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How to Stay Warm in a Cold Office

There’s nothing worse than a chilly office that feels like a freezer.

Whether due to air conditioning in the summer or poor heating in the winter, an office that is too cold can make your workday feel like torture. Indeed, one survey has shown that 53% of employees felt less productive when working in an office that is too cold.

Thankfully, there are many innovative products in the market today that can help keep you warm when your office’s temperature is too cold. Knowing what to use is the way to combat sub-zero temperatures.

Surely, you’ve tried hot beverages and thick jackets, but you can do better to get comfy. In this post, we are going to explore the most creative options on how to stay warm in a cold office. Let’s get started.

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Is Working in a Cold Office Bad for You?

Before diving into our tips, it’s a good idea to understand the risks of working in an indoor environment that is too cold. Chances are, your cold office environment is the culprit behind the constant sneezing.

You may wonder: Is working in a cold office bad for you? Working in a cold office environment may cause blood thickening, an increase in blood pressure, and a tightening of the airways.

Those who suffer from chronic health conditions like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), however, are more vulnerable to the risks associated with working in a cold office.

The Approved Code of Practice recommends that 16 degrees Celsius is the minimum temperature in a workplace. Should the work require vigorous physical activity, the temperature should be at least 13 degrees Celsius. These temperatures, however, are not absolute legal requirements.

How to Stay Warm in a Freezing Cold Office

Getting the temperature just right at the office can be tricky, especially when everyone has different opinions on what is too hot or too cold.

Nonetheless, you can employ several smart yet simple tips to achieve a suitable temperature for you. Here are the best ways to stay warm in a cold office:

1. Wear Extra Clothing

If you spend your days in a freezing office, mastering the art of layering is key. It’s all about knowing what to wear when your office is freezing, as it can be the difference between shivers and comfort.

Wearing a silk base layer underneath a sweater or pants adds warmth to your outfit without adding unnecessary bulk. Certain products are specifically designed to keep you warm throughout the day.

In addition to layering, you can wear comfy cardigans or cozy socks to keep warm once the chill has set in. Cardigans are an easy way to add a warm layer without much effort, while socks are guaranteed to warm up your cold toes.

2. Use a Heating Pad or Blanket

Heating pads or blankets are the most versatile warming tool you can get for any workspace. Not only are they easy to use, but most have two-hour auto-off features. You don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving them on. Place them under your seat, behind your back, or even on your lap.

If you are keen on buying a heating pad, we highly recommend checking out this brand. It has six different temperature settings and a moist heat therapy option as well. In addition to its extra softness, it quickly and evenly heats up, keeping the warmth in all the right spots. It is by far the best product on the market.

3. Drink Warm Liquid

If you want to get warm and stay warm, you need to start from the inside out.

Whether you prefer an inviting cup of hot coffee or an indulgent mug of hot chocolate, sipping down a hot beverage can help you maintain the warmth while keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day.

One smart tip to keep your liquid at the right temperature is to use a mug warmer. It will help keep your drink of choice at the perfect, steaming temperature all day long.

4. Wear Foot Warmers

Wearing foot warmers is arguably one of the most, if not the most, underrated options on what to do when your office is too cold. If you live in a cooler climate, you might have to trek through some snow on your way to work. You’ll be dealing with shivering toes all day, even if a little snow leaks into your shoes.

With heated foot warmers, you’ll make your office mates jealous because you’ll warm up your toes in no time. The combination of plush soft sherpa-lined micro mink fabric and 4 heat therapeutic heat settings ensure maximum warmth and a snuggly fit. Best of all, this foot warmer is one size fits most.

5. Use a Space Heater

While you can’t control your whole office’s temperature, you can control the temperature in your own workspace. A small space heater will ensure the space around you is warm, even if the rest of your office isn’t. Just be sure to ask permission from your manager first before bringing this smart equipment into your office.

If you work in a considerably small desk space, check out this small space personal mini heater. Don’t be fooled by its small size, this space heater unit utilizes a naturally-conducive ceramic element, which heats up in seconds. Compact enough to set on a tabletop or desk and easy to bring with you anywhere.

PRO TIP: When warming yourself at a cold office, keeping your feet warm is the key. Because the floor is the coldest area of a room, keeping your toes warm using the best under desk foot warmer is the way to go. We’ve reviewed four of the best and most effective products on the market so you can say goodbye to shivering!

6. Move Around and Stretch

Often, the best way to stay warm in a cold office is to take a break and move around. Because most office workers sit around for a large portion of their day, taking the time to stretch is a surefire way to pump blood into the body while keeping yourself warm.

Something as simple as walking up and down the stairs or visiting your office mates for five minutes will work wonders in keeping yourself warm in a cold office. Try to stretch and move around once every 20 minutes to avoid freezing, all the while incorporating healthy movement into your workday.

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Final Verdict

And there you have it, the best ways to stay warm in a cold office. Often, finding comfort at work is by employing smart tips and utilize smart gadgets that are available to you. We hope you can find warmth and coziness while you work to achieve maximum productivity, whether at home or at the office. 🙂

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