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Best Under-Desk Foot Massager 2023 Reviews

Short on time? These are the top picks for the best under-desk foot massager for the office:

Best Electric Under-Desk Foot Massager

Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massager

  • Amazing Kneading and Pressure
  • Modern Touch Panel
  • Soothing Heating Function

Most Affordable Under-desk Foot Massager

TheraFlow Wooden Foot Massager

  • Accurate Trigger Point Stimulation
  • Manual Control of Pressure
  • Super Affordable Price

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Comparison Table

Did you know that tired feet is a common complaint in the workplace? Even if you’re sitting all day at the office desk, you are bound to feel soreness in your feet and toes. If you need to work long hours, why not buy the best under-desk foot massager that’s perfect for the office? Here are the top 4 products we’ve found:

Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massager

RENPHO Foot Massager Machine

Nekteck Shiatsu Open Foot Massager

TheraFlow Wooden Foot Massager

Best Under-Desk Foot Massager Reviews:

1. Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massager

Comprehensive care for your whole foot. Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massager

What we like about this foot massager: We’ve tried several foot massagers in the past, but the Nekteck Foot Massager is the best. It cradles your feet snuggly, then starts squeezing and rolling the balls under your feet gently. You will GENUINELY feel like there’s a professional masseuse giving you a massage.

You can really feel the differences between the different functions and adjust the intensity based on your needs. We like the heat, which comes on very quickly and is noticeable (with others, the heat is usually barely noticeable). The heating function really does its job and warms up your feet quickly and comfortably.

There are multiple modes and combinations for you to try, as these will give you personal control over the pressure, intensity, vibration, compression, and heat. You may also have to move your feet forward and sideways, just a bit, until you find the right spot. But after that, it’s pure heavenly bliss.

Why is it perfect for under the office desk: The Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massager is very easy to use, thanks to the built-in modern touch panel. It also has detachable foot sleeves which allow you to wash the fabric and keep the compartment clean. You don’t need to worry about any smelly odor coming from the machine.

Another aspect we are impressed with is how quiet this foot massager is. With others, you can sometimes hear it buzzing as you are having a conversation with someone, but not the Nekteck Foot Massager. This makes it perfect for the office, especially if you want to place it under your desk at work.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The only drawback of this product is that it can only accommodate users up to US 11 shoe size. If you need a bigger foot massager, consider product number two or three below. In terms of comfort and relaxation, however, we found that this product (Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massager) is the best.

Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massager

Verdict: We’ve tried several foot spas and foot massagers in the past, but nothing comes close to the Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massage. It’s like owning the best personal skilled masseuse. If you want the best under-desk foot massager right now, buy this. You will use it every single day and can’t imagine going a day without it.

2. RENPHO Foot Massager Machine

Upgraded heating in the RENPHO Foot Massager Machine
The RENPHO Foot Massager Machine massages top and bottom of your foot.

What we like about this foot massager: We love that the RENPHO Foot Massager has 3 adjustable kneading and 3 squeeze intensity, allowing you to create your personalized massage program. So for example, you can independently adjust the kneading intensity to high and the squeezing to low.

You can also do the opposite and adjust the squeeze to high, but the kneading to low. So if you’re ticklish, no problem. But if you like hard massages, knead away! The freedom to mix-and-match is perfect for many users. It is ideal to reduce pain from conditions such as neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, and arthritis.

And don’t forget about the heat: it can be adjusted three ways – full, instep, or bottom. There are so many ways to customize the RENPHO Foot Massager to your liking. Everything is easy to control thanks to the easy touch panel. It’s the perfect under-desk foot massager to start or end your day anywhere!

Why is it perfect for under the office desk: There is a 15 or 30 minute timer on this foot massager. For some, 15 minutes feels fantastic and is enough for tired, aching feet. We also like the fact that this under-desk foot massager is super quiet as well. You can enjoy it without disturbing others with the noise.

Just like the previous product, this foot massager comes with removable washable cloth inside the foot chambers to help keep it clean and hygienic. It’s well-made thanks to its ergonomic design and durable rubber pads that prevents slipping on slick surfaces, so you can keep it steady while you enjoy the massage.

NOTE: Keep in mind that the RENPHO Foot Massager Machine can accommodate users up to US 12 shoe size. So if you’re looking for the best under-desk foot massager with enough room to hold your big feet, here’s the one to buy. But personally, we enjoy the Nekteck Foot Massager better.

RENPHO Foot Massager Machine

Verdict: Another solid under-desk foot massager option. We like the black color that looks very sleek and modern. It goes well in any office design. With its enlarged foot rooms and high-quality massaging performance, the RENPHO Foot Massager can accommodate most foot sizes and deliver relaxation.

3. Nekteck Shiatsu Open Foot Massager

What we like about this foot massager: With 6 massage heads and 18 rotating massager nodes, it provides a deep penetration of the muscles. But if you feel it’s too painful, you can place a towel in between your feet and the massager. Once you get used to the pressure, you can remove the towel for the full experience.

While this foot massager may not work well if the arches of your feet are too high, you can manipulate your feet up and down the rollers to hit any location you wish. Additionally, you can easily adjust this Nekteck open foot massager up to three height levels depending on your preference and comfort level.

