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Best Ergonomic Armless Office Chair 2023 Reviews

In today’s modern work environment, many people are enjoying a compact and space-saving workspace. Therefore, many consider adding an armless office chair to their office as they are much more nimble and lightweight. Not to mention, most armless office chairs are relatively more affordable than their armed relatives.

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Short on time? These are the top picks for the best ergonomic armless office chair:

Most Adjustable Armless Chair

Hbada Ergonomic Office Task Desk Chair

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Flip-Up Armrests
  • Wide Seat Base

Best Overall Armless Chair

MOLENTS Armless Office Chair

  • Superior Ergonomics
  • Ultra-Breathable Mesh
  • Easy Adjustments

Best Value for Price Chair

Boss Office Deluxe Posture Chair

  • Simple Ergonomics
  • Easy Care Fabric
  • Super Affordable

With so many options to choose from, it can become overwhelming to choose the best chair. In this post, we review the top picks of the best ergonomic armless office chair while providing you with a simple buyers’ guide to help you find the best compact and affordable options to equip your office today.

Comparison Table

MOLENTS Armless Office ChairHbada Office Task Desk ChairKOLLIEE Armless Office ChairModway Prim Ribbed Armless Office ChairBoss Office Deluxe Posture Chair

Why Choose an Armless Office Chair?

Sometimes, armrests can get in the way of your work. Depending on your workspace, an armed chair may prevent you from getting as close to your desk as possible. This often leads to many desk workers asking: are armrests good for ergonomics?

Armless chairs, on the other hand, provide a non-restrictive sitting experience. Not only do these chairs accommodate many different seating styles, but they also allow for easy movement both in and out of the chair. This allows you to freely ‘move around’ while sitting in your beloved armless chair.

Another benefit of armless chairs is their space-saving design. At first glance, armrests may not look bulky, but they take up a lot of room. Armless chairs, however, can be neatly tucked into desks and tables when not in use. This promotes a neat and clean office space, perfect for communal areas.

In addition to conference rooms, many armless chairs are often placed neatly next to each other in reception areas or waiting rooms in order to accommodate a larger number of people without taking up too much space. With all this in mind, let’s go over the important things to consider in the best armless office chair.

How to Choose the Best Armless Office Chair

Knowing what makes the best armless desk chair will help you make better decisions in choosing which one is suitable for your office. Think about it, if 81% of office workers spend around four to nine hours a day sitting at a desk, you would want to buy a chair that supports you best now, would you?

So, before we talk about our top picks for the best ergonomic armless office chair, let’s review some of the things you should be looking for in the ideal chair. Here are some of the most important considerations:

1. Ergonomic Design

Sitting properly is arguably the most important aspect when considering a new desk chair. Sadly, most armless office chairs are not designed with ergonomics in mind and offer little to no support to the user’s body. This, in turn, causes noticeable amounts of pain, particularly in the lower back and neck area.

To help mitigate the risks of body pain, it’s important for an armless desk chair to have an ergonomic design. Because of the lack of armrests, the importance of having proper back support is increased multiple times. Good lumbar support will ensure that your body is aligned while you work throughout the day.

PRO TIP: If you’re experiencing upper body pain, particularly in the neck and shoulder area, consider investing in the best office chair for neck and shoulder pain. We’ve thoroughly selected and reviewed the best options to help alleviate the discomfort, all the while reducing the risk of unwanted injuries.

2. Armrests or No Armrests

Nowadays, office chairs come in all different shapes and sizes. This includes different armrests selection for each brand and model. In fact, certain office chairs come with flip-up armrests. This feature allows you to flip up the armrests when not in use. For the sake of this list, we’re going full-on armless.

The ‘no-armrests’ feature is what makes most people consider an armless desk chair in the first place. Because every human body is built differently, it makes sense that some would prefer armed chairs while some do not. We’ve included only the best armless desk chairs that offer a non-restrictive sitting experience.

3. Compact Size

While armless office chairs are commonly used for meeting and conference rooms, they can serve well as simple desk chairs as well. Whether you’re looking for a chair to complete your home office corner or to equip your office with space-saving chairs, the key is to find an armless chair with a compact size.

Having an armless desk chair that is compact in size not only helps you save more office space but allows you to accommodate more people as well. Best of all, the best armless desk chair will provide exceptional comfort, all the while creating a simple and minimalistic office setup without any of the bulk.

4. Affordable Price

Because armless office chairs need fewer materials (fabric, upholstery, and frame), they are usually more affordable than their armed counterparts. This makes them perfect for startup entrepreneurs and communal offices looking for commercial quality executive seating without having to break the bank.

