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Best Office Chair Without Wheels 2023 Reviews

With so much attention given to office chairs and their wheels, it’s easy to forget that there are office chairs without wheels. Not only do they provide more stability and less movement, but they reduce the risk of damage on your floor. Here are the best office chairs without wheels you can buy today.

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Best Mesh Office Chair Without Wheels

Instead of writing 10 products as most reviewers do, we’ve handpicked 6 of the best options only. The reason is simple; we don’t want to overwhelm you with too many choices since the goal is to narrow down your options. Here are the top 3 mesh and top 3 leather non-wheels office chairs below.

Best Overall Surprisingly GreatMost Affordable
Flash Furniture Mesh Reception Chair


  • Excellent Ergonomics
  • Flip-Up Armrests
  • Breathable Mesh Material
Space Seating AirGrid Visitor Chair


  • Excellent Ergonomics
  • Adjustable Armrests
  • Breathable Mesh Material
Boss Office Mesh Guest Chair


  • Simple Design
  • Many Color Options
  • Fixed Armrests

1. Flash Furniture Mesh Reception Chair

The Flash Furniture Mesh Reception Chair is a great pick when you’re looking for the best office chair with a mesh back but no wheels. The chair allows you to sit in style with the ability to provide a gentle rocking motion that won’t distract you while working but still help keep you or your guest comfortable.

The mesh back of the chair offers excellent circulation to help keep you cool while you’re sitting for extended periods. The airflow keeps your clothes neater, which can also help you maintain your professional appearance.

While sitting, you can also use the ergonomic lumbar support that improves posture and back health. Reducing back problems in the office can lead to higher productivity, which is always a bonus.

The movable anti-tip glides help the chair maintain a safe balance and protect your floor from unwanted scuffing. These tips come in handy if your chair is on carpeting or any other uneven surface.

The cushioned armrests allow you to relax your arms nicely, but if you need to, the arms can lift up and out of the way. When combined with the sled back legs, you can fit this chair in some very tight positions without much problem.

Flash comes with 20 years of furniture-building expertise and is a respected name in the industry. They make quality products for your home and office.

The chair is lightweight enough to move around when you need to. The company builds it durable enough to meet commercial requirements and hold up to 250 pounds.

Though the chair has many great features, there are some noise-related problems, especially when using the rocking feature. The parts can squeak if not adequately maintained. With some occasional lubrication, you can avoid that issue. A squirt of WD-40 works great.

Overall if you need a mesh office chair without wheels, the Flash Furniture Mesh Reception Chair can help you out. It comes with both a mesh top seat and a leather seat so that you can find the style that works best in your office.

2. Space Seating AirGrid Visitor Chair

The Space Seating AirGrid Visitor Chair isn’t just for clients. The simple design pairs well with almost any office, and the sled legs and fixed angled armrest allow it to fit into virtually any space.

The chair doesn’t offer many adjustments, but users won’t need too many with its mesh back and ergonomic lumbar support. It allows a ton of air circulation that can help keep the user cool as they sit in it.

The lumbar support increases comfort and helps with posture. It comes built right into the chair, so you don’t have to play with settings to attain maximum productivity when you sit in it.

Scuff pads on the leg of the chair help limit scratches on your floor. This feature is essential if you plan on moving the chair around your office a lot.

Speaking of moving the chair, it is lightweight, so you can place it where you need it without breaking a sweat. It is also heavy-duty enough to hold up to 250 pounds without a problem.

You can easily pair this seat with other options from the Office Star Line, but it works great on its own as your main work chair if you want to avoid wheels or swivel chairs. It can work on hard floors or carpets with ease, and you don’t lose any functionality.

The chair is GreenGuard Certified, meaning that it isn’t adding harmful and unwanted emissions into the office air. It also uses recycled leather to help make the chain more sustainable. If green products are crucial to you or your company, this chair might be your top option.

If you need a basic chair for you or your guest, the Space Seating AirGrid Visitor Chair can help you out while protecting everyone in your office from unneeded chemicals in the air.

3. Boss Office Mesh Guest Chair

The Boss Office Mesh Guest Chair comes in the widest selection of colors on this list, allowing you to find one that matches your office and personality perfectly. You can pick from five colors: blue, grey, lime green, orange, and red.

Beyond having the most fun color options, the chair itself focuses on style. The pewter-finished arms and base are dynamic and show off a fun flair that can add to the decor of any room. It adds a flourish that continues to set the chair apart from the pack.

The mesh back on the chair is excellent for airflow, which allows you to sit cooler. It matches the color of the seat, so you can enjoy the splash of color even while the chair is in use.

Anti-tilt tips on the front of the chair and pads on the back bar of the sled base make the chair easy to slide on bare floors. They also offer stability and safety when using the chair on slightly uneven floors or carpeting.

