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Herman Miller Sayl vs. Mirra 2 Review

Many ask us to compare the infamous Herman Miller Aeron vs. Sayl and the Mirra 2. While both the Sayl and Mirra 2 are outstanding office chairs, we feel like they don’t belong in the same league as the Aeron. However, we owe it to our readers to write a Herman Miller Sayl vs. Mirra 2 complete comparison.

Unfortunately, the Herman Miller Sayl has been sold out and discontinued. So, the answer is that the Mirra 2 is the winner by default!

If you own a SAYL you are sure to hold on to this groundbreaking chair for a long time.

Read on for history’s sake.

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Herman Miller Sayl vs. Mirra 2: The biggest difference between the Herman Miller Sayl and Mirra 2 lies in the backrest design. The Sayl chair has a spider web-looking backrest and is the first frameless chair. On the other hand, the Mirra 2 provides users with a triflex polymer backrest that resembles the Aeron slightly.

Which affordable chair will come out on top?

Herman Miller Sayl

  • Flexible elastomer backrest
  • Simple and minimalistic design
  • Adjustable seat and armrest height

Herman Miller Mirra 2

  • Tri-flex polymer backrest
  • Breathable materials
  • Adjustable seat and armrests height

There’s more to this comparison than just aesthetics and design. Both chairs are unique in their own right and have different advantages apart from their similar price points.

In this post, we will dive deeper into the Herman Miller Sayl vs. Mirra 2 comparison. Surely one of them can help complete your ideal office setup.

Quick Overview

When anyone talks about ergonomic office furniture, one brand surely comes to mind: Herman Miller. Customer satisfaction has always been Herman Miller’s forte. This is apparent in the 12-year warranty provided by the company. Not to mention, you have 30 days to issue a hassle-free full refund, no questions asked.

The Herman Miller Sayl chair is elegantly engineered with ergonomic features to strike a healthy balance between support and freedom. With a beautiful, minimal, and sustainable design, you can be sure to not only enjoy sitting in the chair but admire the elegance of clean and simple minimalism. Often, less is more.

The Herman Miller Mirra 2 chair is specifically designed for motion and modeled after a high-performance running shoe. The nature of work evolves throughout the years. With more collaboration, there is bound to be more movement. Think of the Mirra 2 as an ultra-flexible running shoe. It’s soft and breathable yet is built for performance and support.

Another important similarity between the two is breathability. You wouldn’t have to worry about lack of ventilation when sitting in either chair. Both provide excellent airflow due to their ingenious design. However, there are many differences between the two.

While many question the steep price offered by Herman Miller (even though we feel they’re fully justified), these chairs offer amazing value. To help you make the best buying decision, we will do the Herman Miller Sayl vs. Mirra 2 comparison based on several categories:

  • Size
  • Adjustability
  • Comfort

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that this Herman Miller Sayl vs. Mirra 2 comparison is strictly based on our humble opinion. We understand that reviews are subjective and only reflect one’s opinion. With this caveat out of the way, let’s take a closer look at these two chairs. We hope to be as transparent as possible. Let’s start.

1. Size

Herman Miller Sayl

As with most Herman Miller chairs not named the Aeron, the Sayl chair comes in one size only. However, the chair comes with several adjustment options to cater to its users. Made out of a single piece of soft elastomer for the back, many reviews state that the Sayl doesn’t constrict the user when sitting in the chair.

Herman Miller Mirra 2

The Mirra 2 also comes in one size only. Originally designed to be the affordable version of the Aeron, the Mirra 2 doesn’t come with multiple-size options. If the Aeron is Coca-Cola, then the Mirra 2 chair is Diet Coke. While it doesn’t sound like praise, this is a good thing. For less price, you’ll get a similar chair.

WINNER: The size category ties the Sayl and Mirra 2. It’s very clear. Both chairs come in one size only. There’s nothing significant that separates the two in terms of size. With that said, both come with excellent backrest design and outstanding breathability, which we will cover in the next section of our review.

2. Adjustability

Herman Miller Sayl

Most chairs you find at the office tend to be overwhelming. They’re large, there are turns, and there are knobs. Not to mention noticeable headrests. Not the Sayl, though. Herman Miller specifically designed the Sayl to be very discreet and simple.

Nonetheless, it’s surprisingly adjustable, considering the lack of buttons. Watch the adjustment video below, and you’ll be surprised at its adjustment options:

Herman Miller Mirra 2

Not to be outdone, the Mirra 2 also comes with multiple adjustment options. One feature that stands out to us is the armrests. The Mirra 2 chair comes with 4D adjustable armrests, allowing you to customize your sitting experience, whether you’re big or small.

Personally, not only do we find the armrests customization excellent, but they’re very soft and comfortable.

WINNER: Again, it’s a tie—this time in the adjustability category. We still can’t find a separation between the two chairs, as both offer similar customization and adjustment options. While it’s been a tight contest so far, let’s move on to the next category in the hopes of finding a clear-cut winner.

3. Comfort

Herman Miller Sayl

Don’t be fooled by the odd-looking Sayl chair’s backrest. Designer Yves Béhar was inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge. The overall function of the chair comes from how suspension bridges were able to support tremendous amounts of weight.

Because of this, the backrest will support and conform to your body very well.

Named the 3D intelligence, each specific backrest part will react accordingly when you sit. Whether you’re reclining backward or sitting upright, the Sayl chair will adapt to your back. However, this unique design is a ‘either you love it, or you don’t kind of thing. Some people find the overall cushioning less desirable.

Herman Miller Mirra 2

Our lasting impression of the Mirra 2 chair is that it’s the lightweight version of the Aeron. Many often ask Herman Miller Aeron vs. Mirra 2 as well. Not only does the Mirra 2  offer flexibility, but it also provides breathability.

We are huge fans of the triflex polymer material because it is very easy to clean and doesn’t feel rigid. It conforms to your back nicely.

The overall comfort of the chair is also excellent. It’s not too wide nor too narrow at the same time. Add in the fact that its armrests offer 4D adjustability, then you’ve got yourself a comfortable chair. Think of it as the ‘cheaper’ cousin of the Aeron. And by ‘cheaper,’ it’s a compliment.

WINNER: Finally, the Mirra 2 chair claims a point in the comfort category. While comfort is a subjective review topic, we felt the Mirra 2 chair provides better cushioning and flexibility than the Sayl chair. With that said, we can see how these two chairs can offer different forms of comfort to different users.

PRO TIP: These two chairs are some of the more affordable options from Herman Miller, but they’re not our top picks. Many debates whether the Aeron or the Embody is the king of Herman Miller office chairs. Check out our complete review and comparison if you’re considering the best in quality and craftsmanship.

Final Verdict

Comparing the Herman Miller Sayl vs. Mirra 2 has not been easy. At the end of the day, it’s hard to argue that Herman Miller chairs offer some of the best ergonomic office furniture designs.

In a tightly matched-contest, you can’t go wrong with either one. It’s no surprise that these two office chairs made it to the best Herman Miller office chairs list.

The Sayl chair is simple and classy, while the Mirra 2 chair is lightweight, athletic, and agile. Both come with several color options to complete the look of an ideal office setup. If you’re looking for a minimalistic ergonomic chair, go for the Sayl chair. If you’re gunning for functionality, then buy the Mirra 2 chair. 🙂

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