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The Best Ergonomic Massage Office Chairs in 2023: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

best ergonomic massage office chairs

Ergonomic office chairs offer many benefits, including posture support, back pain prevention, neck pain relief, and better blood flow.

It does this by ensuring you are comfortable and stay that way even if you remain seated in front of your computer for hours.

On top of the basic features, like adjustable seat height and retractable footrest, some models now have built-in massage options.

To help boost your productivity and overall well-being, we’ll look at the best ergonomic massage office chairs available today.

This way, you can find the perfect office chair you can rely on to support you through hours after hours of demanding work.

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Best Ergonomic Massage Office Chairs Reviews

1. Dowinx Massage Office Chair

Dowinx, which operates in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, is known for its expertise in gaming chairs.

For 15 years, the brand has taken pride in its team’s meticulous planning, materials selection, production, and design.

The skilled technicians and professionals behind its chairs guarantee that every model delivers excellence, both in functions and overall feel.

This chair’s users also recommend it for office use, relaxing, and reading.


For today’s reviews, we’ll be looking at Dowinx’s Massage Office Chair, which you can also use as a gaming chair.

  • Durable Construction

The designers of this office chair combined an alloy frame with high-density foam and quality leather to create a high-quality chair.

An improved LANT gas cylinder is also in place to lengthen the chair’s life span.

Overall, it boasts an impressive 350-pound maximum weight capacity, enhanced stability, and an adjustable backrest height.

  • Impressive Design and Features

The Dowinx executive office chair offers many more valuable features, such as different recline levels for reading, gaming, or working.

In terms of aesthetics, users laud the chair’s weave pattern juxtaposed with its faux leather and its firm padded armrests and backrest.

These features all lead to a comfortable experience even when reclined.

We also commend the well-constructed base and smooth-rolling wheels of this chair.

  • Massage Features

Indeed, there are already a lot of various massage chairs out there to meet the growing demand for them.

However, not all provide maximum comfort and help address muscle tension the same way this chair does.

That’s because the Dowinx chair offers more than just massage functions.

It has an improved armrest in addition to a lumbar massage pillow with a USB massage function (with a fit-all USB port).

This feature lends itself well for relieving back pain and controlled relaxing and rocking.

Overall, actual users of the chair, especially athletes, gave positive feedback regarding how the chair truly offers muscle pain relief.

  • Customer Support

Users of the Dowinx chair need not worry about after-sale services because the brand has a 24/7 customer service team.

The chair also has a detailed instruction manual, a one-year warranty for its parts, and a one-month warranty for replacement services.

  • Room for Improvement

If you are planning to purchase this chair, you need to check whether the voltage and outlets differ from the original design in the US.

A converter or adapter might be required, so checking compatibility before buying one is essential.

Other actual users talk of minimal padding, making the chair stiff.

Also, while it is generally deemed a good-looking chair with functional chair upholstery and lumbar support, most do not consider it a “heavy-duty” chair.

Compared to other ergonomic massage chairs, the Dowinx fares shorter, but it does not disappoint for its price.


  • Provides extra comfort 
  • Offers back support
  • Has a sturdy footrest


  • Faux leather tends to be squeaky
  • Ventilation is necessary in the lumbar region
  • The neck pillow strap cannot be tightened

2. Soontrans Ergonomic Massage Office Chair

Soontrans is a relatively new ergonomic massage office chair maker and distributor.

Being new in the market has not stopped it from gathering tens of thousands of happy customers in the United States.


Since 2020, Soontrans has been around the Amazon marketplace. It also provides Prime shipping for most of its products in stock.

  • Massage Features

One of the most impressive things about this chair is its overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. Actual users report the relief it gives for lower back pain. 

This makes this chair an excellent choice for pain management and improved mobility.

  • Quality and Affordability

This chair has an updated ergonomic design evident in its high-density foam and quality PU leather.

As for its durability, users praise the chair for providing comfort and having a sturdy footrest strong enough not to bend even when children sit on it.

  • The Seat

The Soontrans chair has a relatively wide seat, measuring 15 W x 19 L inches. Meanwhile, its seat height adjustment ranges from 45 to 48 inches.

  • Adjustability

Moreover, this chair is widely adjustable. You can adjust the seat height up to three inches, and it also comes with a retractable footrest.