Why is it perfect for under the office desk: With the open feet design, you don’t have to worry about your shoe size with this one. We like how conveniently you can place your feet on top of this machine without much hassle. Not only does it massage your feet gently, but it can serve as an office desk footrest as well.

While this Nekteck Open Foot Massager has a heating function, it’s not as noticeable compared to the previous two products. It only gives off mild heat for safety purposes, but you will notice the warmth within 5-10 minutes of use. The heating function can also be turned on and off manually if you don’t want to use it.

Nekteck Shiatsu Open Foot Massager

Verdict: The Nekteck Open Foot Massager is an outstanding option because of its open feet design. You don’t have to worry if it fits you or not, because you only need to place your feet on top of it. Not only does it use little electricity, but it is easy to operate and portable, thanks to its built-in carry handle.

4. TheraFlow Wooden Foot Massager

TheraFlow Wooden Foot Massager has ridges optimally placed for trigger point stimulation.

What we like about this foot massager: If you have sore and tired feet from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, neuropathy,  and have been looking for ways to relieve the discomfort, look no further, the TheraFlow Foot Massager is potentially life-changing. This simple and affordable product is SIMPLY AMAZING.

First of all, it’s expertly and ergonomically designed to mimic the natural curvature of your foot, so both of your feet can relax naturally on top of it. Secondly, the ridges on the rollers are optimally spaced for the ultimate trigger point stimulation. All the nerve endings on your feet will be soothed in no time.

Another reason why this product is outstanding is because of the manufacturer’s dedication to results. This device has been perfected through thousands of customer feedback and testing. Every detail like the number of acupressure nubs, arch, and spacing has been meticulously designed to suit different feet types.

Relax and enjoy the benefits of foot reflexology at home or work.

Generic foot massage rollers simply have no chance against this wooden massager.

Why is it perfect for under the office desk: If you don’t want the hassle of plugging in an electrical foot massager, then this wooden foot massager is for you. Just sit back, relax, and gently move your feet back and forth. It’s very comfortable and easy to use. Honestly, we don’t see how easier it can be.

If you want to find relief from foot pain, but you don’t want to spend a hefty amount, why not try buying this amazing under-desk foot massager from TheraFlow? It’s manual so you need to apply your own pressure, but as far as results go, it’s outstanding. It hits all the right spots without you having to break the bank.

In fact, the manufacturer, TheraFlow, is so confident in this product that they provide a money-back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your Theraflow Foot Massager for any reason, they will replace it or give you a refund, no questions asked. Seriously, how could you go wrong with its already super cheap price?

TheraFlow Wooden Foot Massager

Verdict: Priced just under $20, you can’t really go wrong with the TheraFlow Foot Massager. Just place it under the desk and use the TheraFlow Foot Massager several times a day for 2 minutes each time to find instant foot pain relief. Not only is it ideal for the office, but it’s also perfect as a gift for your loved ones. .

What to Look For in the Best under-desk Foot Massager

1. Heat and Massaging Methods

There are different massage techniques to relieve sore feet, including Shiatsu massage, air compression, air jets, and electric massage rollers. While some machines combine several methods, a Shiatsu foot massage is widely considered to be the most similar to a professional masseuse’s relaxing touch.

The best under-desk foot massagers combine the human-like Shiatsu technique and comforting heat to provide warmth at the same time. Heat is an excellent way to promote healthy blood flow into the feet, so look for an under-desk foot massage with adjustable heat settings. Your feet will thank you later.

Of course, manual foot massagers do not have a heating function, but they trade warmth for convenience and accurate trigger points. If you’ve never tried foot massagers before, give it a shot by buying a manual foot massager like this one from TheraFlow. Once you get used to it, you can try the electric models.

2. Easy Controls and Convenience

Some foot massagers have simple touch pads; some have remote controls. Whichever one you choose, be sure to find one with easy controls so you can change the settings to your liking. The best ones are simple enough for you to increase the kneading intensity while lowering the squeeze intensity at the same time.

Moreover, it’s paramount to find an under-desk foot massager that is convenient. What do we mean by convenient? It simply means that it’s easy to operate. The best ones just need plugging in and can even be carried around from room to room so that you can find relaxation at home or at the office.

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Final Verdict

Whether it’s from sitting or standing at work all day, you can find some tender lovin’ for your tired feet. So instead of asking for a friend or colleague to massage your feet (gross), why not buy an under-desk foot massager to find the ultimate relaxation? That said, here’s a quick recap of our reviews:

The best under-desk foot massager is the Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massager. It does a phenomenal job of simulating human touch and stimulating blood flow through gentle kneading. Not only does it warm your feet excellently, but it’s quiet enough, so it doesn’t disturb anyone, especially if you use it at the office.

The most affordable under-desk foot massager to buy is the TheraFlow Foot Massager. Priced at under $20, we don’t see a reason for you not to try this product. Not only is it CHEAP, but the application of deep pressure to different acupressure points is simply spot on! Buy this if you’re new to feet massagers.

So whether you’re trying to ease sore muscles or relieve foot pain and stress, finding the best under-desk foot massager (that is perfect for any office) is the way to go. We hope that our reviews are helpful enough to help you find comfort and relaxation at the office so that you can maximize your productivity. 🙂

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