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Best Office Chairs for Small Spaces: Most Comfortable and Space-Saving Office Chairs of 2023

If you live in a condo or apartment and need to change your bedroom into a makeshift home office, then you need the best office chair for small spaces. There are also computer workers whose workspaces are already tiny, to begin with. No matter how small the space is, there is an office chair for you.

Fortunately, there is a new type of office chair that is foldable. There are also office chairs with flippable armrests. To help you choose the right one, here are the top 3 foldable options along with 4 of the best office chairs with flip-up armrests to help you save space and make your workdays more enjoyable.

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Best Office Chair for Small Spaces (Foldable)

Best Overall 

Also Great

Budget Option

IPKIG Foldable Ergonomic Office Chair

  • Foldable backrest
  • Flip armrests
  • Compact size
  • Breathable material

Huntor Foldable Ergonomic Office Chair

  • Foldable backrest
  • Flip armrests
  • Compact size
  • Breathable material

Flamrose Foldable Ergonomic Office Chair

  • Foldable backrest
  • Flip armrests
  • Compact size
  • Breathable material

Best Office chairs for Small Spaces (Foldable)

Where office chairs are concerned, an ideal list would have the usual culprits, like Herman Miller and Steelcase, front and center. However, we won’t be talking about expensive chairs like the Aeron chair today. Instead, we’ll look at premium chairs of the more space-saving variety.

As more and more people started working from home, many had to turn bedrooms into pop-up offices. This means that their work area may not be spacious enough for maximum productivity. Fortunately, there are a handful of new, space-saving foldable office chairs that can make your makeshift offices more comfortable.

1. IPKIG Foldable Ergonomic Office Chair

While there aren’t a lot of foldable ergonomic office chairs around, we’ve managed to find some great aesthetic choices. Out of all of them, the best one would be the IPKIG foldable ergonomic office chair. It combines clean and simple aesthetics with useful ergonomic features, along with high-quality materials.

The IPKIG foldable ergonomic desk chair comes with a 90° foldable backrest and flip-up armrests. The armrests can be flipped up to save space or flipped down to provide a resting place for your arms. Likewise, the foldable backrest allows you to easily place the office chair completely under the desk.

IPKIG office chair series at a desk.

For those of you who need to turn part of your bedroom into a makeshift office space, the IPKIG folding ergonomic chair is perfect for you because you can work comfortably by day, and you can fold it and stash it by night. By folding the chair, it is under the desk, and you do not waste valuable living space. 

Additionally, the height of this foldable office chair is only 24 inches. Sure, it does not have a headrest, but the compact size of this chair means that it can fit tiny office spaces easily. Along with the clean and simple design of the chair, this chair can seamlessly fit into any office interior design.

As far as ergonomic options go, the backrest is expertly designed to fit the natural curve of your lower back. Looking at the backrest, you will notice solid lumbar support that will gently support your back to sit up straight. The material is made of mesh too, so it is very breathable and comfortable.

Final verdict: The best office chair for small spaces is, without a doubt, the IPKIG foldable ergonomic office chair. Not only is it an ergonomic and comfortable chair, but it can be hidden under the desk to save valuable space. The foldable backrest and flippable armrests combine to accommodate tiny office spaces brilliantly.

IPKIG Foldable Ergonomic Office Chair

Final verdict: The best office chair for small spaces is, without a doubt, the IPKIG foldable ergonomic office chair. Not only is it ergonomic, but it can be hidden under the desk to save valuable space. The foldable backrest and flippable armrests combine to accommodate tiny office spaces brilliantly.

2. Huntor Foldable Ergonomic Office Chair

Another solid option to consider is the Huntor foldable ergonomic office chair. This chair is on the smaller side, but it is a very stable and comfortable office chair. It does exactly what it should do, which is to fold underneath a desk conveniently with just a simple push of buttons on the side of the chair.

Huntor Foldable Ergonomic Office Chair

However, don’t be fooled by its small appearance because this chair is strong and durable. The air pressure rod has passed the SGS test, while the chassis is made of explosion-proof steel plate, all of which should last a long time. In fact, this space-saving office chair can support up to 300 lb of weight capacity.

