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Forward Head Posture Fix Review – Does it Work?

How to fix a forward head posture is a question many people ask nowadays. In this new day and age, who doesn’t have a smartphone or a laptop? Chances are, you are currently reading this article from either device.

As human beings, we now spend most of our time in the virtual world of the internet. Because of this, the world we know today is different than it was back then. If bad body posture was a significant issue 20 years ago, it’s a bigger problem today.

The sad reality is most people today spend most of their time in front of a computer or on their smartphones which results in stiff necks and lower back pain.

It’s a vicious cycle of sitting down and slouching behind a desk to work, sitting in the car or a subway train, only to get home to sit down and lounge around some more.

Leading an inactive lifestyle can result in having rounded shoulders and poor head posture, which may lead to undesirable health problems in the future.

If you want to reverse the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle, you’re in the right place. In this article, we are going to share with you our honest Forward Head Posture Fix review and determine if it’s best for you. 

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What is Forward Head Posture Fix?

Forward Head Posture Fix is a detailed step-by-step program designed to help you how to correct forward head posture and rounded shoulders by doing simple exercises in a few minutes a day.

The ultimate goal of the program is to help you fix the underlying cause of your poor head and neck posture permanently, which will lead to countless physical benefits such as better quality of sleep, reduced frequent headaches, help you stand and walk taller, and increasing your overall level of physical and mental well-being.

As with any informational product, it’s best to know the authors behind the whole thing before diving deep into the Forward Head Posture Fix Review.

About the Authors

When considering buying a physical program, surely you would like to know the authors behind the system. Do they know what they’re talking about, and are their sources credible?

The good news is the Forward Head Posture Fix is developed by one of the best in the field.

Rick Kaselj, M.S. (Exercise Science), B.Sc. (Kinesiology), PK, CPT, CEP, CES, is an exercise therapist, personal trainer, and kinesiologist specializing in exercise rehabilitation and fitness.

He is well-known for working in one-on-one and group rehabilitation settings, educating and training people injured at work, in car accidents, and during sports activities.

Rick Kaselj, can help you loose your neck hump.

Rick Kaselj is the creator of the Forward Head Posture Fix program. He has been featured on numerous mainstream and big-name media and publications.

It’s a good sight to see that he has been featured in big-name media, including Livestrong, Iron Man magazine, and Yahoo!

To create the Forward Head Posture Fix program, Rick partnered up with Mike Westerdal, best known as a national best-selling fitness author. He is a sports nutrition specialist and personal trainer, and his work has been featured in Iron Man magazine.

We understand the importance of knowing the qualifications of the creators behind any health and wellness program. These two men have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to develop an effective program designed solely to produce massive results. 

With all this in mind, we can safely say that the Forward Head Posture Fix program was created by a qualified duo with a track record of helping numerous people correct pain and improve their health effectively.

What Can You Expect from the Program?

Understanding the Dangerous Health Risks

The sad reality is, there’s a problem that many of the world’s population suffers from.

It’s a problem that nobody talks about, that doctors are failing to diagnose, which poses just as many health risks like obesity.

Without realizing it, you are probably suffering from it too.

The forward head posture, or as Rick calls it “texting neck”, affects nearly everyone, no matter your age or fitness level.

While doing research for the Forward Head Posture Fix Review, we found that an increasing number of people suffer from it more than ever as they spend more time on their electronic gadgets.

If you start to notice the people around you, you will find most people will have their shoulders hunched forward, their heads drooping down with a curved back, almost looking like a hump.

While this might not seem like a big deal, poor posture may lead to:

  • Permanent damage to your joints, muscles, ligaments, blood vessels, and nerves
  • Early degeneration of the spine
  • Lack of blood flow to the brain
  • Constant fatigue and lack of energy
  • Negative hormonal health

All this can then lead to myriads of pain and discomfort, such as constant headaches and migraines, poor sleep quality, decreased range of motion, and poor digestive system, among many others.

Rick mentions that the root of all of the problems mentioned above originates from just one area of your body but affects your overall health, including your mental as well as your physical wellness.

You can find out more about this vital muscle that you may have never heard of, let alone trained, explained in great detail inside the program.

Almost everyone is at risk of forward head posture because of a sedentary and inactive lifestyle.

How the Program Solves the Problem

It’s important to understand that your neck is literally the bridge between your head and your body. Think of it as the balance beam from which good posture flows.

When this crucial passage is hindered in any way, you can expect a series of problems to occur. Most conventional wisdom will tell you that the solution to common posture problems is static stretching exercises.

These stretches are recommended to help lengthen the muscles of your neck and back.

