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Best Office Chair Covers That Are Also Waterproof. 2023 Reviews

Office chair covers are thin elastic pieces of material that have been designed to fit over a specific style of office chair. They can cover old office chairs and give them a fresh look without you having to buy a new expensive office chair. Here are the top 5 best office chair covers that are waterproof.

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Best Office Chair Cover Reviews (Waterproof)

To give an older office chair a believable and like-new look, office chair covers often include zippers and “stretchy” hemlines to help you fit the cover into the chair easily. Instead of listing 10 to 20 random office chair covers as most reviewers do, we’ve carefully selected the top 5 products only.

Here are the best three out of the five. Read no further!

Best Overall 

Surprisingly Great

Most Affordable

PiccoCasa Waterproof Office Chair Cover

  • High-Stretch and Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Machine Washable

Diva En Camino Office Chair Cover With Zipper

  • 16 Color Options
  • Waterproof
  • Machine Washable

FORCHEER Office Chair Jacquard Elastic Cover

  • 15 Color Options
  • Waterproof
  • Machine Washable

1. PiccoCasa Stretch Waterproof Office Chair Cover

The PiccoCasa Stretch Waterproof Office Chair Cover takes the title of the best office chair cover. It offers a very tight fit by using four straps and a double zipper design. It easily keeps the cover in place so that it doesn’t slide around when you’re sitting on it. 

The cover is waterproof to keep the chair clean, even if you have a spill. If the cover itself becomes messy, you can quickly remove it and toss it into the washing machine for easy cleanup. This feature makes it great for houses that have pets that might have accidents.

One piece tall chair cover.

Thick knit jacquard fabric is durable and elastic so that it can fit on chairs of various sizes. Even though it can fit a wide range of chairs, you should measure your chair before you purchase the cover to make sure it falls into the correct range, so it fits comfortably.  

The material is dense and stays soft even after multiple washing. You can place the cover on large chairs. It is 98% polyester and 2% spandex which helps make it more comfortable to use.

When you’re looking for a cover that can fit different-sized chairs and provide complete protection from messy situations, the PiccoCasa will be able to help you out. It is easy to put on, waterproof and simple to clean up. That makes it an advantageous option for office chair covers. 

2. WOMACO Waterproof Office Chair Cover

The Womaco Waterproof Office Chair Cover comes in five different colors, so you can find one that matches the decor of your room. Pick from black, beige, grey, coffee, and wine to find the perfect color. 

You can use the cover to protect a new chair, or you can use it to refresh an old chair that has seen better days. The stretchable material fits on a wide size range of chairs without being too loose. 

Waterproof chair cover for office chair with arms.

You can remove the cover to clean it or spot-clean it while it sits on the chair. Cleaning the cover quickly will help ensure that no liquid gets through to the chair. The cover gives the chair extra protection from scratching and other wear too. 

The thick fabric can help make chairs more comfortable to sit in, and the 85% polyester and 15% spandex material blend makes it highly durable. 

If you’re looking for an affordable way to add some new life to an old chair, the Womaco Waterproof Office Chair Cover can offer a helpful solution. 

3. Diva En Camino Office Chair Cover With Zipper

The Diva En Camino Office Chair Cover can add a splash of color to any office chair. Pick from 16 different color choices. The vast number of options lets you find the color that best reflects your design aesthetic and personality.

The cover helps protect the chair underneath from stains, scratches, and other wear and tear. If you spill something on the cover, you can toss it in a regular washer and dryer for quick and easy cleanup. After washing and drying, you may have to iron the cover to avoid wrinkles.

Red colored office chair cover that is also waterproof.

The stretchy cover uses a highly durable zipper to secure it. When entirely in place, it prevents the cover from slipping around and becoming annoying or messy. The thick and durable covers last for a long time and resist fading even after multiple washes. 

The fabric is breathable, so it won’t cause excess heat while you’re using it, even in the middle of summer.

Whether you’re trying to infuse your office with more color or protect your favorite chair from hard-to-clean messes, the Diva En Camino Office Chair Cover is a great choice. 

4. FORCHEER Office Chair Jacquard Elastic Cover

Some chairs work best with two-piece designs for separate protection for the seat and the back. The Forcheer Office Chair Jacquard Elastic Cover can cover that. The waterproof fabric fits firmly on both sections to keep the whole chair safe from staining and spills.