We like the all-black color, which is very sleek and modern, but if you want something more bedroom-friendly, then you can go for the white option. Not only is the backrest foldable, but the arms can also flip back. So if you just want to slide it partly under the desk without flipping the back down, you can.

Because of its simple, contemporary design, this chair is very easy to assemble. The integrated backrest and cushioned seat can be installed smoothly with only 4 screws. Likewise, all of the installation instructions are included in the package, while the installation itself should only take about 3 minutes.

As far as comfort goes, this chair is very comfortable because of the native sponge-filled seat cushion. It is not only highly resilient, but it is also soft and breathable at the same time. Moreover, the mesh material on the backrest does a great job of being breathable while supporting your back too.

Huntor Foldable Ergonomic Office Chair

Final verdict: The Huntor ergonomic foldable office chair is another excellent space-saving option. Not only is this chair useful in terms of saving space, but the simple design will definitely make your office space much more pleasant to work in. The color is completely neutral and will blend with most interior designs very well. 

3. Flamrose Foldable Ergonomic Office Chair

Last but not least, the Flamrose foldable ergonomic office chair completes our top 3 foldable office chairs list. It is perfect for tiny office dwellers that are looking to save space. Boasting clean white and black colors, this chair will make your office more beautiful without wasting valuable space.

Foldable office chairs can be stashed under your desk to save room.

The difference between this Flamrose chair and the two previous chairs lies in the design. First, the backrest frame has an X-shape, which provides a futuristic vibe to it. Secondly, the armrests of this chair are padded. They provide an extra level of comfort without too much padding to make it look bulky.

In addition to the padded armrests, the lower backrest of the chair comes equipped with an excellent support system that encourages your body to sit upright. Along with the breathable mesh material, the entire backrest of the chair will support you while keeping your back cool all day long.

Comfort-wise, the seat cushion is made of a high-density sponge that supports your lower body very well. Plus, this Flamrose chair has all the necessary adjustable features, which include adjustable seat height, adjustable armrests, and adjustable back angle. It’s one of those highly adjustable chairs you can adjust to suit any angle.

Flamrose Foldable Ergonomic Office Chair.

Final verdict: As the most affordable space-saving option among the three, the Flamrose foldable ergonomic office chair is a solid option with good value. You will be surprised that a chair of such high quality is available at such a low price range. The clean and minimalistic design is very nice too.

Best Office Chair for Small Spaces (Not Foldable)

ComHoma Mesh Computer Chair

FelixKing Mesh Desk Chair

Hbada Office Desk Chair


  • Flip armrests
  • Compact size
  • Breathable
  • Flip armrests
  • Compact size
  • Breathable
  • Flip armrests
  • Compact size
  • Breathable
  • Flip armrests
  • Compact size
  • Breathable

Not all office chairs are foldable. However, there are plenty of space-saving office chair options. If you have more space to work with, then the best office chairs for small spaces that are not foldable should be able to provide better sitting comfort and more seating space. Here are the top 3 options.

1. ComHoma Mesh Computer Chair

One of the best office chairs for small spaces is the ComHoma mesh computer chair. It is a highly-praised office chair on Amazon. In fact, there are plenty of popular influencers and expert reviewers who have recommended this chair. After trying the chair, we have to agree that this chair is awesome.

ComHoma Mesh Computer Chair is foldable and still ergonomic.

On a scale of comfort out of 10, we give it a 10. It has a wonderful backrest and a nice cushioned base to sit in. The backrest is perfectly arched, which supports your back without the feeling that it’s going to give in, while the breathable mesh material provides cool airflow and will keep your back sweat-free.

Not only is the backrest amazing, but the cushioning on the seat and the armrests are very pleasant. The cushioning on both the seat and armrests is not too much, which provides a solid base for your body to rest into. Additionally, the cushioning is made of high-quality materials, which are very breathable.

For those of you working from home, this chair can save a lot of space because the armrests are flippable. So once you are done working, you can simply flip the armrests up and slide the chair underneath your desk. This saves a lot of space by reducing the amount of surface the chair is standing on.