The padded backrest reclines from 90 to 150 degrees, and the adjustable neck pillow and lumbar pillow ensure ample support.

  • Neck Pillow

The neck pillow helps decrease headaches and reduces the discomfort on one’s neck, especially when working.

  • Adaptability

Soontrans markets this massage chair as one suitable it is for all occasions.

Besides being an ergonomic office chair, it also functions well as an executive chair, gaming chair, and as a comfortable reading chair you can set up in your library.

  • Customer Support

This chair comes with a one-year warranty, coupled with a 24/7 customer services team to cater to buyers of varying shopping experiences.

  • Room for Improvement

This chair’s design can benefit from a few improvements. For one, you may notice that it squeaks a lot. It’s also not designed for people with large frames.

Also, some report the difficulty of securing replacement parts.

Finally, we believe its padded armrest needs improvement. Contrary to what Soontrans claims, it doesn’t have an ergonomic design.

The screws of this padded armrest tend to wobble, which doesn’t help sore muscles.


  • Complete features with a budget price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with a detailed, colorful guide
  • Ample recline and back support
  • Supports people of all weights, including heavier people


  • The armrests’ screws tend to come loose, making the armrest wiggle
  • Soft lumbar support may flatten after a few months
  • The short footrest is not ideal for tall people

3. Darkecho Massage Office and Gaming Chair

Darkecho has teams of skilled technicians who have helped the brand produce and design ergonomic gaming chairs since 2013.

As such, it’s no surprise that Darkecho has warehouses in Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom. 

The company hopes that these strategic locations will help them provide superior service for customers.


Darkecho specializes in creating gaming chairs but also offers various professional product lines.

To ensure absolute comfort when working, we will talk about the brand’s Massage Office and Gaming Chair.

  • Massage Features

Compared to older models, the Darkecho gaming chair has more deliberate massage settings via its USB-powered lumbar pillow.

More than anything, this pillow makes it increasingly effective in reducing fatigue and relieving pain.

The backrest’s ability to recline between 90 and 155 degrees adds to its comfort.

In fact, users report that using this chair is like going for a relaxing massage session.

Other impressive benefits include improving blood circulation, boosting natural immunity, and decreasing the severity and frequency of many bodily pains.

We even find it helpful in dealing with migraines.

  • Adjustability

The adjustable footrest, detachable headrest, and strong lumbar pillow offer multi-point support for full-body comfort and relaxation.

These features support good posture even while working and gaming. Indeed, its adjustability is another factor that ensures the chair’s efficiency in providing comfort.

  • Intuitive and Durable Design

The chair has a heavy-duty metal base and an anti-rollover structure. 

Its PU casters passed rolling tests for over 2,000 miles and protect any floor exceptionally well.

On top of that, it comes with a safety lock design that helps prohibit overturning. 

  • Other Features

This chair boasts BIFMA and SGS certifications and has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Regarding assembly and customer service, you’ll like that it comes with detailed instructions and a customer service team on standby 24/7.

Chair parts come with a one-year warranty.

  • Room for Improvement

As with any chair, this model isn’t perfect. Some features will benefit from improvements, such as its armrest and seat cushion.

That’s because the included holes in the chair don’t always match with the provided screws.

That said, Darkecho’s customer team is always available to help those having difficulty with the assembly, even with the included manual.


  • Supports the back
  • Suitable for those with back problems and muscle tension
  • Provide added support, especially for long working hours
  • Gives an extra layer of plush comfort and vibration massage
  • Sturdy wheels and base


  • The armrest tends not to lock into position
  • Substandard seat cushion

4. Czlolo Massage Chair

Czlolo, despite being an active distributor through Amazon, has no company profile.

Even so, the company remains the leader when it comes to selling quality massage chairs.


Another ergonomically manufactured massage chair perfect for any office setup is the Czlolo Massage Chair.

Here’s how it fares compared to others on this list:

  • Massage Features

The Czlolo massage gamer chair has ergonomic features well worth its price.

For one, it comes with a USB-powered electric lumbar massager with plush cushioning to ensure pain and fatigue relief.

It can also minimize stress-related problems and enhance your overall sense of well-being.

