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Jarvis Vs. UPLIFT V2 Desk Comparison – Which One is Better?

If you’ve researched the top adjustable standing desks, two names surely come to mind. The Jarvis Desk and the UPLIFT V2 Desk. Both are some of the best standing desks available, making it difficult to choose between them. Don’t worry. We’ve done all the testing so you can buy the perfect adjustable standing desk.

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Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk

  • 350 lbs. Weight Capacity
  • Minimum Height 24.5 inches​
  • Maximum Height 50 inches
  • 7-Year Warranty

UPLIFT V2 Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk

  • 355 lbs. Weight Capacity
  • Minimum Height 24.5 inches
  • Maximum Height 50 inches
  • 7-Year Warranty

Jarvis vs. UPLIFT desk comparison: The biggest difference between the Jarvis and UPLIFT V2 desk lies in the latter’s inverted leg design. The UPLIFT V2 upgraded frame has slightly more stability at the maximum height. UPLIFT claims its desk can hold five more pounds than the Jarvis desk.

In this post, we’re going to compare Jarvis vs. UPLIFT V2 Desk to find out which one is the best for you. Our goal is to make your buying decision a lot easier, instead of bombarding you with too much information that will leave you more confused before reading this post. Let’s get started. 🙂

Quick Overview

Before going into the comparison, let’s start with the similarities. Both the Jarvis Desk and the UPLIFT V2 Desk come with a 7-year warranty. Not to mention, they both come with a 30-day money-back return policy. If there are mistakes with your order or you simply want to return the desk, you can.

After getting a better sense of both standing desks above, let’s move on to the Jarvis vs. UPLIFT desk comparison. To help you make the best buying decision, we will compare the two desks based on these important categories:

  • Height Range
  • Stability
  • Customization

Another similarity worth mentioning is that both come with an amazing safety feature. Both come with an anti-collision sensor, so if both desks sense any resistance when going down, they will rise back up a couple of inches. This is a feature that’s often overlooked by many but is one of the most important.

1. Height Range

Jarvis Desk

The Jarvis standing desk has two frames available: the standard mid-range frame and the extended range frame. The latter is perfect for taller people as it can go as low as 24.5 inches and as high as 50 inches (without desktop). Built with a programmable handset, you can have 4 presets to conveniently change heights.


The UPLIFT V2 standing desk offers similar height adjustability. The height can go as low as 24.5 inches and as high as 50 inches (without a desktop). It’s also equipped with an advanced keypad, allowing you to program up to 4 desk heights and automatically adjust to them with one touch of a button.

WINNER: For the height range category, it’s a tie. The reason is clear. Both the Jarvis and UPLIFT desk offer near-identical height ranges, making it difficult to separate them. The good thing about this is you won’t have to worry about being too tall or too short — both can adjust to your height accordingly.

2. Stability

Jarvis Desk

The manufacturer of the Jarvis standing desk, Fully, prides itself on its stability. Built with a 350-pound weight capacity, they have worked hard to create the same stability as a four-legged desk with only two. The result is a well-balanced standing desk that ensures peace of mind when you work.

To be honest, we can’t find many user complaints when it comes to the Jarvis desk’s stability. However, extending the desk to full height will inevitably make it wobble a little. A little bit of shaking is to be expected, considering the standing desk is supported by only two feet. With that said, the stability of the Jarvis desk is excellent.


The UPLIFT V2 desk is the upgraded version of the UPLIFT V1 desk. The result is a more stable and reinforced frame that can hold up to 355 lbs. of weight. The reinforced UPLIFT V2 Frame includes two separate motors and an inverted leg design, which keeps the desk sturdy at its highest height.

While shaking the UPLIFT V2 Desk left to right, we didn’t notice any wobbling until about 43 inches high. It’s surprisingly impressive considering that the desk doesn’t have any cross support between the two legs. This may be the result of the innovative inverted leg design by UPLIFT.

WINNER: The UPLIFT V2 Desk wins the stability category. Often considered one of the most stable two-legged standing desks in the market, the UPLIFT V2 edges out the Jarvis desk by a hair. We’re actually impressed by the stability of the UPLIFT V2 desk, specifically with the left-to-right wobble motion.

3. Customization

Jarvis Desk

The Jarvis desk has 2 shapes available, the rectangular desktop and the contoured desktop. The rectangular desktop comes in 7 different sizes, while the curved desktop comes in 3 different sizes. These sizes range from 30 to 78 inches in length. Material-wise, you can choose between laminate, hardwood, or bamboo.


The Uplift desk also comes in 2 shapes (rectangular and contoured) with 5 different sizes available. The 48 x 30, 60 x 30, 72 x 30, 80 x 30, and 84 x 30. You can mix and match different finishes including laminate, bamboo, and hardwood. Personally, the bamboo desk is our favorite!

WINNER: The Jarvis Desk wins the customization category. While both standing desks offer the best materials and finishes, the Jarvis desk comes out on top due to more choices available in terms of size. Remember though, neither of these desks comes with accessories, so the more you add on the more expensive your desk will be.

If you are not keen on having to buy a new adjustable standing desk, we highly recommend you to try a standing desk converter. They are a smaller version of standing desks put on top of your regular desk. The best thing is, they are highly affordable and don’t require you to renovate the entire office setup. We’ve compiled the top 5 best standing desk converters for you to choose the best one available.

Final Verdict

Our team had a great time testing out both amazing standing desks. The Jarvis vs. UPLIFT desk comparison is one of the tightest matches in the world of ergonomic desks. Both offer some of the best quality and craftsmanship if you’re looking for a high-quality adjustable standing desk.

Personally, we would go for the UPLIFT V2 Desk simply because of the slight advantage in terms of stability. However, you can’t go wrong with choosing either one. The Jarvis desk is also an amazing standing desk, with more customization options for you to choose from. Do yourself a favor and start standing. 🙂

A standing desk is sometimes called a riser. They incorporate healthy standing instead of sitting.

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