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Best Ergonomic Under-Desk Keyboard Tray 2023 (Easy Install Clamps)

Using your mouse and keyboard at the same height level as your computer monitor may cause wrist pain and neck discomfort. But because everybody has different body shapes and sizes, finding the best ergonomic typing position can be challenging. One way to easily solve this issue is to use an ergonomic keyboard tray.

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Short on time? These are the top picks for the best ergonomic under-desk keyboard tray:

Best Overall Keyboard Tray

VIVO Large Keyboard Tray

  • Easy-to-install clamps (no drilling)
  • Height adjustable (5 height settings)
  • Durable and scratch-resistant

Most Complete Keyboard Tray

3M Adjustable Keyboard Tray (AKT180LE)

  • Height adjustability (above/below desk)
  • Superior material and build quality
  • One year manufacturer warranty

Not only does the best under-desk keyboard tray clear up desk space, but they also help improve your overall sitting posture, especially when you need to type in front of a computer. But with so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming. So we’ve narrowed it down to the 5 best options you can buy today.

Comparison Table

VIVO Large Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

FLEXISPOT Large Clamp Keyboard Tray

Defy Desk Clamp Keyboard Tray

3M Adjustable Keyboard Tray (AKT180LE)

VIVO Adjustable Keyboard Tray

What to Look for in the Best Ergonomic Under-Desk Keyboard Tray:

Understanding the most critical features of the best clamp on keyboard tray will help you narrow down your choices. This is especially helpful, given the wide variety of brands and models available today.

Before we proceed with the reviews of our recommended trays, let’s talk about the essential factors to keep in mind. We also used these factors to evaluate each of the trays included on our list.

1. Easy Installation

Four easy Steps to use this under-desk keyboard tray.
Clamp on to your desk.

When choosing the best under-desk keyboard tray, the number one consideration is easy installation. While drilling the keyboard tray to a desk provides stability, it’s not the most practical method. Nowadays, there are easier options like C-clamps that allow you to install a keyboard tray in no time at all.

We like clamp-on keyboard trays better because they are easier to install. You also don’t need to permanently create holes on your desk just to enjoy better typing. Sometimes, your computer desk is just too valuable to drill into, right? Not only clamp-on keyboard trays simple to use, they are portable too.

2. Enough Clearance Underneath the Desk

Many office workers buy keyboard trays without checking the space underneath their desks — huge mistake. Before buying a keyboard tray, you need to check underneath the desktop and make sure there is enough room to install the keyboard tray. This avoids your thighs from hitting the tray when typing.

3. Sturdy and Stable

The key to ultimate typing comfort is stability. Would you want to type on a surface that is wobbly? Not only does it hinder your concentration, but it may cause poor typing posture as well. So be sure to look for sturdiness, stability, and reliability. Thankfully, every keyboard tray on this list passes this test.

4. Ergonomic Design

In addition to stability, the best under-desk keyboard tray must be ergonomically designed. What does this mean? In simple terms, it means that the tray is designed to support the natural alignment of your body. Watch out for cheap products, as a poorly-designed keyboard tray may cause more harm than good.

A telltale sign that a keyboard tray is ergonomic is adjustability. Because everyone has different body shapes and sizes, an ergonomic keyboard tray needs to be adjustable to accommodate different people. Check for its adjustable features and range of motion. Fortunately, all the products on this list are spot-on!

Best Under-Desk Keyboard Tray Clamp Reviews

1. VIVO Large Under-Desk Ergonomic Keyboard Tray (Height-Adjustable)

Vivo brand under-desk keyboard
No drilling required on this keyboard tray.

VIVO is dedicated to providing work-at-home and office workers with furniture that will help them stay comfortable and productive. Some of their products include desks, chairs, PC mounts, and, of course, trays. This contender for the best clamp on keyboard tray is one of the company’s most affordable clamp trays with a 3-year warranty.

What we like about this keyboard tray:

1. Super Easy to Install

One of the main detractors of using traditional keyboard trays is the fact that you need to screw it to your desk. With the easy-to-use C-clamps, you can attach this VIVO keyboard tray to your workstation without causing any damage to your desk. As long as your desk is not thicker than 1.75 inches, you’re good to go!

Additionally, all the necessary hardware and instructions are provided for assembly, so mounting this VIVO keyboard tray to the desk is an easy process. In addition to the 3-year manufacturer warranty, the friendly VIVO support team will always be there to help. So if you have any questions, they’ve got you covered.

2. Height-Adjustable

Finally, a keyboard tray clamp that is height-adjustable! It’s rare to find a keyboard tray that’s height-adjustable so it’s great to see they made one. An ergonomic keyboard tray that is height-adjustable can provide enough clearance for the keyboard and mouse when they slide underneath the steel support bar.