ComHoma Mesh Computer Chair.

Final verdict: By far, the ComHoma mesh computer chair is the best option when it comes to saving space. While the backrest is not foldable, the size and flippable armrests of this compact chair work wonders in creating more space in your office. The sleek white and black color adds a contemporary flair too.

2. FelixKing Ergonomic Desk Chair

Another excellent and popular space-saving option to consider is the FelixKing ergonomic desk chair. Our first impression of the chair was how well-built the entire chair is, from the chair frame to the seat cushion, all the way to the backrest material. After all, there is a reason why this chair is a perennial best-seller.

space saving office chair

The mesh material on the back of this chair has excellent elasticity, completely suitable for your waist and back curvature. It provides comfortable support, which helps you to maintain a relaxed posture during long hours of work. After sitting on the chair for two hours, we did not feel any back fatigue at all.

On the surface of the chair, you will find a foam seat cushion that is composed of a high-density natural sponge, which is designed for the curve of a human’s butt. The cover of the chair is really nice too since it is made with a durable fabric cover that should have no problem holding up to daily use.

The same level of cushioning and padding can also be found on the armrests, which makes this not only a comfortable seat but also one that you can easily flip. This flippable feature found on the armrests allows them to create more space inside small offices. They are definitely better than hard, plastic ones.

the arms flip up to save space. FelixKing Ergonomic Desk Chair

Final verdict: Another great office chair for small spaces. It’s easy to see why the FelixKing ergonomic desk chair is not only an Amazon’s Choice product but also a best-seller too. It combines excellent ergonomics along with high-quality chair materials, designed in a way that is clean and simple.

3. Hbada Office Desk Chair

For those of you who don’t know, Hbada is a popular brand on Amazon that has been delivering high-quality office furniture at reasonable prices. And this compact office desk chair is no exception. Not only is the chair built ergonomically, but it is also made to fit seamlessly into any office space.

great for a home office with limited space

The minimalist and sleek design will instantly catch your eye. Once you get over the initial awe, you will find how easy it is to use this chair’s adjustable elements. It is also equipped with an ergonomic backrest that fits the natural curve of the human body and takes the pain from long hours of sitting instantly.

On the backrest of the chair, you will find a high-quality mesh material that will support your back. Not only is the backrest breathable, but it supports your back in a gentle manner without being too soft. This feature is perfect for you if you are working in warm and humid environments. 

It has two colors to choose from, white and black. Both colors are not only neutral, but they are nice, too, so they should seamlessly fit into any color theme your office space might have. And because of its small size, it can be placed in tiny spaces like the kitchen, bedroom, and even office corners easily.

Along with its size, this compact chair has flip-up armrests that do wonders in saving space. Whenever you are done with your work, you can simply flip the armrests up, and it will save space instantly. So between the ergonomic features and its space-saving capabilities, this chair is exceptional.

Office chairs for small spaces

Final verdict: You will be surprised to see how a high-quality office chair, like this compact computer chair from Hbada, is available for such an affordable price. It strikes the perfect balance of being not too big and not too small. The entire chair is surprisingly very light too, which is easy to transport.

4. NOBLEWELL Ergonomic Desk Chair

Last but not least, the NOBLEWELL ergonomic desk chair finishes the list by being the cheapest option available. While the price is low, it is made of high-quality materials and has a unique futuristic design. Compared to the other chairs on this list, the look of this chair is the most different.

great low price on this chair, so you can purchase multiples.

From a design standpoint, we feel like this office chair is the most unique because it looks very “futuristic and robotic” in the best way possible. The butterfly-shaped frame of the backrest (which looks like a LEGO Knights mask) adds a sleek look to your workspace. It may not be for everyone, but we like it.

Also, you will notice the armrest design resembles a knife with four holes on each armrest. It certainly is unique, given most office chairs are looking to be as simple as possible. Along with this design, you get to choose between black and white, both of which are stylish in their own right. We prefer black. 