On top of that, those who work (or play) with an excellent ergonomic chair improve their problem-solving skills and creativity by a mile.

This is due to the mental clarity provided by chair comfort.

  • Adjustability

This massage chair has an adjustable armrest, headrest, and reclining features (90 to 135 degrees). 

Also, it comes with a retractable padded footrest and a reliable 360-degree swivel.

The lever is easy to use, especially when setting how far the backrest can go.

Hence, it’s ideal for leaning back and relaxing whenever one watches shows or plays games.

  • Durable Design

This massage chair is made with durable materials, as you’ll see in its metal frame and wear-resisting PU leather.

It also has thick, plush cushioning of high-density sponge padding that does not easily deform.

Its nylon casters are smooth-rolling and provide more mobility and stability to the base.

The chair’s weight capacity is 300 pounds maximum, and it has adequate seating area dimensions.

This makes it accommodating even to users with large frames.

  • Convenience

The manufacturer claims that the chair is easily assembled within half an hour, coupled with all the needed commercial-grade tools and parts. 

You can use this chair in any room at home and for various purposes, such as working, gaming, or even for home theater.

  • Customer Service

One of the main challenges that massage chair users face is the lack of replacement parts. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about that here.

The company has ensured that its parts remain available and can even be ordered and received within a reasonable period.

  • Room for Improvement

Some users complain about its short footrest, but the main issue is that it tends to squeak a lot.

Others issued complaints regarding difficulties in lowering the seat, as well as challenging assembly instructions.

It is also quite unfortunate that this chair’s massage features tend to be short-lived. 

Don’t get us wrong; you’ll still be able to use the chair because of the durability of its frame.

However, don’t be surprised if its massage features start to malfunction after just several months of use.


  • Great back support
  • Easy to assemble
  • Soft, pliable leather


  • Has a relatively short footrest
  • Some parts squeak
  • Massage features are not as durable

5. Dowinx Black and Red Massage Chair

Last on our list comes from the same manufacturer of the first featured chair.

Many know Dowinx for the great sitting experiences provided by its chairs, and you’ll get the same with the Black and Red Massage Chair.


The Dowinx Gaming Chair (Black and Red) meets the three main standards many prioritize when looking for an office chair. 

It is suitable for work, ergonomically designed, and, most importantly, comes with massage features that help relieve stress and pain.

Let’s talk about its features in more detail below.

  • Massage Features

First, you’ll like that this chair has an improved linkage armrest for better comfort.

Combine that with the lumbar massage pillow, and you are sure to experience relief from muscle strains.

In fact, we find it effective in lessening the pain and discomfort that comes with tensed muscles.

On top of that, the chair offers multi-contact lumbar pressure release with a pillow that helps protect the spine.

  • Adjustability and Durability

The chair’s 360-degree swivel ensures you get high-level mobility. 

The usual recline needed for relaxation and comfort is available, and the chair can hold up to 350 pounds.

Also, there is a retractable footrest and a redesigned soft wing frame to guarantee a better sitting experience.

Dowinx used quality materials in making this chair, including high-density foam and hand-sewn PU leather.

  • Warranty

Similar to the company’s other models, this massage chair comes with a one-month replacement service and a one-year limited warranty for its parts.

  • Room for Improvement

This ergonomic task chair is at the expensive end of the best ergonomic massage office chairs.

Sadly, some deem it not worthy due to assembly and overall quality issues.

Others also issued complaints regarding the chair’s faulty reclining mechanism and issues with its armrests.

We believe adding foam pads to its design can significantly make this chair more comfortable.


  • Comfortable and wide seating area
  • Capacity to hold heavy users
  • Helpful back massage feature


  • Problems in the installation of back, base, and hinges
  • Minimal padding concerns, leading to stiffness
  • The footrest does not slide well

Which Ergonomic Massage Chair Is Best for Office Use?

Looking at the chairs’ features, we think the best pick from this lineup is the Dowinx Massage Office Chair.

It offers more comfort than other options and has bigger dimensions.

That said, expect this faux leather chair to show signs of wear and tear over time.

As a viable alternative, we also highly recommend the Soontrans Ergonomic Massage Office Chair because of its enhanced back support.

In any case, we are confident you’ll be pleased to purchase any of the chairs we featured earlier.

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