A computer keyboard can be as thick as 3 inches, so you need enough clearance for it to slide underneath a desk. Otherwise, you will need to place your keyboard on the desk or leave the keyboard tray all the way out. Thankfully, this VIVO keyboard tray has 5 height settings and has up to 5.75 inches of clearance.

The adjustable height feature on this VIVO keyboard tray is a huge plus as you won’t find many height-adjustable keyboard trays. Not only can you comfortably fit your hands under the desk to reach the keyboard when sitting or standing, but it’s low enough to give you a little more room to elevate the desk as needed.

Another benefit of a height-adjustable keyboard tray is the ability to adjust the right typing angle to relieve wrist pain and neck discomfort. Many typists are forced to stay in one position for a long time, so by changing the keyboard tray height, you can find the perfect alignment for typing that is both ergonomic and healthy.

3. Attention to Details

The attention to detail given by the manufacturer is what we are impressed with the most. Take the anti-skid padding for example. It is designed to be scratch-resistant, so wherever you mount this keyboard tray, you won’t damage your desk. The drawer mechanism also glides smoothly and fully through its range.

The sturdy C-clamps hold everything tightly in place and are easily adjustable for your convenience. While we were first skeptical about the clamps, we are happy that this VIVO keyboard tray is very sturdy and reliable. It can even support up to 11 lb of weight, so you can place multiple objects on the tray.

Speaking of placing objects on the tray, it has a generous 26.8 x 11 inches of desk space, so you can place your keyboard, mouse, and other small objects on it. This helps you reduce clutter from your desk and helps you win back personal space from your workstation. Overall, this keyboard tray is phenomenal!

SIDE NOTE: We like the fact that VIVO gives you two color options to choose from: black and white. Both look sleek and modern, and are neutral in color, so either one would go well with any office interior design. The black version sells out fast, so if you’re keen on buying it, do it quickly before it’s gone.

What we don’t like about this keyboard tray:

1. Might Need to Purchase Some Items

Some users might find that the screws included in the package are too short. Depending on your desk’s thickness, you might need to purchase longer screws to ensure a secure and stable installation. Also, since the ergonomic tray’s surface is a bit rough, you might need to use a mouse pad for better or more accurate mouse tracking.

Final verdict

It’s rare to find a keyboard tray clamp that’s height-adjustable, so if you want the best ergonomic under-desk keyboard tray, then look no further and buy this VIVO Large Keyboard Tray. Other products can’t even come close. It’s very sturdy and reliable, it slides in and out smoothly, and it’s VERY EASY to install.

2. FlexiSpot Large Clamp-On Keyboard Tray

This is another entry from a company known for offering ergonomically designed products. This tray is made using a combination of materials for enhanced user convenience and comfort. Unlike the tray from VIVO, the FlexiSpot conventional keyboard tray only comes in the classy, black color.

flexispot-large-keyboard-tray-office SolutionPro

What we like about this keyboard tray:

1. Easy Installation

Just like the previous product, the installation process is very easy because of the C-clamps. All the necessary hardware and instructions are included in the box, so it can be installed easily without using any tools and won’t damage or mark your desk’s surface. This is one of the things we like about clamp keyboard trays.

The robust metal C-clamp on this FlexiSpot keyboard tray allows you to easily attach it to your desk without the need for any screws or tools. What’s more impressive is that this clamp can be installed on desks as thick as 2.1 inches, which means that this keyboard tray can fit virtually any computer desk.

2. Ergonomic and Functional Design

When it comes to ergonomics, FlexiSpot is considered one of the best in the business, and this keyboard tray is no exception. The ergonomic design of this keyboard tray provides the best positioning for your wrist and arms. Moreover, the tray glides ever so smoothly and stays in place whenever you type.

Because the tray extends a maximum of 8.5“ from the edge of your desk and holds up to 15 lb of weight, it allows you to find the best typing position for maximum comfort while standing or sitting. This keyboard tray also features a non-slip surface that ensures your keyboard won’t slide around unexpectedly.

A nice touch that may go unnoticed from the design of this keyboard tray is the wrist rest. The leatherette gel wrist rest is solid and provides excellent support for your wrists. It does a great job of making your arms, wrists, and hands feel great when typing. While it’s very subtle, it gives you better comfort tremendously.

3. Adequate Surface Space

Boasting a surface space of 25 x 12 inches, this versatile and spacious under-desk keyboard tray is big enough to fit a full-sized keyboard and mouse, mousepad, and other small accessories. This will help you reduce desk clutter in a hurry. Overall, it’s a well-designed product from FlexiSpot.

What we don’t like about this keyboard tray:

1. Not height-adjustable

The only thing we don’t like about this keyboard tray is that it’s not height-adjustable. It has a fixed 4 inch gap from the desktop surface to the keyboard surface. While it has enough clearance for most keyboards to slide under the desk, some users may find it annoying that it can’t be raised or lowered.

