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The way people work are changing.

An unprecedented 42% of the workforce in the US spent at least some time working from home in 2020, with many people planning to continue doing so in the future too. With so many people now working from their living spaces, the home office has taken on a new perspective.

We are a dedicated team of writers who are passionate about ergonomics in the office and workplace. All of our guides and reviews are the result of countless hours of research and testing.

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Our goal here is simple: to help our readers get the best information for everything they need in their business, especially the office. We will do our utmost best to help you keep up with the latest trends and updates!

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Meet the Team

Stephen Lim

I write about office ergonomics and wellness.  Simple changes in the workspace can help produce better health and productivity, both at home and the office.

James Wiseman

I’m enthusiastic about ergonomics in the workplace. You can find me practicing yoga most of the time. I do this to reverse the negative effects of sitting.

Jason T.

As the senior content writer for this website, I make sure that every information here is informative and up-to-date. Working from home is the way to go!