Two-piece cover for chair with a top and bottom part.

You get to choose from 14 different colors and patterns, so it is easy to find something that will fit your office or show your unique personality. The elastic band design allows the cover to fit most chairs but stops slipping and movement once it is in place. 

When the cover does get dirty, you can simply remove it from the chair and machine wash and dry it for quick and hassle-free cleanup. The fabric can also be spot cleaned if that is easier and air-dried. 

For office chairs with distinct seats and backs, the Forcheer Office Chair cover can help fit them better with less movement. It is also one of the most affordable options on this list, so it is excellent when you need to pick up many covers for multiple chairs in an office. 

5. YIMEIS Waterproof Office Chair Cover

Another two-piece set rounds out the list of best office chair cover options. The Yimeis Waterproof Office Chair fits perfectly on seats and backs with distinct separation. The pieces quickly and easily attach to most office chairs and provide protection with minimal slipping. 

You can pick from five different colors to find one that works best in your room. When you spill something on the cover, you can easily wipe it off. If the cover becomes too dirty, you can put it into the washing machine and tumble dry it. 

Office chairs can handle the abuse with a waterproof cover set.

The covers fit most chairs, but you may still want to measure the chair to make sure it works right. If you have any problems with the Yimeis cover, you can return it for a money-back guarantee and hassle-free returns for 24 months. 

The ultra-breathable fabric helps keep the chair cool even when you are using the chair on hot days. It also doesn’t allow the cover to poof from air pockets, making it stay on the chair better. 

When you want to keep your chair clean or revamp an older, more broken-down chair, the Yimeis Waterproof Office Chair can make it better. It is easy and quick to put on and take off to help with every chair protection need. 

Benefits of Using an Office Chair Cover

So why would you consider an office chair cover in the first place? After all, there is no reason for you to spend more money on an office chair, right? As it turns out, there are plenty of benefits to using an office chair that you may have realized. Here are some of the most important advantages of office chair covers:

Make Old Office Chairs Look New

While office chairs can last between five to ten years, the appearance of the chair may get worse with time. As the office chair degrades and loses its beautiful appearance, it can make your office space less desirable to be in. In worse cases, they can even cause major discomfort while you sit on it.

And while some people may simply replace their office chair with a brand new one when signs of aging show, it can be expensive, especially if your chair still works normally. A great option is to buy one of the best office chair covers and breathe new life into your loyal and trustworthy office companion.

Wear and Tear Protection

The best ergonomic office chair is an investment. Sure, they can work wonders in helping you sit comfortably, but they can be very expensive. One way to reduce the wear and tear of your beloved office chair is to use an office chair cover. It adds another layer of protection to your office chair.

Instead of having to deal with the wear and tear after it has happened, the office chair cover will provide resistance and protection against daily abuse. Think of it like a screen guard on your smartphone, only this is for your office chair. It will give you better peace of mind knowing that your office chair is protected.

Unique Style

Most office chairs are made either of fabric, mesh, or leather. While the materials are often fantastic, they can be a little boring because the colors are usually black or brown. If you’re bored of having a plain, black chair and like to add color to it, an office chair cover is an excellent way to do so.

Usually, office chair covers come in mono-tone options, but some models showcase more bizarre designs, which may include flower and geometric patterns. In some cases, there are also alien patterns. Whichever color you want to go for, just know that the best office chair covers come in many colors.

Pet and Children Protection

Protection from wear and tear is paramount, but defense from destructive pets and children is important too, especially if you work from home. Puppies and kittens are notorious for causing cute destruction, which is why they may be better off destroying a cheap cover rather than your expensive office chair.

Likewise, little children may not know anything better so they may cause the same amount of mess, if not more. Thankfully, the best office chair cover is not only waterproof, but they have more than enough layering to protect your office chair from spills, messes, and dirt.

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Final Verdict

And there you have it, the top 5 best office chair covers. Each product on this list is rigorously tested to ensure the maximum protection for your office chair. Remember, an office chair cover is very affordable, so to buy one is a no-brainer, considering the protection it provides for your expensive office chair.

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