However, although static stretching techniques may provide you with comfort initially, it only gives you temporary relief. The muscle tension will come back in a few hours because the stretches did not target the deep, underlying source of your pain.

Enter, the Sequential Flow Method. It is a combination of corrective exercises and techniques developed by Rick as the ultimate solution to help release your neck while activating important muscles at the same time.

This simple yet effective method will help you achieve a balanced state while allowing proper movement from your neck.

It is explained further that most so-called ‘experts’ have been all wrong because it’s not about the stretches and movements, but the order matters. Hence the name, The Sequential Flow Method.

Inside the program, you’ll find effective techniques, including:

  • Muscle Re-Education Drills
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Mobility Exercises
  • Deep Cervical Flexors training
  • Self-Massage
  • Static Stretching
  • Postural Strengthening

The Forward Head Posture Fix compiles all these techniques into an 11-step series that will improve posture in less than 15 minutes daily.

Solving the deepest root of the problem will cause a positive domino effect throughout your entire body, unleashing healthy blood flow while promoting proper posture and joints.

What’s Included

1. Forward Head Posture Fix Video

Once you are inside the program, you will find the video. The video is divided into three sections. 

This video will provide you with a clear demonstration of each of the ten exercises in the Sequential Flow Method.

In the first section, Rick will explain in great detail the exercises and what effect each technique will have on your body.

He then will show you how to perform the proper movement of each exercise, along with what you should expect to feel from each movement. 

The second section will allow you to follow along with all of the exercises easily.

The third and final section of the video will provide you with different variations of each technique, including progressions and regressions, to make it suitable for your personal needs.

The video is very simple and easy to follow along as Rick did a great job of explaining everything in explicit detail, particularly the why’s and the how’s.  

2. Forward Head Posture Fix Manual

Inside the manual, you can find a more detailed explanation as to what causes forward head posture or texting neck.

You will understand the dangerous risks if this problem is left untreated, and you will find out how to reverse the damage already done.

As the manual is designed to supplement the video, the techniques of the Sequential Flow Method from the video are completely outlined in detail inside the manual, complete with descriptions, pictures, and graphs.

Pros and Cons

What We Like

What We Don’t Like

  • Simple and straightforward 
  • Qualified and Credible Creators
  • Super Affordable
  • 60-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Suitable for All Ages
  • None

While this program is super easy and convenient, you will have to commit time and effort into your health. It’s a good idea to dedicate 15 minutes every day for you to see results.

Because everyone has different levels of fitness and flexibility, it might take longer to see results for some people. As long as you stick with it, follow the instructions, and not give up on yourself, you will see your desired outcome.

Remember, you are the greatest investment.

Digital Copy and Physical Book

  • Forward Head Posture Fix Book shipped to your address
  • Forward Head Posture Fix Video
  • Forward Head Posture Fix Manual
  • Bonus 1: Lower Back Lifestyle Audit (video)
  • Bonus 2: 10 Best Natural Sleep Solutions (eBook)

The price for option number 2 is originally $50, but you take advantage of a special offer where you can get $41 off your purchase.

Expect that once your payment is accepted, you will receive constant marketing and upsells from the creators in a series of pop-up screens. If you find something you need, you might as well buy them together. Don’t worry. You can skip the promotions and jump straight into the program.

How Long Does it Take to Correct Forward Head Posture?

The simple answer to this question is that it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the severity of your issue and how much effort you put into getting better.

Indeed, there is no definitive answer to this question. There are too many factors to consider. Age, gender, severity, injury history, and commitment are some things at play when considering how to fix a forward head posture.

What we have come to realize is that if you commit 15 minutes a day to fixing your head posture, you might feel the difference in just a few days. You might even feel a small degree of relief after the first few exercises.

But, to see noticeable improvements, you probably need to be consistent for several months in doing the necessary work on your posture. Be sure that you follow the program correctly. With the commitment to getting better, you’ll see the results you want sooner than later.

The key thing here is to focus on progress, not perfection.

Every day is a small step towards a better posture.

Final Verdict

And there you have it, the Forward Head Posture Fix review. After going through the program, we can conclude that this is an exceptional program that the world greatly needs.

Most people do not even realize that they are suffering from the Forward Head Posture and texting neck, all due to the negative effects of becoming more inactive.

We highly recommend this program to anyone reading this post, as it provides insane value for such an affordable price. 

For an effective and result-oriented program created by credible experts that only costs less than $30 with a 60-day money-back guarantee. We don’t see any reason why you should not buy it.

At the end of the day, when health is absent, intelligence cannot be applied, and wealth becomes useless. 🙂

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