not pure white, but the creamy white leather material provides a classy and sophisticated look that will complement modern offices very well. The armrests are flip-up, too, so that it can provide more space.

The cheapest option to buy is the Serta Essential Low-Back Task Chair. If you don’t feel like spending a lot of money, then this chair is for you. This white chair is as simple as it gets because it is armless and made of a combination of mesh and leather. In fact, this modest chair is more than enough for most home offices.

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