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Best L-Shaped Standing Desk of 2023? Complete Reviews With Comparisons

The best L-shaped standing desks are among the most popular pieces of office furniture on sale right now.

And that’s understandable because a modern setup calls for a progressive desk and a fit solution for office management.

These desks help provide plenty of desk space, boost productivity, and even offer health benefits such as better spinal health. 

They also tend to have a more accessible surface compared to traditional desks. Thus, people with shorter arms find an L-shaped desk preferable.

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Best L-shaped Desk

Best L Shaped Standing Desk Reviews

1. FEZIBO Triple Motor L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk

FEZIBO is the company behind the first L-shaped standing desk on our list.

The brand is dedicated to designing the best home furnishings and ergonomic solutions, employing the best designers in the materials selection process.

It also prides itself on hiring sound engineers and quality control specialists to deliver quality products.


FEZIBO’s manufacturing ways are dubbed “strictly controlled” because of their thorough inspection and high quality.

You’ll find great options if you’re looking for an office desk or a customizable desk, and it also offers specialty products like anti-fatigue standing desk mats.

Below, we review one of its top products, the triple motor L-shaped electric standing desk.

  • Premium Quality

The best thing about this desk is its premium quality.

It is equipped with triple motors that help establish a smoother and faster adjustment, ensuring two things we highly value in our work setup.

Firstly, it guarantees a quieter transition.

While standing desks are not noisy, it’s still ideal to pay attention to their rumbling sound.

This is especially valid if you’re sharing your workspace with another person or your desk is in your bedroom.

Another factor to consider is the surface’s stability during the adjustment.

This is crucial for those with a complex monitor setup that tends to wobble with the slightest vibrations.

  • Adjustability

Speaking of making adjustments, you can change this L-shaped adjustable height desk from 27.56 inches to 47.25 inches.

This ensures a collision-avoiding feature and provides users with options to customize the height of their desks.

  • Optimized Work Space

Another feature of L-shaped desks is how they optimize spaces and transform supposedly unusable areas into valuable ones.

Also, L-desks tend to be longer because these desks bend on the surface.

Most L-desks have overtopped cabinets, providing more storage space without much floor area. 

Again, this is almost a perfect solution for those with a small working environment.

You’ll be pleased to learn that this desk provides an elegant working space by giving up to 63 inches of extra space. 

Made of sturdy steel, the desk houses an industrial-grade frame with a lifting capacity of up to 330 pounds.

As such, it is more accommodating to whatever you want to put atop your desk.

  • Other Features

You will like that this modern desk is more mobile due to its 360-degree swivel caster rotation.

This is also added to prevent the floor from having scratches. 

It even comes with its own cable organizer tray and tab stick, which any user will love.

These unique features make the FEZIBO desk a good contender in anyone’s quest for that perfect corner desk.

  • Room for Improvement

Unfortunately, this standing desk takes considerable time to assemble.

Plus, with the company not prioritizing customer service, you can’t expect any help from them.

Its price is also something you should consider if you currently have a limited budget. Let’s just say that the triple motor and other extra features come with a price.


  • Functional and spacious
  • Provides accurate measurements
  • Well-built motors and frames


  • Confusing assembly instructions
  • Lackluster customer service
  • Might be too pricey for some

2. BANTI Dual Motor L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk

There aren’t many things to discover about the BANTI store, only that they are part of the wholesalers’ industry and nondurable goods. 

Despite the lack of information about the manufacturer, it has well-rated products on marketplaces like Amazon.


Banti Store sells various kinds of standing desks, office desks, posts, and adjustable bed frames.

This review looks at their Dual Motor L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk.

  • Adaptability

This adjustable desk stands tall at 47 inches and also comes with a collision-prohibiting quality. 

This is possible through three preset memory buttons, making room for customizable desk heights.

Another feature unique to L-shaped desks is the user’s ability to have different surfaces for different purposes.

Traditional desks will have you scrambling over so many things.

With L-shaped desks, you can have separate spaces for devices and another for paper and other personal items.

Moreover, if a surface is co-shared, the L-shaped desk is also suitable. 

One person can use the “L” part and the other part by another without them feeling too cramped.

  • Affordability vs. Quality

This L-shaped adjustable desk consists of a convenient setup, given its 48-inch working surface.

The industrial-grade steel frame boasts a lifting capacity and weight capacity of up to 176 pounds.

This is probably why the desk is half the price of the FEZIBO triple motor desk, considering the weight capacity is below 200 pounds.

Despite the weight capacity limitation, this desk is a great addition to any office environment. 

From the perspective of business operations, an L-shaped desk is a gift because it saves money that otherwise would have been spent on two standing desks.

This case is especially true for adjustable L-desks.

Companies may opt to add segments or a compact desk drawer to an L-shaped desk, maximizing cost efficiency.

Indeed, limited spaces have much to benefit from these desks, so it’s good for startups who can only rent small spaces.

  • Stylish Design

If you are into rustic furniture, this color matching is a good fit for you. Its rustic brown color gives off autumn walnut vibes.

It can fit into any interior design aesthetic, whether you’re setting up a minimalist room or a more traditional workspace.

It serves as a great desk to consider if you don’t enjoy the contemporary design of most L-shaped standing desks out there.

  • Room for Improvement

We really love this standing desk due to its customizability and elegant design.

However, it is crucial for you to get one from a reputable seller to ensure quality.

Some buyers have unfortunately reported that they have gotten units with malfunctioning parts.

Don’t make the same mistake by ordering this desk from just a random seller you’ve found online.