The chair is also one of the least expensive options on this list, which makes it not only fun but also frugal. You can get this chair on a budget and still enjoy the extra color options. It is also affordable to outfit a whole office or waiting room with your specific style.

If you get this chair for a shorter person or child, the angle at which it sits might be uncomfortable. Also, with the lower price point, construction can become a little tricky. If you don’t trust your building skills, you may want to choose one of the other options.

The Boss Office Mesh Guest Chair works great for guests, and you, especially if you want to increase the style and color of the room you use it in. It is an excellent cure for the tedium that some office chairs can cause with their single color choices.

Best Leather Office Chair Without Wheels

Not everyone is a fan of mesh material. Sure, mesh material is cool and breathable, but they lack the distinctive appeal and luxurious look that leather office chairs provide. Taking everything into consideration, here are the top 3 leather office chairs without wheels.

Best Overall Surprisingly GreatMost Affordable
Boss Ivy League Executive Guest Chair


  • Excellent Materials
  • Generous Cushioning
  • Sturdy Chair Legs
OFM ESS Leather Executive Side Chair


  • Good Materials
  • Soft and Cushioned
  • Stable Sled Base
AmazonBasics Classic Office Guest Chair


  • Good Materials
  • Soft and Cushioned
  • Thin Chair Legs

1. Boss Office Ivy League Executive Guest Chair

Many people love the plush feeling that leather chairs provide when looking for the best office chair without wheels. The Boss Office Ivy League Executive Guest Chair gives your office a very classic look that can instantly change the feel of the whole room.

The chairs’ wood frame comes in oxblood and black options, so you can find a color that will work best for you. The company paints the color on, so chipping can be an issue. However, if you place the chairs in good spots with plenty of space, you can minimize that danger.

Every seat adds small touches that help make it look and feel more luxurious. These include the button tufting on the back that allows added air circulation to the padding, making it more comfortable for long sits.

The brass nailhead trim adds texture to the padded armrest that draws the eye and helps add the experience of the chair. You can use this chair behind your desk, in your office, or your waiting room for your guests and clients.

The material for this chair is durable Caressoft vinyl, which helps lower the upfront cost of the chair without diminishing from the look or feel of the design. The super-soft material is a pleasure to sit in for short or long periods.

The padding in this chair is ample, but when you start to approach the maximum weight of 275 pounds, it can begin to compress and become a little less comfortable. This top weight is the highest on the list, so this won’t be a problem for many users.

You can get this chair on its own or pair it with a matching rolling chair, so you can get a whole office set, adding even more style to the room.

If you’re looking for an office chair that instantly increases the ambiance of your office, the Boss Office Ivy League Executive Guest Chair can help you out. The price point is on the low side for the amount of style this chair offers. The materials help make it an affordable option when you need to outfit a whole office or waiting room.

2. OFM ESS Leather Executive Side Chair

The OFM ESS Leather Executive Side Chair is all about minimal design and maximum function. You get an elegant chair that is comfortable to use while not overpowering a room or drawing too much extra attention.

The seat, back, and armrests feature comfortable padding made from SofThread leather. The recycled leather helps make the product more sustainable while keeping the look and feel that only real leather can offer. It also helps lower the price of the whole chair, making it more affordable.

The combination of leather and padding works well together to provide exceptional comfort and elegance. The black leather can slide right into any room’s decor plan.

Sitting in this chair promotes proper posture with an ergonomic design for both the back and the arms. When used with the plush padding, it allows you to use the chair for long stretches without becoming uncomfortable. If you have trouble getting out of chairs, these features can help you out.

The chair doesn’t have protrusions in the back. It helps the chair avoid damaging walls, which makes it a practical option for tight fits. It can sit right up against the wall and not cause scrapes, rubbings, or wear.

The plastic tips on the base also help the chair avoid damaging the floor when used and help decrease the chance of slipping.

The sled base offers a sturdy frame, and the steel tube frame can support up to 250 pounds without a problem. The lightweight materials also make the chair easy to move when needed.

With a very low price point, this chair can be a great option for individual use or to outfit a whole office or waiting room at a good price.

If you need an office chair that is comfortable to sit in for you or your clients, look no further. You can place it right next to the wall without causing any extra damage and still use it to the fullest comfort. The OFM ESS Leather Executive Side Chair is a wonderful option when space might be tight.

3. AmazonBasics Classic Office Guest Chair

The AmazonBasics Classic Office Guest Chair is a no-frills option that offers comfort and support to anyone that uses it. The AmazonBasics brand delivers high-rated products to customers at low prices to save money and get quality materials.

The seat cover offers plenty of cushions covered with bonded leather. The leather is faux, but the pad is dense and thick enough to stand up to everyday use without a problem. The cushion lasts for a long time without losing comfort.

