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Best Monitor Stand of 2023: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

best monitor stands

You’ll never know the comfort of the best monitor stand until you’ve used one.

With the ability to customize the layout of your computer, you can help prevent neck strain, back strain, and more.

Let’s review five top-rated monitor stands you can bring into your home or professional office.

If you have to remove your old monitor stand, we have you covered with: “How to remove a monitor stand”

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Best Monitor Stand Reviews

Below you’ll find five top-rated stands you can use for your monitors.

Each model has an assortment of great features, allowing you to customize your setup easily.

1. HUANUO Monitor Stand Riser

The HUANUO Monitor Stand Riser is a fantastic solution for a straightforward riser with some adjustability.

Its native design helps improve laptop airflow but can also be a solid option for heavier monitors.

This model is ideal if you want something low-profile to add to your desktop.

Product Highlights

Let’s look at the highlights of this height-adjustable monitor stand.

  • Ergonomic Adjustments

Customizing the height of your monitor is essential for ergonomics, and this model offers a few tailored choices.

There are three height settings, starting at 3.9″ up to 5.5″.

To change the height, simply push the metal button and slide out the legs as needed.

  • Quick Assembly

This model is one of our top choices if you need a riser that you can put together in seconds.

There aren’t any tools or accessories required; all you do is screw the legs into the pre-installed bolts.

You won’t need a wrench for tightening, as you can easily attach them by hand.

  • Optimized Airflow

Although monitors aren’t known to create ample heat output, this riser is also beneficial for laptops.

If you use your laptop as a monitor, you’ll love the pre-screwed airflow holes across the surface of the riser.

The material is also powder-coated steel, which helps prevent warping from heat exposure.

  • Compatible Design

The HUANUO Monitor Stand Riser is an excellent option for most monitors.

It holds up to 44 lbs at a time and laptops as large as 15.6″ without large overflow.

It’s convenient to help improve your available desk space.

  • Anti-Slip Pads

When you use a monitor stand on your desk, the last thing you’ll want is your monitor to slip off the desktop accidentally.

Fortunately, this model comes with anti-slip grips underneath each leg.

The pad helps to keep the riser in place, protecting your most expensive equipment.

  • Storage Space

Although the HUANUO Monitor Stand Riser doesn’t have drawers for storage, it offers ample space underneath.

You’ll have approximately 12″ x 7″ x 5″ of open space under the riser to store essential supplies.

What to Like About It

The HUANUO Monitor Stand Riser features a versatile design that makes it great for monitors and laptops.

You can also use it to keep your computer tower off the carpet, optimizing airflow to prevent overheating.

With its easily adjustable legs and quick assembly, you can keep your monitors at the perfect height in no time.

What Not to Like About It

One noticeable problem with this riser is that the legs may rock if you don’t screw them in entirely.

Also, the entire unit is more lightweight than expected, which could be challenging for heavier monitors.


  • Multipurpose design
  • Keeps monitors at the perfect height
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Easy-to-use adjustable legs


  • The legs may rock
  • More lightweight than expected

2. AMERIERGO Dual Monitor Stand

If you liked the style of the HUANUO Monitor Stand Riser but need more storage, this model is ideal.

With the ability to house two monitors at once, the AMERIERGO Dual Monitor Stand is designed for optimization.

Also, there’s ample storage space underneath, helping you keep all your essentials organized.

Product Highlights

Let’s jump into the best features of this impressive laptop riser ideal for dual monitor setups.

  • Built-in Functional Slots

One of the more unique features of the AMERIERGO Dual Monitor Stand is that both the left and right sides come with built-in functional slots.

These special features keep your smartphone or tablet in the perfect position to be used along with your monitors.

You’ll find it helps to streamline storage and your workflow throughout the day.

  • Easily Assembled

There’s no need to invest in a monitor stand that becomes a massive headache to set up just for extra height.

You can put this unit together in two minutes with the included screws.

  • Customizable Height

The AMERIERGO Dual Monitor Stand is an excellent option for tailoring your setup with its freely adjustable height.

