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Best Under-Desk Foot Warmer 2023 Reviews

Did you know that feeling cold at the office leads to lower productivity? This is especially true in the winter when it’s hard to focus on tasks because your toes are freezing. If so, why not consider the best under-desk foot warmer for the office? We’ve selected four of the best products to keep your feet warm while sitting.

Short on time? These are the top picks for the best under-desk foot warmer for the office:

Most Convenient Foot Warmer

GiveBest Wall Outlet Space Heater

  • Warms to 158° F
  • Just Plug and Use
  • Overheat Protection

Best Overall Under-desk foot warmer

GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater

  • Warms to 158° F
  • Tilt Protection
  • Overheat Protection

Best Value for heating costs foot warmer

TISHIJIE Electric Warmer Mat

  • Non-Slip Material
  • Little Energy Usage
  • Super Affordable
  • Dust Free

How to Keep Feet Warm While Sitting at a Desk?

So how to keep your feet warm while sitting? The best way to keep your feet warm while sitting is to use a space heater or warming mat to keep the floors as warm as possible. Additionally, wearing woolly socks or socks containing an insulating material can help keep your feet warm while sitting.

Because the floor level is the most likely coolest part of an office or room, you need to minimize contact between your feet and the floor. Elevating your feet with a footstool can also help in some cases, but the best way to keep your feet warm while sitting is using either a space heater or a warming mat.

Space Heaters or Warming Mats?

With so many products to choose from, it can be overwhelming. But when it comes to heating up the office under the desk, there are ONLY two types of products you need to consider: space heaters and warming mats. Each one has their own pros and cons, but both are excellent in models to choose from. 

Space heaters are devices that convert electrical currents into heat to warm a room or area. Often, they are compact and portable, making it easy for you to place them anywhere you’d like. They are small enough to be placed under the desk, but powerful enough to create a warm and cozy environment.

Warming mats, on the other hand, warm your feet and toes from the ground up. These mats are convenient because you can simply place them under the desk and place your feet on them, without you having to take your shoes off. They also use very little electricity. Think of them as the “instant noodles” of foot warmers.

Comparison Table

GiveBest Electric Space Heater

GiveBest Wall Outlet Space Heater

Woo Warmer Hot Carpet

TISHIJIE Electric Warmer Mat

Best Under-Desk Foot Warmer For The Office Reviews:

Now that you know which types of products to look for, let’s move into the reviews. Each product on this list is carefully selected by our team of experts. We’ve narrowed it down to only four products, so you will not be overwhelmed by the choices. Expect these under-desk foot warmers to be the very best: 

1. GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater

Auto tilt protection on this personal heater.

The best under-desk foot warmer for the office is the GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater. It’s a portable mini heater with low electrical usage and a convenient carry handle, which makes it easy to move from room to room. Here’s why this heater is perfect for warming you up at home or at the office:

What we like about this foot warmer: We LOVE the safety features of this heater. One amazing feature we adore about this under-desk warmer is the tip-over protection. Unlike most heaters, this machine will shut off automatically when it is tipped forward or backward, eliminating the risk of fire. 

Additionally, this GiveBest heater is made of flame-retardant material, avoiding any potential fire hazard. The automatic safety shutoff system will turn the heater off automatically if the machine overheats (over 158° F). You can have peace of mind knowing that this machine will keep you warm and keep you safe.

How well does it warm the office under the desk: Don’t let this little machine fool you, as it packs a punch in terms of providing warmth. This ceramic heater provides two heat levels, 1500W or 750W, and one cool air fan, so you can use it both for winter and summer. This heat will surely help you during the brutal midwest winter.

It also has a thermostat button so that you can lower the heat output depending on your comfort level. This little heater is perfect for any room, including an office space, the bedroom, or the living room. This little thing is very versatile. You can expect this small heater to heat up a room up to 200 square feet and warm it up in seconds.

You would think a machine so effective at warming up a room would be noisy, but NO it’s not. It’s surprisingly whisper-quiet. In fact, the noise this ceramic heater makes is lower than 45 decibels, quiet enough for most people to use in a bedroom while sleeping. You can work in peace while enjoying the warmth.

PRO TIP: Don’t place this warmer too close to you, thinking it will be warmer. If you’re sitting in a chair and the unit is under the desk, place it at least 2 feet away; otherwise, the heat will travel underneath you. Allowing at least 2 feet of space will let the heat rise up to you. Hope this helps you use this excellent warmer effectively.

Give Best Portable space heater.

Verdict: Not only does it warm under desks effectively, but it is by far THE SAFEST under-desk warmer for any room. It’s whisper-quiet, it’s compact, and it’s powerful. Wherever you need warmth, this machine is up for the task. If you want the best under-desk foot warmer, buy the GiveBest Portable Heater.

2. GiveBest Wall Outlet Space Heater

Wall outlet heater.

Another excellent under-desk foot warmer is the GiveBest Wall Outlet Space Heater. It uses very little electricity and it’s very small, making it easy to bring it anywhere with you. Just plug it in, and you’re good to go! These are the detailed breakdown of why this product is perfect for warming your feet under the desk:

What we like about this foot warmer: Just like the first entry on this list, this GiveBest Heater also has overheat protection. The overheat protection ensures the heater instantly switches off in high-temperature conditions exceeding 158° F, so you don’t need to worry about any unwanted accidents.

We also like the fact that it takes virtually no space for this heater to work. Electrical outlets are often placed under the office desk, so all you need to do is to plug this heater in, and your toes and feet will be warm while you sit. The plug can also rotate 180° to accommodate power sockets in different positions.