Part of the reason that this chair made the list is because of its flip-up armrests and because it lowers enough for anyone below 5 feet. So not only does this chair have the perfect height for small to medium computer desks, but it can also scoot right under the desk to save space in a small condo.

While all of the office chairs we have mentioned so far are affordable, this chair has the most affordable price point of them all. This does not mean that this chair is low quality, it just means that the manufacturer is catering to home office workers who are looking to save money while saving space at the same time.

NOBLEWELL ergonomic desk chair

Final verdict: As the most affordable option on this list, the NOBLEWELL ergonomic desk chair is an excellent space-saving option without you having to break the bank. It combines a unique and futuristic design along with useful ergonomic features, which will help you sit properly and save space at the same time.

How to Choose the Best Office Chair for Small Spaces

Choosing the best space-saving office chair is so much more than just choosing the smallest office chair you can find. It’s about combining the proper ergonomic traits along with useful features like foldable backrests and flippable armrests. That said, here are the five most important considerations.

1. Foldable Backrest

One feature that makes an office chair perfect for small spaces is its foldability. An office chair with a foldable backrest not only saves space height-wise, but it can be easily stored under the desk, reducing the amount of space it occupies. If your office is in the bedroom, you will have more space to walk around.

The first thought that came to us when we discovered foldable office chairs was: why didn’t office furniture designers think of this sooner? As more people start working from home, they need office chairs that are not only ergonomic but can save a lot of space as well. Foldable chairs can solve this problem easily.

However, we understand that not all office chairs should be foldable. It is a nice feature to have, especially if you are looking to save space, but the best ergonomic office chairs have intricate backrest designs to support your spine. In short, to maximize ergonomics, not all chairs should be foldable. 

2. Flip Armrests

So if a chair is not foldable, the next best thing to consider is the armrests. The best office chair for small spaces MUST HAVE flip armrests. In fact, we think that this is super important, especially if you work from a condo or apartment. It dramatically saves a lot of space when the armrests are flipped up.

Moreover, flipping the armrests upwards allows you to do many kinds of activities while sitting on your office chair, like playing the guitar or performing simple sitting exercises. The point is flip-up armrests give you so much freedom and flexibility in the way you sit. Giving you more space than regular office chairs.

3. Compact Size

Another sign of a good office chair for small spaces is its compact size. It should strike the perfect balance between huge and tiny. Additionally, the five-star base of the chair should also be stable yet not too wide, so it can support your body without having to waste too much space. 

In short, the best space-saving office chair should not be too big or too small. It should combine the perfect length with the perfect height. For space-saving purposes, it’s also not a good idea to get an office chair with headrests because they may add unnecessary height to the overall build of your chair.

4. Ergonomic Features

Sure, space-saving office chairs must be compact in size, but that doesn’t mean that they should sacrifice proper ergonomics. The best office chair for small spaces must be equipped with the right ergonomic features that promote a healthy sitting posture, all of which allow you to sit properly for long hours.

In fact, comfort is a prerequisite for a computer chair designed for long hours of work.

Arguably the most important ergonomic feature of them all is proper back support. Basically, the office chair must have an S-shaped backrest that supports your entire back, especially your lower back. As long as it can support a neutral sitting posture, an office chair has served its ergonomic purpose.

Remember, ergonomic features lend to a chair’s ability to provide comfort. In quality office chairs, ergonomics and comfortable seating go hand in hand. Most of the time, this also means your chair is good enough to sleep in.

5. Durability

As essential as the comfort level is the chair’s durability. You don’t want to overlook it when assessing a space-saving office chair, that’s for sure. Naturally, you want your choice to last, too.

No matter the price point a chair comes in, you must make sure it is a great investment and is built to hold up for long periods of time.

To get a good idea of your chair’s strength, look at the manufacturer’s recommended bodyweight limit. If that’s not enough, you will want to look for first-hand customer reviews to see how sturdily a chair is built.

Final Verdict

And there you have it, the best office chairs for small spaces. When it comes to space-saving, choosing an office chair that is compact in size is the key. It must also have the ability to reduce its size by either folding itself or flipping its armrests. And most importantly, the office chair must have ergonomic features too.

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