You can also customize the angle of the riser, giving you the best possible viewing experience for ergonomics.

  • Under-Storage

If you need a way to keep your workspace clean and organized, the under-storage on this unit is remarkable.

You can support calculators, binders, and file folders perfectly organized in three separate sections.

  • Dual Monitor Design

Above all else, the AMERIERGO Dual Monitor Stand is made for everyday computing.

You can easily fit two monitors side-by-side in any way you choose.

As the length is fully adjustable, you can extend the stand from 29″ to 43″ in width.

  • Customizable Angle

Along with tailoring the width of the riser, you can also decide if you want your monitors at a specific angle.

It’s easy to transform the shelf from straight across to each side pointing inward.

What to Like About It

The AMERIERGO Dual Monitor Stand is an excellent option for all monitor sizes.

You can also use them for efficient cable management, removing the functional slots.

With its easy assembly and adjustments, you can improve the ergonomics of your office.

What Not to Like About It

The most significant concern with this stand is that it’s not the best option for smaller or L-shaped desks.

Also, it’s important to note the pieces don’t connect permanently.


  • Allows for custom wire routing
  • Easy to adjust as needed
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Helpful for all monitor sizes


  • The pieces do not connect
  • Not great for small desks

3. HUANUO Monitor Stand with Drawer

The HUANUO Monitor Stand with Drawer is seemingly an upgraded version of their basic monitor stand.

This unit features added storage and a more mesh-like design, helping to improve airflow.

The mesh is excellent if you need a simple riser to lift your laptop or monitor.

Product Highlights

Let’s explore the main features of the HUANUO Monitor Stand with Drawer.

  • Strengthened Construction

At first glance, the mesh material used for the riser may look lightweight and thin.

However, it features an “H” shaped construction, which improves its durability.

In total, the riser can manage monitors up to 33 pounds of weight.

  • Ergonomic Design

Although you can’t adjust the height of this riser, it’s natively designed to be at an ergonomic height.

You’ll be able to raise your monitor by 4.7″, making it perfect for promoting optimal neck and back posture.

  • Improved Desk Organizer

Instead of having open space under your monitor stand, this model features integrated storage.

The two pull-out drawers offer plenty of room for files, small office tools, and additional cables.

You’ll find it’s a fantastic feature to help promote better desk organization.

  • Pre-Assembled

One of the most significant benefits of the HUANUO Monitor Stand with Drawer is that it arrives pre-assembled.

You won’t have to screw in the legs or customize the height of your desk setup.

It’s ready to use upon arrival for everyday tasks and virtual meetings.

  • Great for Laptops

Besides being helpful for most monitor types, this riser is also an excellent option for laptops.

The mesh material helps to optimize airflow, and the unit is sized perfectly for laptops over 15″.

What to Like About It

The HUANUO Monitor Stand with Drawer is constructed well as long as you use it as instructed.

The high-quality material is best for items under 33 lbs, and the drawers can hold your daily essentials.

Its design is so versatile it also works well as a printer stand.

What Not to Like About It

The most significant issue with this riser is that the drawers may be challenging to slide out over time.

Also, the material will dent under extreme weight, so following the weight capacity restrictions is essential.


  • Very sturdy construction
  • The drawers hold plenty of items
  • Greatly improves airflow
  • Easy to use with printers


  • Can dent under extreme weight
  • The drawers may be challenging to slide

4. Amazon Basics Adjustable Computer Monitor Desk Stand

As its name suggests, the Amazon Basics Adjustable Computer Monitor Desk Stand is a basic monitor stand to improve ergonomics.

Its straightforward design makes it exceptionally easy to use in professional environments and at home.

With few high-tech features, it’s an affordable and easy-to-use option for all computer users.

Product Highlights

Let’s jump into the most exciting features of the Amazon Basics Adjustable Computer Monitor Desk Stand.

  • Stackable Legs

The most convenient feature of this riser is that it allows you to customize the height up to just under five inches.