The padded arms and back add extra cushion when you have to sit in this chair for a long day of work. The additional support makes it more enjoyable to use for you or your clients also. The chair can sit against a wall or behind a desk with ease.

The chair provides you with a durable metal frame that can hold up to 250 pounds. It is made to last even when exposed to the rigors of a busy and bustling office. It is also light enough to move around. Caps on the legs keep it from scratching up the floor when in use.

The chair comes alone or as part of a set with a matching rolling desk chair. It helps you furnish the whole office with products that are guaranteed to look good together.

You can buy this chair securely with the knowledge that even at the low price, it is still BIFMA certified, which means it meets the criteria for being a durable, safe, and sustainable furniture option.

The AmazonBasics chair may not have as many bells and whistles as some of the options on this list, but if you are looking for an inexpensive best office chair without wheels, it is hard to argue with this chair’s quality.

FAQ on Office Chairs Without Wheels

When you are asked to imagine an office chair, most likely you would think of one with wheels. Sure, office chairs with wheels have plenty of benefits (like an office chair race), but have you ever wondered about the benefits of using an office chair without wheels? Let’s explore this special type of office chair.

1. Do all office chairs have wheels

While most office chairs come with standard 2” to 2.5” wheels, not all office chairs have wheels. In fact, there are office chairs that are specifically designed without wheels. Office chairs without wheels promote better stability and less movement to help the user focus more on the task at hand.

2. What do you call an office chair without wheels?

We get this question a lot. Fortunately, the answer is very simple.

So, what do you call an office chair without wheels?

An office chair without wheels is simply called an office chair without wheels. Some people also call it a non-wheeled office chair. In most cases, however, office chairs without wheels are considered an office chair.

3. Do desk chairs have to have wheels?

Office desk chairs don’t have to have wheels. In fact, there are plenty of office chairs without wheels that are not only ergonomic but beautiful-looking to complete your office setup. While they are not mobile, most office chairs without wheels are very stable and provide amazing comfort while you sit on the chair.

4. Are desk chairs without wheels better?

If you are looking for something more stable, then office desk chairs without wheels are better than ones with wheels. Not only do office chairs without wheels promote better focus because they are stationary, they also reduce the risk of damage to floor surfaces due to the caster wheels.

There are a small number of people who can’t seem to focus because of the swiveling mechanism on most office chairs. Fortunately, desk chairs without wheels are gaining popularity because they’re relatively more affordable and are easier to assemble. They come in many shapes and designs too.

5. What are the pros and cons of office chairs without wheels?

Office chairs without wheels offer the following upsides:

  • They provide more stability to help you focus on your task.
  • They are simpler and easier to assemble.
  • Because they don’t have wheels, they often come at lower prices.
  • They reduce damage on floor surfaces, as some caster wheels may ruin carpet.

Of course, non-wheeled office chairs have a few disadvantages, too:

  • They are not mobile, which may reduce comfort.
  • They lack adjustability (especially seat height and armrests).
  • There are fewer options to choose from.

How to Choose the Best Office Chair Without Wheels?

Now that you know a thing or two about office chairs without wheels, it’s time to understand what to look for in the best one. Because they are the minority, most people don’t know what to look for. Here are the most important factors to consider when shopping for the best office chairs without wheels.

1. Non-Slip Legs

The most important thing to consider when choosing the best non-wheel office chair is the non-slip legs. Because they are designed to stay put and not damage your floor, you need to make sure that the office chair has pads underneath the legs that are non-slip and non-scratch.

Not only do non-slip legs prevent slipping and sliding, but they also protect your floors from unwanted scratches. There’s no point in owning a beautiful home office chair that will damage your floor after a month or two, right? Choose wisely and find an office chair that has non-slip and non-scratch legs.

2. Ergonomic Seat and Back

While the best office chair without wheels lacks mobility, you should make sure that they come equipped with an ergonomic seat and back. Because office chairs without wheels are designed to help you focus more on your task, the backrest and seat must promote a healthy sitting posture.

Whether you realize it or not, your body will slouch after sitting in a chair for several minutes. And since office chairs without wheels reduce your ability to move around in the chair, it’s paramount for the chair to support your neck, back, and lower body so you can feel comfortable most of the time.

3. Excellent Materials

Whether you choose mesh or leather office chairs, you should always make sure that the materials on the chair are top-notch. There’s nothing worse than feeling discomfort while sitting in a chair while you try to focus on your work. If possible, check what the materials of the seat are made of.

You can be sure that each chair on this list is made of high-quality materials. Since they have no wheels, making sure that they are comfortable (whether they are mesh or leather) can be the difference between a wonderful day or a dreadful day at the office. Choose your materials wisely.

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Final Verdict

And there you have it, the best office chairs without wheels. Using a top-notch non-wheel office chair can be a great option for you to focus on your work, whether you work from home or inside someone’s office. Just make sure to choose one with good materials and great ergonomic features.

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