With that said, you can expect every chair on this list to come at an affordable price. If you’re working from home or considering buying office chairs for your workspace, choosing the best armless office chair can help you save your budget. At the end of the day, working in absolute comfort should be the norm, not a luxury.

Best Ergonomic Armless Office Chair Reviews

Considering everything, we’ve created a list of the best armless office chairs. Many hours of research and testing went into selecting the chairs on this list to ensure anyone can achieve maximum comfort while sitting, all the while saving office space. Here are the top 5 best ergonomic armless office chairs:

1. MOLENTS Armless Office Chair

Our number one pick for the best armless office chair goes to the MOLENTS Armless Office Chair. This chair went through our rigorous testing and passed with flying colors.

Product Highlights

Get to know the key features that make the MOLENTS Armless Office Chair our top pick:

  • Ergonomic Support – Padded seat and back for all-day comfort
  • Breathable and Comfortable Material – Ultra-breathable mesh prevents you from sweating
  • Easy Adjustments – Pneumatic seat-height adjustment and 360-degree swivel
  • Reliable Sitting – Up to 250 pounds of maximum weight capacity

What we like about this chair: As one of the newest brands in the ergonomics scene, MOLENTS delivers another exceptional product, this time through a new armless office chair design. Ideal for work or a home office, the MOLENTS armless office chair offers exceptional comfort and convenience.

Two features that stand out to us are the S-curve design backrest and breathable mesh to help keep your back supported and your body properly aligned. All of which are important components when sitting for prolonged periods of time. This simple chair’s height can also be adjusted to suit your needs.

In addition to adjusting the height of the seat, the handle also controls the tilt of the chair. You can pull the handle out to enable the rocking function. The ultra-breathable mesh provides a stylish appearance in any setting, all the while providing enhanced breathability that is perfect for warmer environments.

What you need to make a note of Despite the chair’s adjustable height and 250-pound weight capacity, heavier, taller people should consider looking for another option. The MOLENTS is sleek and small so it won’t provide enough comfort for the said population.


  • Durable base
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • SGS-Certificated cylinder
  • Easy assembly process
  • Space-saving, classy, sleek design
  • Durable, flexible, non-slip dual wheel casters


  • Uncomfortable for some taller and heavier people

Final Verdict: Whether you’re working on a business proposal, sketching a draft, or brainstorming with colleagues, the MOLENTS Armless Office Chair is an excellent choice that provides not only sleek, professional style but also adjustable settings and reliable support for all-day comfort.

2. Hbada Office Task Desk Chair

Coming in at a close second for the best armless office chair is the Hbada Office Task Desk Chair. In addition to excellent ergonomics, it’s unique flip-up armrests provide a flexible sitting experience for different users.

Product Highlights

What makes Hbada Office Task Desk Chair one of a kind? Here are its key features:

  • Excellent Ergonomics – Backrest design fits the natural curve of the spine
  • Space Saving – Flip-up armrests provide flexibility to save more space.
  • Highly Breathable – High-density mesh material keeps you cool all-day
  • Stable & Durable – Heavy-duty base with smooth and silenced rolling casters

What we like about this chair: Right off the bat, the Hbada Office Task Desk Chair is truly one of a kind because of its combination of compact size and ergonomic adjustments. What makes this chair different from the others on this list is its ability to flip up the armrests when not in use. Talk about flexibility!

We can’t help but notice the quality of materials offered by the Hbada task chair. Not only does it ooze sophistication, but it does so by keeping everything simple. From the contours of the backrests to the soft feel of the frame, this chair will make any office space more pleasant, all the while supporting your back properly.

In addition to its design, you’ll notice that the Hbada task chair has a wide seat base, allowing you not to feel constricted while sitting. Pair that with its rocking motion, and you’ve got yourself an uber-comfortable mid-back desk chair. This chair is truly well-made and perfectly sized for smaller spaces.

What you need to note: Similar to the first product on our best armless office chairs list, the Hbada isn’t the most comfortable for taller and heavier people. Also, some people might not find the flip-up arms a helpful feature.


  • Breathable
  • SGS Certificated cylinder
  • Stylish, space-efficient design
  • Durable, smooth rolling 5-caster base
  • Convertible from armed to armless chair model


  • Flip-up arms aren’t for everyone
  • It might be uncomfortable for some heavy and tall people

Final Verdict: What’s not to like about a task chair that ticks all the boxes of the best armless desk chair? Do yourself a favor and buy this chair if you’re searching for one of the best mid-back chairs in the market. With black and white color options, you simply can’t go wrong with the Hbada Office Task Desk Chair.