With the stackable legs, you’ll have near-free adjustments, helping you find the optimal position.

Over time, you could experience reduced neck and back fatigue.

  • Under-Storage

Like many other monitor stands on this list, the Amazon Basics Adjustable Computer Monitor Desk Stand features under-storage.

There aren’t any added drawers, but when you raise the unit, you’ll have plenty of space for your everyday office tools.

You could have up to 12.3″ of under-storage to use.

  • Non-Skid Feet

Another improved feature of the monitor stand is that it features non-skid feet.

This highlight ensures the stand doesn’t shift throughout the day.

  • Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of this monitor stand is less than expected, coming in at 22 pounds.

That said, it’s an excellent option for smaller monitors and laptops, especially if you’re designing a home office.

  • Monitor Recommendations

Apart from ensuring your monitor is under 22 pounds, this model is also ideal for monitors up to 32″ in width.

You’ll love its sleek appearance, which looks fantastic on any desktop.

What to Like About It

The Amazon Basics Adjustable Computer Monitor Desk Stand is made from high-quality plastic, offering a straightforward design without bells and whistles.

The easily adjustable height allows you to customize the feel of your office in seconds.

What Not to Like About It

One issue with this monitor stand is its non-skid feet tend to fall off after extended use.

Also, the overall design isn’t as sleek and modern as expected.


  • High-quality material
  • Easily adjustable height
  • Straightforward design
  • Helpful non-skid bottom


  • The rubber feet fall off
  • Not as attractive as expected

5. Hemudu Computer Monitor Riser

Finding a computer monitor for your glass desk can be challenging, which is why we love the Hemudu Computer Monitor Riser.

Its elegant appeal looks fantastic with glass and wood desktops alike.

Also, it’s available in clear and black glass, allowing you to customize the aesthetic of your office.

Product Highlights

Let’s look at the top highlights of the Hemudu Computer Monitor Riser.

  • Ergonomic Benefits

Undoubtedly, when using this riser, you’ll be able to improve the ergonomics of your office.

You’ll find your neck will be in the proper viewing position, helping to reduce strain and fatigue.

  • Adjustable Height

Each of the four legs on the riser is designed to allow for custom height adjustments.

Users can freely change the height from 3.4″ to 4.9″ as needed, depending on their desk height.

  • Stainless Steel Legs

To add to the durability of your new monitor stand, this model features stainless steel legs.

They withstand plenty of wear and tear while helping the unit manage up to 88 lbs of weight at a time.

  • Tempered Safety Glass

One of the most important features of a glass monitor riser is the quality of the surface.

This model boasts tempered safety glass that doesn’t crack under reasonable weight.

You’ll also find it’s heat-resistant, ideal for laptops.

  • Tilting Function

A unique feature of the Hemudu Computer Monitor Riser is its built-in tilting mechanism.

Using this function, you can customize the angle of your riser from 0 to 15 degrees for added ergonomic benefits.

What to Like About It

The Hemudu Computer Monitor Riser is a great option for small monitors and computer towers.

The high-quality glass surface features smoothed edges, and you can assemble the risers in seconds.

What Not to Like About It

A significant concern with this model is that it’s not the best option for modern monitors with “Y” shaped legs.

The stand’s surface may be smaller than expected, so it’s important to measure before buying.


  • Quick assembly
  • High-quality glass surface
  • Smooth edges
  • Easily holds computer towers


  • Not for monitors with “Y” legs
  • Smaller than expected

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a monitor stand is far more than just picking a model that looks good.

There are plenty of important features to consider to ensure you find the right one.

When shopping for your perfect monitor riser, let’s look at what to focus on.


The size of your monitor stand is one of the most important things to note, especially if you have a larger monitor.

Computer users often choose a cool-looking stand only to find it’s too small in width or depth for their components.

It’s best to select a monitor stand that is at least four inches wider than the width of your monitor’s stand.

Also, you should consider whether you’ll be using a laptop on the monitor stand.