Under desk keyboard, not height adjustable.

Final verdict

When it comes to office products, FlexiSpot never disappoints. Not only is it durable, but it’s easy to install as well. The classy sleek, black appearance fits into any office design seamlessly. So if you want one of the best under-desk keyboard trays that withstands wear and tear, consider this one from FlexiSpot.

3. Defy Desk Clamp-On Keyboard Tray

A few dollars more expensive than the first two C-clamp keyboard trays, this tray comes with a 100% money-back guarantee offer. It’s a computer table accessory manufactured by another company offering ergonomically designed products, including chairs, anti-fatigue mats, standing desks, and, of course, trays.

Keyboard tray

What we like about this keyboard tray:

1. Heavy Duty Construction

When we first received the box, it was heavy. We knew right then and there that this keyboard tray is high-quality. To say that it is heavy is an understatement. As long as your table is sturdy and stable, then this keyboard tray will do its job and hold everything in place. In terms of quality, it’s truly well-made.

2. Super Strong Clamps

As long as you’re using C-clamps to install a keyboard tray, you know that it’s very easy to install. This keyboard tray from Defy Desk is no exception. However, the difference is that the clamps on this tray use 3/16″ steel (it’s super strong and almost unbendable) with thick padding that covers the whole clamp.

Defy Desk is a family-owned business so they make sure to produce high-quality products and make sure that every person gets exactly what is described. The superior construction and heavy duty materials on this keyboard tray is a testament to the manufacturer’s commitment to excellence.

3. Smooth Gliding Tray

Have you ever pulled a keyboard tray so hard to the point where you feel like you need to apply oil and lubricant? You won’t experience it with this Defy Desk keyboard tray. Thanks to the premium stainless steel side rails, it won’t get stuck and will roll out smoothly. All you need is to pull it gently and you’re good to go.

What we don’t like about this keyboard tray:

1. Not height-adjustable

Just like the previous product, this keyboard tray is also not height-adjustable which is a bummer because this one is very well-made. If you have a high keyboard and mouse, you may need to remove them once you’re done with work, or leave them on with the tray with the tray all the way out.

Clamp on style keyboard tray.

Final verdict

For this keyboard tray, you’re paying for its superior build and high-quality materials. You can definitely tell that this keyboard tray is hefty and is built to last. While it’s not height-adjustable, the heavy duty materials and smooth gliding tray more than makes up for it. Overall, the Defy Desk keyboard tray is a solid option.

Best Ergonomic Adjustable Keyboard Tray Reviews

1. 3M Keyboard Tray With Adjustable Platform (AKT180LE)

By far the most popular and established company that offers several office and school supplies and other products, we expect quality and innovation from 3M. The AKT180LE is a convenient tilting keyboard tray with features focusing not only on comfort and functionality but also on the user’s health.

Precise mouse pad mounts on right or left side of platform.
Raises keyboard and mouse 10" above mounting surface for standing use.

What we like about this keyboard tray:

1. Flexible and Adjustable

The 3M adjustable keyboard tray offers a wide range of adjustability. What impressed us the most is the fact that this keyboard tray can easily be raised up to 10 inches above the desk, or 4 inches below the desk. This allows you to find the perfect typing position either when you’re sitting or standing.

Moreover, this keyboard tray has left and right lateral adjustment, so you can move your keyboard to any position you want. To keep your wrists in a neutral position, you can adjust the forward tilt up to 10 degrees and the backward tilt up to -15 degrees. Designed with superior ergonomics, this keyboard tray is flexible.

2. Superior Build Quality

In terms of quality, you can expect the very best materials from 3M. The adjustable steel keyboard arm comes with a lifetime warranty, while the keyboard platform has a 5-year warranty. This goes to show how confident the manufacturer is when it comes to the quality of their products.

Even the gel-filled wrist rests have antimicrobial protection to reduce the growth of bacteria on the surface. Not only does this elongate the life of the keyboard tray, but it allows for comfortable and ergonomic hand positioning while you type. The wrists rests have a one-year warranty as well.

What we don’t like about this keyboard tray:

1. You Need To Screw It To Your Desk

While the installation is pretty easy if you are handy, you need a drill and screwdriver to do it. It’s heavy and quite awkward to drill and screw to a desk when it is fully assembled. We found it easier to install if you roll the hinged tray platform off the track so you can just drill and screw the track onto the desk by itself.

Compared to the previous three products on this list, you need some elbow grease to install this keyboard tray. That is why we prefer the clamp version because you don’t need to screw anything in place. Drilling a keyboard tray into your desk also means that the desk will have permanent holes in them.