3. KOLLIEE Armless Office Chair

Number three on our list is the KOLLIEE Armless Office Chair which comes with built-in lumbar support and high foam cushioning to reduce stress on your legs by increasing circulation.

Product Highlights

These are the key features of the KOLLIEE Armless Office Chair:

  • Simple Ergonomics – Built-in lumbar support promotes a neutral sitting posture
  • Excellent Breathability – Ultra-breathable mesh material for all-day comfort
  • Great Durability – Thick padded cushion with superior quality, does not deform easily
  • Easy Assembly – Super simple assembly to get you working in no time

What we like about this chair: Surprisingly, the KOLLIEE Armless Office Chair is better than what the big box office supply stores sell at the same price range. What makes this chair a great bargain is the quality of the padding and how it is attached expertly. This is a testament to the quality construction by KOLLIEE.

Don’t be fooled by its simple construction, if you need lumbar support, it does a good job by encouraging, but not forcing, you to sit up straight. This is the proper way to sit. ​

The contoured mesh backrest also ensures proper airflow for an added level of comfort, especially when you’ve been sitting for hours. Additionally, the high-resilience foam cushion is very comfortable and does not cut off blood circulation at the thighs, which is definitely a huge plus.

Another trait that surprised us was how easy the assembly was. The entire process was a breeze. Furthermore, we had several users in our community who reported that the KOLLIEE Armless Office Chair holds up pretty well for a simple chair. One user has had it for nearly two years with regular use, and the chair is still going strong.

What you need to note: This ergonomic chair lacks a recline and tilt feature, which could have further enhanced its level of comfort and support. Like the previous products, it isn’t a tall office chair and doesn’t have sufficient seat width for bigger individuals.


  • SGS-Certificated cylinder
  • Easy assembly process
  • Small, sleek design
  • Breathable, ergonomic backrest


  •  No recline and tilt functions
  • Might be uncomfortable for some heavy and tall people

Final Verdict: Overall, the superior ergonomic design and excellent materials make the KOLLIEE Armless Office Chair surprisingly comfortable despite being fairly simple and inexpensive. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense chair that gets the job done, buy this chair. You will find the right support you need.

4. Modway Prim Ribbed Armless Office Chair

So, what’s on number four? The Modway Prim Ribbed Armless Office Chair is our pick as one of the best armless office chairs due to its stylish aesthetics and superior construction.

Product Highlights

What makes the Modway Prim Ribbed Armless Office Chair special? Here are the key features:

  • Ergonomic Support – Ergonomic lumbar support from the padded foam seat
  • Stylish Aesthetics – Versatile design for a contemporary office space
  • Superior Construction – Chrome aluminum frame with a 360º swivel built for everyday use
  • Vivid Colors – Liven up the office with a selection of bold and vibrant colors to choose from

What we like about this chair: Moving on from the fabric chair theme, the Modway Prim Ribbed Armless Office Chair is made with a durable leatherette material that can be easily wiped down and sanitized. The synthetic leather is soft to the touch, all the while providing a supple feel when sitting down.

In addition to its soft padded seat, this chair comes with a waterfall edge seat, providing you with all-day thigh comfort when sitting. The chair is also beyond easy to assemble. We are sure that you can do it in less than 5 minutes. Assemble the pneumatic cylinder on the stand, and place the chair seat on the pneumatic stand. Done.

While it may look simple, this armless chair raises up high enough for most people to find the right seating adjustment. The Modway Armless chair is definitely a huge improvement over generic cloth ‘task chairs’ sold by big box retailers. It is beyond comfortable for something so minimalistic.

Like any leather office chair, the Modway is the perfect chair for those who want to add a more professional vibe to their office. This is ideal for those who take video calls frequently.

Not only that, but the seven colors it comes with will ensure you’ll find one that will match your office’s interior. Another benefit worth mentioning is that it is one of the executive chairs you can place in your makeup room, home bar, and other rooms without looking out of place.

What you need to make a note of: Although a comfortable chair, you would need to ensure you take frequent breaks to stretch since it lacks an adjustable tilt function. The wheel casters integrated into this stylish leather task chair are also not as durable. Lastly, as expected from leather, there isn’t sufficient airflow.


  • Multi-functional, stylish chair
  • Available in different colors
  • Easy to clean and assemble


  • Non-breathable
  • No tilt function
  • Flimsy double-wheel casters

Final Verdict: If you’re in the market for an armless desk chair made with supple leathery material, the Modway Prim Ribbed Armless Office Chair is for you. With a wide selection of bright and vivid colors to choose from, you can buy the right one to make your office more beautiful and comfy at the same time.

