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Let’s Review the AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair!

Quick Overview






  • Quality of build
  • Back support
  • Tilt lock mechanism
  • Price versus value


  • Armrests are not adjustable
  • Limited adjustability overall

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In this review, we will be looking at the AmazonBasics Mid Back Mesh Chair. If you do not know the differences between a high back and mid back, we have guides on both.

Trying to find a comfortable chair for your office work is vital in maintaining your overall physical and emotional health. The stress caused by sitting for long hours can exacerbate many ailments, and that is why there are so many great options produced.

In fact, there are great options everywhere, but which one is the right one for you?

AmazonBasics Mid Back Mesh Chair

The first thing most everyone does when beginning their product research is to check out the overall build and durability of the pieces of the model they are considering.

After all, no one wants to waste their money on something they will have to replace sooner rather than later. With this office chair, there are a lot of great details in the build that will stick out to you.

Who is this chair for?

This chair is an excellent choice for office workers that are of average height and are looking for a well-priced option with a quality build. The people that may get the most out of this model are those that need a chair that easily moves from station to station while still offering superior back support.

What is included?

Once you have purchased this chair, it will arrive with the following items in the box:

  • Parts for assembly
  • Manual
  • Assembly instructions

Overview of features

Of all the excellent features included with this chair, the one that is the most beneficial is the pneumatic height adjustment system. This system is designed with high-quality parts so that it is durable and efficient when it comes to raising and lowering the unit.

You will find the motion smooth and very easy to use.

To ensure that their chair gives their customers everything they need, the design team at AmazonBasics fitted this model with the core features required. These features include:

  • Designed with a contoured mesh-lined back
  • Built with a pneumatic seat height adjustment system
  • Equipped with a comfortable seat padding
  • Weight limit of 225 lbs.
  • Crafted with dual-wheel casters for better durability
  • Constructed with high-grade materials for enhanced durability
  • Improved tilt capability with the tilt tension knob


Now that we have dived into what makes this model from AmazonBasics tick, you may be looking at those cons and thinking that you don’t need those things in your life. If so, then take a look at this alternative option.

Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair with Lumbar Support

We have chosen this great alternative that will get rid of those cons and help you find the perfect chair for you. If you need a little more customization in your office chair, then you may want an alternative to the model we have been talking about.

One of the best alternative options that you can choose is the Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair with Lumbar Support.

The thing that makes this a great alternative is the fact that everything is adjustable on this chair. That means that you will be able to find the perfect setting to ensure every day is less stressful on your back.

Not only is this model highly adjustable, but it is built with high-grade materials that make it a durable option as well.

There are a lot of great things about this model, but there are also a few issues you may want to consider as you decided which chair is right for you. Many recent buyers take issue with the durability of the padding and the armrests.

Neither of the drawbacks is universally reported. And in the end, if what you are looking for is a chair that allows you to adjust everything to your liking, this model is a great choice.

Final Thoughts

This AmazonBasics Mid Back Mesh Chair review shows that it offers a solid build at an affordable price. This chair is built to maximize back support through its contoured mesh constricted back. This mesh also ensures optimal airflow for more comfort throughout the day.

Then when you consider the thick seat padding, you know you have an option that works harder for you than many other models on the market today.

Taking all that into consideration is tremendous, but knowing where the chair has been reported to have a few flaws will help you make the final decision with confidence. In the case of this model, there is a distinctive adjustability limit, as you are not able to adjust either the armrests or the lumbar support.

If however, you can deal with that and are looking for a budget-friendly chair that will help lessen the stress put on your back, then choosing the AmazonBasics Mid Back Mesh Chair may be just what the doctor ordered.


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