In these instances, opting for a stand at least 15″ in width is best for most laptop sizes.


Another essential feature of a riser or stand is its primary material.

In most cases, you can choose from metal, plastic, or glass. Glass looks the most luxurious as long as it’s tempered and thick.

However, plastic can be helpful for travel, and metal is fantastic for stability, as it’s often the heaviest.


You’re likely looking into a computer stand for ergonomics, so your chosen unit should be adjustable.

The best option is to consider freely adjustable stands, allowing you to select the specific height of your monitor.

Otherwise, consider a model with four to five adjustment heights.

Along the same vein, many modern monitor stands also offer tilt adjustments.

Tilt allows you to manage how close your monitor is to your line of sight.

The tilt feature can assist with reducing neck strain and fatigue after long working hours.


Adding a monitor stand to your desk can take away some of the available space on your desktop.

This is why it’s essential to consider a model with built-in or under-storage.

Built-in storage can be preferred, as it helps to reduce desk clutter while accommodating larger screens.

When dealing with under-storage, consider the minimum space you’ll have when your riser is at its lowest height.

This process can ensure you have plenty of usable space to keep all of your essentials within arms’ reach.

Cable Management

Cable management is another essential factor in maintaining a clean, organized, ergonomic setup.

However, most computer monitor stands don’t come with integrated management solutions.

Finding higher quality units with Velcro or cable tunnels can be highly beneficial to keeping your desk effortlessly streamlined.

Although it might not seem as important, cable management is particularly helpful for laptop and external monitor users.

You can route your HDMI cables, speaker cables, and other peripherals, so they’re unseen.

Monitor Stand FAQs

1. Is a monitor stand worth it?

An affordable monitor stand can significantly benefit your office, especially in improving ergonomics.

They’re an affordable addition that allows you to customize the height of your monitor.

Height adjustment is a surefire way to help reduce and prevent neck strain and fatigue.

Another massive benefit of a monitor stand is that it can help to keep your desk more organized.

Often designed with built-in storage, these stands help keep your office must-haves within reach.

You can effortlessly organize cables, create more usable desk space, and keep your workspace looking professional.

2. What to use as a monitor stand?

Indeed you have items around your home that you could use as a monitor stand, such as a pile of books.

However, no substitutes perform as well as the real thing.

Monitor stands are designed to handle heavy weights and amplify airflow for laptops and monitors alike.

They also have streamlined designs that make them easy to put on most desk sizes, with additional height levels.

When protecting your expensive monitor, opting for a product designed for the job is best.

Otherwise, you might build a DIY riser or stand that will collapse and destroy your monitor.

3. How high should a monitor stand be?

When changing the maximum height levels of your monitor stand, you’ll want to focus on your line of sight compared to your monitor.

The most ergonomic position is to have the top of your screen at eye level or slightly below.

Your neck could strain upward, while lower could leave your neck at an awkward angle.

That said, finding the right height for your monitor stand depends on your monitor size and desk height.

You’ll also want to consider your chair height, which can affect your line of sight.

4. Are monitor stands interchangeable?

Monitor stands are versatile additions to any office and are interchangeable from monitor to monitor.

As long as you choose a design with broad compatibility, you could use the same stand if you upgrade your monitor in the future.

5. What are the best monitor stands?

The best stands for monitors are often subjective, as some models perform better for some computer users than others.

It’s generally accepted that metal stands are the most durable and can offer the best airflow.

You’ll also find their higher weight capacities make them more versatile, working well to keep towers off of the carpet or as printer stands.

Which Is the Best Stand for Raising Monitors?

If you have the space, the AMERIERGO Dual Monitor Stand is the best monitor riser for your office.

You’ll have two adjustable sections to house a dual or a single monitor setup with extra space on the side.

There’s also built-in cable management, a smartphone/tablet slot, and plenty of under-storage for added organization.

If your desk is smaller, we recommend the HUANUO Monitor Stand Riser.

Its straightforward design makes it easy to assemble and use. Also, it’s very lightweight, making it great for travel.

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