How well does it warm the office under the desk: One word to describe this machine: CONVENIENT. You can choose your desired temperature from 60 to 90° F, leave it on standby or let it run its course by maintaining the temperature that you’ve set. If you set the temperature to 68° F, then it will keep the room at 68° F.

What’s even more impressive is the electricity usage. You’ll be asking yourself: All this heat from 350 watts? After trying this mini heater, we were shocked that a little machine like this could generate that much heat. Rest assured, you can expect this heater to keep your toes and feet warm under the desk while you sit.

Not only does it run on little electricity, but it is also quiet. The manufacturer, GiveBest, is well-known for creating easy-to-use warmers with very little noise. You won’t even realize that the warmer is turned on. All you know is that your feet are warm and cozy under the desk. This mini heater is impressive!

Wall outlet heaters a super small.

Verdict: Another solid product from GiveBest. It’s hard to choose between the first product and the second product on this list. But if you want more convenience (just plug and enjoy the warmth) and pay less electrical bills, then buy this GiveBest Wall Outlet Space Heater. It’s so small that you can bring it anywhere.

3. Woo Warmer Hot Carpet

A heat mat under your desk is a great warming option.

If you prefer a warming mat instead of a space heater, then the Woo Warmer Hot Carpet is the best overall option. It’s a rectangular electrical heated area rug that will keep your toes and feet warm, whenever you place it underneath your office desk. Here is the full breakdown of this amazing product:

What we like about this foot warmer: We like how you can EASILY PLACE this warming pad under any rug or carpet. If your home or office lacks central heat, you can simply warm it up by placing this mat underneath the existing carpet. It’s basically invisible, so your office can look warm and beautiful at the same time.

We also like the fact that the manufacturer gives you three size options to choose from: 33×72 inches, 70×70 inches, and 76×92 inches. Each one uses 180, 500, and 720 watts respectively. With the three size options, you can easily choose which size suits you best so you can seamlessly integrate it under the desk.

How well does it warm the office under the desk: As far as heat is concerned, this electrical warming pad can heat up a room to up to 115° F. And it does so evenly as well. So no matter how cold your office and desk area is, you can always find the perfect temperature to work in comfort every single time.

While the Woo Warmer Hot Carpet does not have an AUTO-OFF feature, it easily plugs into any standard electrical outlet. Chances are, this heater will save you money on your heating expenses by offering mild and radiant floor heat for a fraction of the cost of conventional installed systems.

Woo Warmer heat mat.

Verdict: If you want warmth from the ground up, then the Woo Warmer Hot Carpet is the best under-desk office foot warmer. With three different sizes to choose from, you can easily find the perfect size to place underneath your under-the-desk carpet. You’ll also save more money than paying for heating systems.

4. TISHIJIE Electric Heated Foot Warmer Mat

TISHIJIE Electric Heated Foot Warmer Mat

Keeping up with the warming pad theme, another option we like is the TISHIJIE Electric Warmer Mat. What makes this different from the previous one is that this product is small, so it’s very easy to carry and store. If you’re mobile, then this warming mat is perfect for any cold office you wish to work from.

What we like about this foot warmer: You’ll be surprised that something so cheap is made from high-quality materials. For instance, the surface material of this warmer mat is floor leather which is waterproof, wear-resistant, and high temperature resistant. It also has outstanding heat transfer performance.

Additionally, the bottom surface is made of rubber insulation material, which can effectively prevent heat from being transferred downwards. There are non-slip particles on the back to prevent the mat from moving. So wherever you choose to place it, it will firmly stay in place, keeping your feet warm while sitting.

How well does it warm the office under the desk: Just like the previous product, this warmer mat can heat up an area up to 115° F. But what makes it different is its heat transfer technology. The heat can be quickly transferred to your feet without you having to take your shoes or slippers off.

What’s even more amazing is how little electricity it uses. The power of this warmer mat is only 55 watts, and it can be used normally at a voltage of 90-130V. It also has temperature overheating protection and will automatically turn itself off after 3 hours. Overall, it’s very easy and convenient to use.

TISHIJIE Electric Heated Foot Warmer Mat

Verdict: The TISHIJIE Electric Warmer Mat is the best value under-desk foot warmer for the office. Not only is it cheap, but the amount of electricity it uses is very small. If you want to easily warm your office under the desk, then just buy this warmer mat and turn it on. You will have warm feet and toes instantly.

Final Verdict

And there you go, the best under-desk foot warmers for the office. Our team had a fun time researching and testing every single product on this list, and dare we say that each one is worth its price. After all, every product on this list is affordable and budget-friendly. With that said, here’s the full recap:

The best under-desk foot warmer for the office is the GiveBest Portable Electric Space HeaterCombining safety features and phenomenal heat transfer, this little machine packs a punch in terms of providing warmth. If you want the best product to heat up any room, look no further and buy this one.

Another convenient plug-and-use office desk foot warmer option is the GiveBest Wall Outlet Space Heater. Similar to the previous GiveBest product, this little machine brings the heat. The difference is, you can easily plug this little heater into an electrical outlet and you have warmth instantly. Simply outstanding!

The best value under-desk foot warmer for the office is the TISHIJIE Electric Warmer Mat. Not only is this product super cheap, but it uses very little electricity to run. It’s lightweight so you can easily carry and store it anywhere you’d like. If you prefer warming mats instead of space heaters, buy this one.

By learning how to keep your feet warm while sitting and using the right tools, you’ll be sure to maximize productivity at work, even during the winter. You can also take a break from sitting to do ergonomic stretches and exercises to keep your blood flowing and your body warm at the office. Now that you are toasty, consider adding a foot massager. Have an amazing workday! 🙂

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