  • Has a powerful electric motor and lifting mechanism
  • Provides a height-adjustable solution
  • Comes with a sturdy steel frame
  • Affordable


  • Difficult assembly
  • Does not provide plenty of space
  • May come with malfunctioning buttons and motor

3. FEZIBO L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk

Hailing from the same manufacturer as the first L-shaped adjustable desk on this list, this one differs in that it does not have triple motors. 

Still, it has good features, which we detail below.


Here’s what you will get from FEZIBO’s L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk:

  • Affordability

It is understandable for any standing desk, even those not exactly L-shaped, to be a bit pricier than their classic counterparts.

After all, they have moving components.

This is why we always appreciate affordable standing desks like this one.

  • Durability

Made of alloy steel and designed for floor mounting, the FEZIBO L-shaped electric standing desk has an adjustable height of up to 46 inches.

Its lifting capacity can support a maximum of 155 pounds.

  • Excellent Cable Management

Here’s a feature you don’t see a lot. This desk comes with extra compartments that allow for excellent cable management.

In general, L-shaped desks help provide users with effective cable management solutions.

If too many cords and wires used to be problems, especially with traditional desks, it won’t be a problem anymore.

Effective cord management is made possible through clips hung in L-desks’ corner areas—no more tangled wiring, especially if you purchase corner desks with grommets.

  • Other Features

Lauded by its actual users as a durable L-shaped computer desk, this has a unique feature: a reversible panel that caters both to the right-hander and left-hander.

Like the other FEZIBO desk, it has swivel casters that rotate up to 360 degrees, providing better desk mobility and preventing scratches on the floor.

Its desk power also owes itself to the use of alloy steel.

The desk does not have any color combinations besides black, ideal for that minimalist office space look.

  • Room for Improvement

We recommend getting this desk only from a reputable seller.

Otherwise, you might be exposed to problematic product information and faulty components.


  • Has smooth and quiet motors
  • Comes with an adjustable feature with no issues and with useful presets
  • Easy to assemble


  • Product photos do not match what is received in actuality
  • May come with faulty components
  • May have a weak, faulty motor

4. SANODESK L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk

SANODESK, a known Amazon seller, has been active on the marketplace since 2020.

For the past two years, they have sold products under SANODESK, FLEXIMOUNTS, and FLEXISPOT, offering Prime Shipping.


SANODESK is well-rated and continues to offer inexpensive sit-to-stand solutions considered feature-rich and high-quality.

Here’s what this model offers:

  • Exclusive Features

This L-shaped adjustable desk boasts more innovative features than the first three desk models. 

For one, its lifting system operates at high speeds of an inch per second and within noise levels of under 55 decibels, making its quiet motors a huge plus.

It also has memory presets, particularly a four-memory LED controller that can store your preferred standing heights and sitting positions.

You can add up to four of these presets.

All of those positions are available within a single touch, helping you switch to the preferred posture at any given time.

Moreover, the memory buttons support varying height compatibilities, especially if the desk is shared among family members.

The ideal user height ranges from 5’2 to 6’6”.

On top of these features, you can adjust the height between 28 inches and 48 inches. Its total lifting and weight capacity are also impressive at 121 pounds.

These features truly make up an excellent ergonomic design fit for any ergonomic workspace. 

  • The Frame

This frame seals the deal in terms of the product’s complete features.

The desk frame is made up of industrial-grade steel and comes with an integrated solid desktop.

  • Room for Improvement

Unfortunately, this desk has no color options, as it only comes with a black top and a black frame.

Even with that limitation, users consider the desk aesthetically pleasing because of its minimalist design.


  • Made of sturdy materials
  • Comes with a variety of sit and stand options
  • Equipped with a well-functioning lifting mechanism


  • Limited design options
  • Has a limited weight capacity
  • More expensive than its counterpart desks

5. JWX L Shaped Electric Standing Desk

The last contender for the best L-shaped standing desk is made by JWX.

Unfortunately, not much is known about JWX, but its main products are fireplace accessories and home office standing desks.

Online marketplaces also tend to have limited stocks of JWX products. 


Below, we review their L-shaped electric standing desk.

  • Sleek Design

The JWX table’s desktop is made of walnut, has a powder-coated finish, and comes in classic style.

The product listing cites “electric, adjustable, ergonomic” as the desk’s main advantages.

  • Exclusive Extras

This model may seem like your run-of-the-mill L-shaped desk, but it has exciting features not on regular desks.

For one, the package includes a giant mouse pad, a headphone holder, and a water cup holder, all designed for a better, seamless office environment.

  • Plenty of Space

Space is not a problem given the desks’ 63 x 29-inch dimensions. A printer can fit into this additional workspace area and other devices.

  • Safety and Quality User Experience

The product listing accords the desk’s health-related features, such as preventing sedentary work hazards, reducing cervical spondylosis injuries, and promoting muscle stretching.

It also boasts clear instructions for installation, complete tools and accessories, and a reliable customer service team.

  • Room for Improvement

The biggest letdown of this awesome desk is the fact that it has limited product information.

For instance, the company didn’t provide its weight and lifting capacity, which are two factors critical to ensuring the structural integrity of your desk.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Provides ample working space
  • Has unique work-friendly accessories


  • No weight and lifting capacity information
  • Does not have a 360-degree swivel feature
  • Lacks memory presets and functions

Which L-Shaped Standing Desk Tops the List?

The FEZIBO Triple Motor L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk is our pick for the best L-shaped standing desk.

It comes with the most number of features, which are great to have if you have the budget for them.

As an alternative, the FEZIBO L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk is also a great buy, providing the best balance between excellent features and value for money. 

Though it does not have three motors, it is made of durable materials. The reversible panel is also something that its competitors don’t have.

In the end, what’s important is to determine the best L-shaped standing desk to serve your needs and preferences and ensure your health and well-being.

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