5. Boss Deluxe Posture Chair

Last but not least, the Boss Office Deluxe Posture Chair makes it into our list for being the best value for its price armless office chair.

Product Highlights

In addition to its budget-friendly price, here are the key features of the Boss Office Deluxe Posture Chair:

  • Ergonomic Design – Designed with ergonomics and cushioned for maximum comfort
  • High-Quality Materials – 100% Polypropylene for extended durability
  • Easy Assembly – Comes with all hardware and necessary tools
  • Highly Durable – Heavy-duty metal base with a 360-degree swivel and smooth casters

What we like about this chair: This contoured office chair from Boss Office comes with built-in lumbar support and a waterfall seat design to reduce stress to your legs by increasing circulation. Right off the bat, the quality of the chair’s construction and easy-care fabric ensure long-lasting comfort.

Let’s take a look at the backrest. While it may look thin and simple, you can find a designated ergonomic lumbar support that supports your lower back without much restriction. Because there are no armrests, your back needs more support. This chair gets the job done due to its subtle lower back support.

In addition to its 360-degree swivel, it’s also height adjustable. Everything is made possible because of its heavy-duty metal base and smooth rolling casters. This allows multiple users to find comfort in this simple armless chair. Overall, we find the Boss Office Deluxe Posture Chair to be mobile yet stable simultaneously.

What you need to note: As another small chair without arms, it might not be comfortable for most tall individuals. Some users also reported that the seat cushion thinned out after a few months of regular use. The wheels are less durable than the other Boss Office Ergonomic Office Chair’s parts.


  • Compact design
  • Easy assembly process
  • Adequate lumbar support
  • Contoured seat edge


  •  Flimsy wheels
  • Padding thins out quickly
  • Might be uncomfortable for some tall people

Final Verdict: The Boss Office Deluxe Posture Chair is arguably the best value for price armless office chair. The combination of simplicity and functional ergonomics is what makes this chair make it to our list. Pair that with amazing polypropylene material, and you’ve got a reliable armless chair perfect for the office.

Best Armless Desk Chair Honorable Mention

Linon Cora Faux Flokati Armless Office Chair

While we’ve finished the list of the best ergonomic armless office chairs, we want to give a special shoutout to a fun-looking armless chair for almost making it to our list. It’s a truly unique and contemporary armless chair that can brighten up any office setup in a jiffy. Best of all, it’s super affordable.

The Linon Cora Faux Flokati Armless Office Chair is a fun chair that adds fun style and function to a desk or table. Featuring a faux fur seat and back, this chair brings the extravagant appeal of glam-inspired style to your abode. Its faux fur material also provides a soft and supple feel when sitting down for work.

Final Verdict: Three words to describe this chair: soft, fluffy, and comfortable. This chair is not all about glamour, as it’s crafted from a polished metal frame with five casters for easy stability and mobility. If you’re super into fluffy and adorable, buy this chair. It can make your office much more joyful. 🙂

PRO TIP: While armless office chairs offer space-saving capabilities, it’s not the best option if you suffer from lower back pain. If you’re experiencing lower body pain or looking to avoid injuries like sciatica, consider reading our review of the best office chair for sciatica. It’s sure to help you make the best buying decision.

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Final Verdict

It’s been fun for our team to carefully research and test the best armless office chairs. We know first-hand how important it is to find comfort when sitting down while working. This is especially true after sitting for long hours at a work desk. With that said, here’s a recap of our comprehensive list.

Our number one choice for the best ergonomic armless office chair goes to the MOLENTS Armless Office Chair. As an up-and-coming brand, MOLENTS delivers exceptional ergonomics. Its combination of sleek, professional design paired with excellent ergonomics is what makes this chair our top pick.

If you’re looking for special adjustment features, the Hbada Office Task Desk Chair is an excellent choice because it comes with highly functional flip-up armrests. We’ve rarely seen a mid-back chair that offers a wide seat base and flip-up armrests. This chair is one of the best mid-back chairs in the market.

If budget is your number one priority, you might choose the Boss Office Deluxe Posture Chair. Don’t let the affordable price fool you, as it ticks all of our boxes regarding the best armless desk chair. Not to mention, its easy-care fabric material will keep you comfortable all day long.

We hope you find value in our post and can find relief from the restrictions of office chair armrests. Nonetheless, always remember to take frequent breaks from work. Often, doing something as simple as walking to greet your office mates or getting a cup of coffee is as important as working hard. 🙂

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