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Which Home Paper Shredder Can Shred The Most Paper?

how much paper can my paper shredder shred?

Do you need to shred a lot of paper? How much paper can a paper shredder shred? We are going to take a look at which home paper shredders can shred the most paper.

Sure industrial shredders can shred a lot of paper. But you don’t want a giant paper shredder unless you are in the business of paper shredding.

Which home shredder can take on the big jobs?

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Read on to see our top heavy-duty home office choices.

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Paper shredders with high page counts

Most home office paper shredders have a page capacity of 4 to 12 pages. Above 12, you are starting to get into heavy-duty paper shredders.

Just because a paper shredder has a high max paper count, it is not a good idea to run at the max. Using the paper count and the continuous runtime combined is an indicator of paper shredder power.

Some units have an auto-feed. In this type of shredder, you load all the paper to be shredded, and it shreds at its own pace. This type of paper shredder is still rated at a per-page shred, so it may not be as heavy-duty as some manual feeds.

4 Paper shredders with high page counts and run-times

 1. Bonsaii 18 page, 240-minute Heavy-Duty

This is the longest continuous run time out there!

With a front-loading pull-out basket at a 7.9-gallon capacity, you will be emptying less often. The shred size is a security level p-4 and is a small cross-cut. The paper shred size is  5/32” x 1-3/8”

Shreds paper at up to 5.9 feet per minute.

Credit cards, CD/DVD.

Auto start and auto reverse. Has overload and overheating protection.

The large transparent window at the front lets you easily keep an eye on the fill level.

Catches the credit cards and CDs in a smaller inner basket. This can be good, but watch out on empty so that you don’t inadvertently throw it away.

Castors let you wheel the shredder to the scene of the crime.

bonsaii 18 page paper shredder
  • Height, 24.4″ Width, 16.14″, Depth, 12.5″ on castors
  • 7.9 Gallon receptacle
  • .37 Gallon receptacle for cd/credit cards

2. Wolverine 18-sheet, Cross-cut Paper Shredder

Also, a P-4 Security level, the shred size is 5/32″ x 1-3/8″, with the credit card and CD/DVD destruction function too.

With a separated sheet Guider, and a continuous run time of 60 minutes, utilizing thermal protection with auto shut-off. This model has the auto-jam reverse system.

The 6-gallon pull-out container has a large viewing window.

Though this is an 18-page capacity, many users found it slowed down a lot with the full amount. Ten to twelve pages suited it better.

  • Height, 22″ Width, 13.4″, Depth, 10.4″ on castors
  • 6 Gallon receptacle

3. Amazon Basics 24-sheet, Cross-cut Paper Shredder

Now we are talking! 24 pages is a large page count, and with a 40-minute run time, this is one powerful shredder.

  • Height, 23.39″,
  •  Width, 15.6″,
  • Depth, 11.2″ on castors
  • 6 Gallon receptacle

Because it is an amazon product, they are going to run-test every unit before it heads out. Don’t think it is second-hand because there is paper in the grinding gears.

With castors and a 7-gallon trash bin, you will blast through your shredding jobs! Again we have CD/DVD shredding and a p-4 security level.

4. Fellows LX22M 20-sheet, Paper Shredder

Lastly, we are going to look at the Fellows 20-sheet shredder.

Why would you pay more for this paper shredder? This is the most technical one we are looking at today.

With its intel-bar, the shredder communicates with you. The shredder counts the pages! The red light will come on and prevent you from entering the paper if it is too much. Take some out of your stack and try again. By letting you know before, you can adjust your stack and be the most efficient.

The paper shredder also senses when hands or paws touch the paper entry and will pause for 4 seconds.

Another sensor lets you know when the 8-gallon bin is getting close to full. So no overflowing paper mess!

Even though this is rated as P-4 security like our other choices, it has a smaller cross-cut size of 5/32″ x 1/2″

  • Height, 23.25″,
  •  Width, 11.75″,
  • Depth, 16.5″ on castors
  • 8 Gallon receptacle
  • Safety sensor
  • Full bin sensor

This Fellows shredder is sleek and modern, inside and out. It also has a white option, which could be the look you want in your office!

Can I shred cardboard with my heavy-duty paper shredder?

It depends on the type of cardboard! Cardboard is made of paper, Kraft paper, and it is layered together to form cardboard.

The fluting, or ripples, are different sizes, and they are single-face, single-wall board, and double-wall board.

chart of carboard grades

Cardboard is equal to how many pieces of paper?

One piece of 20 Lbs multi-purpose paper is 0.1mm or 0.004″ thick.

Ten sheets of paper are 1mm or 0.04″ thick. Twenty sheets are 2mm thick

A cereal box is light cardboard and is equal to 5 pieces of paper for one layer and 10 pieces of paper for two layers. So most paper shredders can handle light cardboard with no fluting. A 12-page shredder would be well suited to shredding this type of box.

Amazon boxes, single wall, 35 lb gross weight is equal to 24 pieces of paper! Most shredders can not handle even this light cardboard.

Paper shredders are not made to shred cardboard! This is one time to reuse boxes or recycle them.

I like to save my cardboard boxes up for starting a new, no-dig garden

can I shred cardboard with a paper shredder

Best Paper Shredder for you

I hope we have helped you find the best paper shredder with a high page count.

For the money, we think the Amazon Basics 24-page shredder is a good choice.

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