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Steelcase Leap Vs. Steelcase Think – Which One is Better?

Steelcase Leap

  • Foam-padded fabric
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Adjustable seat and armrest height

Steelcase Think

  • Modern ergonomic design
    • Adjustable back tension and recline
    • Various color and material options
    Steelcase Leap
    Steelcase Think

    When discussing the topic of ergonomic office chairs, one brand surely comes to mind. Steelcase is a perennial powerhouse in the industry of office furniture, as it has been creating superior products for over a century.

    By continuing to innovate its inventions, most people are aware of how Steelcase always strives to create exceptional high-quality ergonomic office products.

    If you are currently looking to get yourself one of their offerings, two of the top candidates surely would be the Steelcase Leap and Steelcase Think. The reason is clear, two of these chairs are some of the best modern-looking products with amazing support and comfort.

    It’s no easy feat to choose between either one, and that is why in this article, we will assist you in answering: Steelcase Leap vs. Think – which is best for you?

    In addition to comparing the obvious positives and negatives, we also listed specifically what we personally like and dislike about each chair. The purpose of this post is to help you make a decision between buying these two superior ergonomic office chairs!

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    Breaking it Down

    As with our other comparison articles, we will be matching up each chair based on several user-friendly categories that include:

    1. Adjustability
    2. Size
    3. Comfort

    Steelcase offers some of the best warranties in the business. Both chairs have a warranty that is good regardless of the shifting usage, which means the chair is rated for 24/7 usage. Not to mention, both warranties are last for as long as 12 years.

    You can also get the chair set up and delivered to you instead of doing it yourself. This is perfect if you don’t like to assemble your own chair. Now that’s high-quality service!

    1. Adjustability

    Let’s start this comparison guide with one of the most — if not the most — important aspects of investing in the right workspace equipment. Adjustability is often overlooked as it is the cornerstone of what makes an office chair truly ergonomic.

    It is well-documented that an office chair with various adjustability options can greatly benefit your overall health and posture. This is because no one has the same body type, therefore, being able to adjust your chair is imperative.

    The great thing about these two chairs is that both are made with high-quality recyclable materials that are sustainable — which is always a good thing.

    Both chairs have similar features, with a slightly different twist. Let’s dive right in and compare the two!

    The adjustability of the Steelcase Leap

    The Steelcase Leap chair is equipped with the LiveBack Technology in the backrest, which feels exceptionally comfortable as you move around in the chair. The company claims that the Leap is a chair that actually changes shape to mimic and support the movement of your spine.

    A cool feature of the Leap chair is that an instruction manual of the chair’s ergonomic adjustments can be found under the arm pads.

    Both the Leap and Think chair has its respective lumbar support tension adjustment. Both chairs allow you to adjust the firmness of your lower back, providing you with a healthier way to sit.

    The Adjustability of the Steelcase Think

    The Steelcase Think Chair also features LiveBack Technology in the backrest. Steelcase claims that Think is the chair that understands how you sit and adjust itself intuitively.

    The main difference with Steelcase Leap, however, is that the Steelcase Think uses a knob that allows you to control the back tension and recline with four different positions to choose from. As you turn the dial, it will click at each setting. See the video below to see all the four adjustment options.

    WINNER: The Steelcase Think chair wins the first matchup with the adjustability category. The reason for this is clear —  the Think chair offers the option for customers to fully customize their preferred back tension and recline settings while still providing amazing back support.

    While both chairs offer near-identical backrest support, this slight difference is enough for the Steelcase Think chair to edge out the Steelcase Leap chair.

    2. Size

    Next, we will take a deeper dive into the size category. As everyone has a different build and physique, it’s important for an office chair to have various size options.

    Steelcase Leap and Think Size Matchup

    Both the Steelcase Leap and Think chairs come with a standard 400 lbs. weight capacity. This is partly because both chairs are manufactured by the same company, as they have announced that both chairs offer a one-size-fits-all design.

    The Leap is also available in an oversized chair that is rated up to 500 lbs. We wouldn’t recommend the standard size Leap or Think for users up to 400 lbs. The seat won’t be large enough to comfortably fit someone that weight.

    WINNER: For the second matchup, it is a tie for the size category. Both chairs offer similar sizes and weight capacity. What we like about both chairs is the extensive 400-pound weight capacity. This means that most users will fit either chair nicely. 

    3. Comfort

    For our final matchup category, we will take a closer look at the comfort levels of each chair. We understand that comfort goes back to each user’s preferences, but we will do our best to give you our honest opinion.

    Steelcase Leap and Think comfort battle.

    Both the Steelcase Leap and Think chairs are made with materials that will be familiar to most people, as both the seat and backrest are made with traditional foam-padded fabric.

    However, the Think chair can be customized into a 3D knitted material similar to mesh. This gives you more breathable and airflow to your back while creating a lighter feel for the chair.

    With this in mind, both chairs offer amazing comfort while sitting, even though both seat pads are less than 2 inches thick. This is a testament to the level of quality of the seat pad used inside each of the chairs.

    WINNER: It’s been a tight contest thus far, as both chairs offer amazing features on top of superior-high-quality materials. However, we have given the nod to the Think chair in terms of comfort.

    Based on our personal opinion, the Think chair is more sleek and compact compared to the Leap. The 3D knit material is very breathable as it also allows airflow to your back while providing a cool and unique design look, giving it an upscale feel.

    Again, this goes back to user preferences. The Leap chair might be for you if you prefer chairs with sophisticated design equipped with firm and a solid lumbar support. 

    Pros and Cons

    Steelcase Leap ChairSteelcase Think Chair
    • Multiple back adjustment options
    • Fully adjustable armrests
    • 12-year warranty
    • One-size-fits-all
    • Foam padding prone to stains
    • Armrests are not soft enough
    • Multiple back adjustment options
    • Adjustable back tension and recline
    • Breathable material
    • 12-year warranty
    • One-size-fits-all
    • The lumbar area is not as firm as Leap

    Final Thoughts

    WINNER: Steelcase Think

    And so, this is our humble opinion of both the Steelcase Leap chair and the Steelcase Think chair. We genuinely believe that both chairs are some of the best choices for best ergonomic office chairs, especially to prevent lower back pain. In the end, only personal preference can help you decide between the two.

    The colors of the Steelcase Think are somehow cooler than the colors of the Leap. As well, the striking back design makes the Think stand out.

    If you are looking for an office chair with fully customizable back tension and recline, choose the Steelcase Think. However, if you are looking for an ergonomic chair with top-notch lower back support, then go for the Steelcase Leap. We recommend the Think chair simply because it is more intuitive.

    If you have the budget to go got either chair, you certainly cannot go wrong in choosing either one. Both are manufactured by one of the most respectable companies in the business and you’ll be sure to receive the best warranties around.

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