2. Expensive Price

One of the biggest drawbacks of this 3M keyboard tray is the price. It is expensive. While the price is expensive, however, the quality of this keyboard tray is unquestionable. For its price you’ll be getting a high-quality keyboard tray that is completely adjustable so you can use it while sitting or standing.

If this is your first time shopping for an under-desk keyboard tray, we recommend trying the clamp-on models first. Not only are they cheaper, but they can easily be clamped on without you having to drill your desk. Only when you like the feeling of using a keyboard tray, then consider buying this 3M model.

Screw in under desk keyboard tray

Final verdict

If you want the complete package, then buy this 3M keyboard tray. It is by far, the most flexible and highly adjustable keyboard tray on the market. It is the most complete keyboard tray that offers stable and spacious surface space with extensive ergonomic adjustments that are simple, smooth, and intuitive.

2. VIVO Adjustable Keyboard Tray (MOUNT-KB01)

Another tray with angular tilt adjustments and a limited 3-year manufacturer warranty offer, the VIVO MOUNT-KB01 is a more affordable option than the 3M. However, it lacks some of the advanced features of the 3M tray, which can be a deal-breaker for some.

Keep your desk clear with an under-desk keyboard tray.

What we like about this keyboard tray:

1. Gets the Job Done

To finish the top 5 list of the best under-desk keyboard trays, we go back to the first brand we mentioned: VIVO. But instead of a clamp-on keyboard tray, this is an ergonomic keyboard and mouse tray that attaches to the underside of your desk. The design is simple, yet serves the purpose of providing ergonomics.

It does a great job of enhancing your typing posture and reducing wrist soreness thanks to the removable plush padding. This VIVO keyboard tray slides forwards and back on an 18-inch track, so before buying, make sure to measure the underside of your desk. You need at least 18 inches of space for the track.

Moreover, the solid steel construction of this keyboard tray provides heft, while ensuring stability and sturdiness. Thanks to the spacious 25 x 10 inches of surface area, this keyboard tray fits most keyboards and mice. It also features non-slip materials to prevent your devices from slipping all over the place.

2. Wide Range of Motion

We are impressed with this VIVO keyboard tray’s wide range of motion. The adjustability provides excellent ergonomic positioning. It can tilt, swivel 360-degrees, raised or lowered by up to 5 inches, and slide forward and back on an 18-inch track. Overall, the flexibility of this keyboard tray is impressive and extensive.

3. Affordable Price for the Quality

Compared to the 3M keyboard tray (which is quite expensive), this keyboard tray from VIVO comes at an affordable price. When you consider the quality and heavy duty materials it comes with, then the price is very reasonable. For its quality, you don’t have to break the bank as it’s priced lower than $80.

What we don’t like about this keyboard tray:

1. You Need To Screw It To Your Desk

To unlock the extensive range of motion this keyboard tray provides, you need to securely install it to your desk. This means that you need to screw it, leaving permanent holes on your desk. The instructions are pretty basic, so be sure to do everything in the right order or you will need to start over from the beginning.

Also, be careful with the included screws. They are almost one inch long, so you may need to get shorter screws so as not to penetrate the surface of your desk. If you are installing this by yourself, we recommend duck tape to hold the tray in place while you get the first couple of screws in because the tray is heavy.

While the installation process is simple, it may take some effort to get it right. It can be arduous and burdensome. However, after everything is installed properly, you will be able to enjoy the full benefits of the VIVO keyboard tray. Not only is it strong, but it is flexible and has a wide range of motion.

Screw in keyboard tray

Final verdict

If you don’t like clamp-on keyboard trays, and prefer a more permanent solution to your typing needs, then the VIVO Adjustable Keyboard Tray is an amazing option. Considering the quality VIVO provides, it is arguably the best value for its price ergonomic under-desk keyboard tray. It’s affordable yet high-quality.

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Final Verdict

And there you have it, the best ergonomic under-desk keyboard trays. We’ve narrowed it down to the top five picks so you are not confused and overwhelmed with the many options available in the market today. Each one deserves your consideration and is of excellent quality. With that said, here’s a quick recap:

The best ergonomic under-desk keyboard tray is the VIVO Large Under-Desk Ergonomic Keyboard Tray. It is BY FAR, the most lucrative option available thanks to its height-adjustability, spacious surface area, and best of all, easy-to-installation. Just clamp it on your desk, and you’re good to go!

However, if you want the complete package, then buy the 3M Keyboard Tray With Adjustable Platform. While you need to screw it into your desk, it provides complete adjustment options for typing while standing up or sitting down. You can adjust it to your liking and find the best typing position easily.

Finding the right typing posture is often neglected, causing unwanted injuries and discomfort in the workplace. In addition to using a well-designed ergonomic keyboard, using an under-desk keyboard tray can bring your working productivity to new heights. So wherever you work from, be sure to type properly. 🙂

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